Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: October 27, 2009: pt-king

We've heard a rumor that I Hate Canton went to grade and high school with "pt-king." We don't know, but we hope not. Especially after yesterday's declamation in Letter: President Focuses Our Attention on Important Matters that only people who are "smart enough" to be landowners should be allowed to vote. Holy Frank Manello!

Wow...this guy has truly bought into the smoke and mirrors and is clueless about what is really happening. Another great reason why only land owners should vote.

No Don, I meant landowners. Generally if you are smart enough to save up and buy land you are smart enough to vote.

We are fully cognizant of the Founding Father's fear of the rabble as well as what at the time could be construed as sound reasons to limit the franchise to the landed.

We are also cognizant of the current conservative discourse on the folly of universal suffrage. In September, John Derbyshire, for instance, told Alan Colmes that he wouldn't lose any sleep if women were disenfranchised since they "want someone to help raise their kids, and if men aren’t inclined to do it — and in the present days, they’re not much — then they’d like the state to do it for them.” (Ann Coulter agrees with Derb. Take away women's vote and the Democratic Party folds).

This was too much even for mainstream disenfranchisers who responded that women in this day and age actually own property in their own name and run their own businesses; therefore are worthy of a place at the table. Disenfranchisement fan Chris Wysoki, draws the line at gender (and race) restriction, but argues that voting should be proportionate to the amount of taxes one pays. That is, the more taxes one pays, the more political clout he or she should have.

No one asks who Madison and Mason would consider the rabble today: rent seekers or Wall Street golden paratroopers.

Well, whatever.

With the enactment of universal manhood suffrage, the 17th Amendment, and woman suffrage, it's been under the bridge for decades. It's unlikely that Americans, outside of Ann Coulter, would vote to take their own vote away.

pt-king, Village Idiot of the Day, October 27, 2009

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, October 22, 2009: Stark County School Officials, Cpt Kuncles, jdp66, cal2412

We'll make this long and sweet today: Cursive Writing.

Who knew that the teaching of cursive writing is a form of child abuse? Or that, in fact, handwriting is as moribund as the buggy whip?

KSU-Stark English comp professor, Stephen Neiderhiser, that's who. Quoted in Cursive Writing in Danger of Becoming a Lost Art, Neiderhiser says, "

“I had a lot of difficulty learning cursive as a young person, so I was kind of jubilant when I heard it was going out of style. For many people, in my field and in the discussions of teaching of writing, the idea of what it means to be able to write cursive has become kind of antiquated.”

Neiderhiser said he doesn’t use cursive but “can sign my name in a very stylized way as many people do.”

(Note: Obviously, Prof Niederhiser was traumatized by the murder of Claude Deagle and the subsequent theft of his penmanship medal; thus, his irrational fear of cursive writing and the threat he believed it held to his very life. We are happy that Prof. Niederhiser, after years of therapy, has overcome his fear and can now sign checks and grade rosters. We urge him to continue treatment.)

Secondly, we have Scott Blake, a media relations specialist (whatever that is) from the Ohio Department of Education promoting a "local option" for handwriting instruction:

“Our content standards address the use of cursive writing starting in grades three and four, but there is no state assessment or measurement of cursive writing in particular,” he said. “The content standards for all subjects are guidelines, but the curriculum that districts use is a local decision.”

Thirdly, we have Matt Ille, the North Canton City Schools District's instructional supervisor (whatever that is):

But learning to write cursive isn’t easy. That’s why North Canton City Schools uses the program, “Handwriting Without Tears.”

The method, says Matt Ile, the district’s instructional supervisor, is meant to ease the task for students so that the emphasis is not on forming perfect letters, which can bring some students to tears.

“We like it because it got rid of the stigma that writing had to be pretty,” Ile said. “Handwriting can be laborious for some children. We did not want it to become an impediment for children who wanted to write.”

NOTE: Handwriting without Tears"???? Gee, IHC doesn't remember anybody crying when we learned to write. But that was then. Today we wouldn't want our little darlings to suffer and stigma over such an archaic skill as handwriting would we? To compensate for their dullness and lack of pencil dexterity our 10 O-Clock Scholars might have to stuff down an afterschool Happy Meal; thus, reflecting the real problem in education today: fat kids. (see below)

Fourthly we have Jackson Local Supt. Cheryl Jaschak:

“Most people don’t think we teach it anymore because kids aren’t writing as much as they used to,” she said.

Even though students are not tested for proficient handwriting on state achievement exams, “I still think you have to sign your name, and you need to know cursive writing for that,” Haschak says.

Testing has drilled cursive writing down to a minutia, said Haschak. The basic 21st century skills employers are seeking are teamwork and critical thinking.

Art, music and physical education aren’t on state tests either, “but what’s the biggest push right now in our country? Wellness and obesity,” Haschak said. “If we don’t connect those areas I think we’re in trouble.”

Excuse my English, Cheryl, but WTF???? Are we really having a serious discussion on the usefulness of handwriting and the skill's marked insignificance compared to "teamwork" and "critical thinking?" Since when has "critical thinking" ever been considered a virtue in the classroom OR the workplace?

What next? Reading? Why bother to luxuriate in Jane Austen or James Ellroy (who writes all his novels in cursive) when you can pop in or download an audiobook to listen to when you jog.

Handwriting itself is solitary act of thought, intellectual deliberation, and dare we say, even art, though we admit most, including ours, isn't up to Palmer standards. The handwritten word is the core of ideas, expression, and creation. without the mediation of contemporary technology. And what happens when that technology goes away, or doesn't exist?

We all know what the real problem is, and it's not kids being abused by the cursive alphabet. It's lazy teachers and parents who think cursive should be scuttled for...well, we're not sure what. Kuymbaya time in the classroom? News flash: school is not supposed to be fun . Ever try algebra?

Here's what our locals have to say:

Let it go. Cursive isn't worth the time and effort of teaching it. A good replacement would be shorthand. At least shorthand still has a legitimate purpose. Using written letters or signatures as a reason to continue to teach Cursive is shortsighted, nostalgic reasoning. Younger generations rarely bother to hand write a letter and most contracts are signed digitally. E-mail and texts are the future, as well as 'Do you accept' buttons on computers. Are children would be better served learning almost anything else.

Cursive writing is a dinasour. Let it go.

How about we teach students how to string together coherent thougts to form sentences and paragraphs first? Using correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar is far more important than old fashioned penmanship. When is the last time you had to write something in 'cursive' at work? I know I never do.

Well, good for Cal. Personally IHC has never had a job, outside of stuffing ad supplements in newspapers at 50 cents an hour, in which handwriting wasn't important. We'd love to know what Cal does for a living. Artificially inseminate chickens?

Here's what commenter jdr1wiz as to say about Cal's claim. We don't believe Cal will be working for him in the near future.

I am a professional accountant and I regularly write memos and results of my work in cursive because as I was brought up, cursive is the language of the professional. Unfortunately, that is not completely the case anymore. Oftentimes when I encounter a new person younger than I, they cannot read it. Yet all of my superiors write in cursive and I think appreciate that a younger person has a grasp on this artform....

...Personally, I want teachers to focus on handwriting and grammar. In my profession, the use of handwriting will not be subsiding during these kids lifetimes and one day when I am the boss if I get some new college grad who can't write they are in trouble. Similarly, teachers should focus on grammar and sentence structure. I know I am not that old, but it seems like kids just 5-10 years younger than me are dumber than rocks when it comes to putting together a comprehendable sentence. Shorthand, misspelling, and poor grammar are the norm... and again when I am the boss I will have none of that crap.

And here's commenter bbj with a scary real life story:

Cursive-writing-is-in-danger-of-becoming-a-lost-art" Maybe it depends on which you school your kids attend. My son who is 17 had barely a week of cursive in school. As a result, he cannot write in cursive. He couldn't even sign his name on a job application until I showed him. Sure, some schools my 'mention' it, but there is little to no follow through with learning it or using it. My daughter is a little bit better, but not much.

If the entire argument that meaningfulness of handwriting boils down to a signature, why not just teach students to make a "mark" It it was good enough for Americans 150 years ago, it's good enough now.

We grant our local professional education experts Stepehen Neiderhiser, Scott Blake, Matt Ille, and Cheryl Jaschak; and our local illiterates: Cpt. Knuclkes, jdp66. and cal2410, Village Idiot of the Day, October 22, 2009. They also receive a basket of kisses courtesy of IHC. We give the Rhoda Penmark Memorial Penmanship Award to djriwiz and bbj for demanding cursive standards. Rhoda is proud of you, but wonders how far you'd go to preserve cursive.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, October 19, 2009: lefthook37, cal2410, gojojogo

Today we have the case of Pleasant View Village Trailer Park resident and Luddite Jill Saylor who has the temerity to hang her laundry out on the line to dry--instead of sticking it in a dryer like any other civilized Plain Township citizen. See, according to Plain Woman's Laundry List is Read 'Round the World, sun-drying one's laundry, especially if you're eco-conscious, is against the rules of the clothesline nazis.

You'd think our local "conservatives," even if they don't subscribe to global warming theory, would be offended by a rule that subsumes individuals to nonsensical rules abrogating autonomy in even the smallest acts. But let's not forget we're talking about Reppies.

While most commenters agree with Ms. Saylor's freedom to sun-dry (which has been covered by the New York Times, and other MSM), a few are greatly aggrieved that a dumb climate change dupe dares to break the laws of her trailer park.

It looks like Bummy, always a sentimental favorite, posted something that has been removed before we saw it, so, unfortunately he's removed from the running this time. This leaves us with lefthook37, cal2410, and gojojogo.

In chronological order:

lefthook37, who with his status as Vietnam War vet replaces Professor Irwin Corey as the World's Greatest Authority wrote:

Oh my God, now we're going after clothes dryers. next we'll down at the creek flogging our clothes on the rocks. what is this have to due with the trumped up globlal warming idea from the left moonbats, looks to me that she lives in a trailor park and may not have a dryer or washer. so hang em out side then a flock of geese goes by and your back down at he creek flogging the clothes on the rocks again. stop pushing this crap on everyone else If you want to save money fine don't lable it as saveing the planet. I LIKE MY DRYER matter of fact , I'm going down stairs and run it empty


justice4none out standing post , calling me stupid, dumbo and jerk and I've not done anything worthwhile in my life, and can't spell right on the point ,and a personal bash ( pool rules ) which I had not bashed the young lady, and I did not know you were a english spelling teacher, as far as worthwhile things in my life, I rased two kids both servied in the military, I myself 18month vet of Viet Nam being shot at and seeing my friends being wounded, laying in mud voteing in a foxhole, not knowing if I would ever see home again, just so you have a right to call me stuped and dumb I'm gong down to turn my dryer off. And Glenn Beck has nothing to due with this

While lefthook37 may be suffering from IID (Inflated Importance Disorder) cal2410 offers up no credentials other than a dislike of rebellion:

Call me cynical but I have a feeling that this was more about a lower electric bill and way less about the environment. She is lucky they didn't kick her out after she took it upon herself to hang a line behind her trailer, knowing full well it was against the park rules. That's what is wrong with this country today--everyone saying 'You can't tell ME what to do!' and fighting until they get their way like a spoiled 5 year old.

gojojogo exhibits a newly articulated problem: Media Attention Envy Disorder. He also possesses the longest shower curtain rod in Stark County.

That's going to make a trailer park look even more trashy. I totally get why the trailer park managers wouldn't allow it. She doesn't need to use the dryer if she doesn't want to but she can hang stuff from her shower curtain rods for all the space that stupid little line is giving her.

These entries are far from the most idiotic comments we've ever read. We wonder though, why anyone even cares what Ms. Saylor does with her laundry or why she does it.

For sheer audacity, we name lefthook37 Village Idiot of the Day, October 19, 2009. We are so enthusiastic about lefty's authority skills that we recommend he expand his Viet Nam War expertise to higher levels of problem solving: Barrack Obama's birth certificate, Jamie Healy's budget, and repair of the JFK fountain.

Cal, comes in a close 2nd. Give Saylor a clothesline today and she'll want my carbon footprint tomorrow. Check the Cast of Characters; Plotlines sidebar to the right for other Cal comments, including his condemnation of drive-thru window child support payments.

gojojogo gets an Honorable Mention. We suggest he rent out his shower curtain rod. Many dryerless and clotheslineless women would be forever grateful.

On general principle, we also offer a special VIOD Award to the Pleasant View Village Trailer Park owners and management. They should hook up with the Central Commons Condominium Association in Perry who don't like military families sticking Blue Star Flags in their windows. (See "home owners association rules in sidebar).

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Canton Class Envy: Mitchypoo

I Hate Canton missed this article and comment until a few minutes ago: Happy 100th, Hartung House.

Who would complain about the 100th anniversary of Hartung House, the former Philomatheon Society for the Blind and now the home of the Canton Preservation Society? Well, Mitchypoo would:


Hip Hip Hooray for the Nice Rich People!!!! ... oh by the way, where is the city of Glenmoor??? ...I'm glad theses people are not so self absorbed and material that they list their 'Gated' Counntry Club as their address .... face it you live in CANTON, OHIO, so they are just hillbillies with more money than the rest of us!

I Hate Canton has a fondness for architecture and always loved the Neoclassical Hartung House, built a century ago by prominent residents Louis B and Minnie Hartung. We have a vague memory of going there with a group of classmates to sing Christmas carols to Philomatheon residents, who to put it mildly, were pretty elderly. It was a classy place, unlike the nearby nose-holding Fern Wanda Rest Home we also serenaded that day. (Note to IHC: Don't grow old unless you're rich).

As for a Village Idiot designation, even Village Idiots have their standards. Unfortunately, for Mitchypoo, he is unable to rise to them.

Class envy is never pretty. We bet he hates the poor, too. Bring on the tumbrels.

And the say I Hate Canton hates Canton!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dead Threads - October 11-17, 2009

Racists and crazees continue to shut down Rep threads. Here's what we noticed this week. We knew for sure that the first thread would be shut down: it was a letter from Mary Parker and an easy target.

Letter: Saying Obama's Supporters Want Messiah Insults Voters, God

NAACP Marks 100 Anniversary

Former Carroll County Assistant Prosecutor Asper to Spend 112 days in Jail for Stealing from Clients

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, October 16, 2009: dsteelman1, ohiodude

Reppie bloodletters are at it again.

When we last left dsteelman1, he'd won a IHC-CIA -sponsored trip to the Middleastern country of his choice to whack as many prisoners he could work into his 10-day vacation. Unfortunately, the tickets remain in our Hartville mail drop awaiting pick-up. Now, he's proferring a suggestion that the State of Ohio can clear out its bloated prisons by shooting all of its "violent" prisoners and then move in the "misdemeanor' folks" to fill the vacuum. And, we assume, save dreaded government jobs for the (mostly) lesser class, though he fails to mention that windfall

In Ohio Prison System to Cut Jobs, Close Facilities, DP writes:

Im almost in the Marley camp on this one. Im hoping for a little more in the anarchy department .

ANyone who thinks all the prisoners are just misunderstood victims of their upbringing, please start protesting to get ALL of them released.

It would be like Mad max in this state. Maybe then some of you criminal lovers would get a dose of reality.

You want better prisons?? Then make the prisons for the 'misdemeanor ' folks.

Shoot all the violent offenders. You would have plenty of room then. Lower taxes due to less people in prison. I say its a win-win.

But most people today think the criminals have an excuse for thier crimes and will moan and cry if they are really punished( death penalty ) for their crimes.

Someone on here said we have 4 million people in the prison system. How bout we shoot all the violent ones and see how fast people shape up??

We also have a (for now) nicer kinder ohiodude hinting that convicted felons are all Democrats headed for the Halls of Congress and the Whitehouse:

wow, here are more democrats that can run for office. since they no longer have to live in cells, maybe one can perhaps make it to congress, the house of representatives and maybe the white house too!

We thereby name dsteelman1 Village Idiot of the Day, October 16, 2009. ohiodude is our runnerup.

For more news on both, go to the Cast of Characters; Plotlines sidebar and click them on. (be sure to look at labels with "marks.)

Finally, we repeat what we wrote last month:

We find it amusing, if that is the correct word, when law-and-order, Constitution-carrying Reppies shred their beloved and favorite legal document when it comes to crime, criminals, and execution. Seems the Constitution and its protections are only for well-behaved, law abiding citizens. Like them.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: October 15, 2009: maryross

NOTE: I Hate Canton has been having computer problems for over a week. We appear to be repaired to full function now.

We missed it! You missed it! Even Mary Parker missed it!

Self-described nurse and poor-people hater, "maryross" (aka, probably You Know Who) called Mary Parker a "racist pig" the other day. (comment removed).

IHC's crack team of undercover intel agents has been unable to find the "pig" comment. Since the comment was removed before most people could read it, and referenced only by another poster, we can't re-post the original to verify. If any of you have a copy, we'd be happy to post it here. In the meantime we have Alterego's response:

I can't believe that some comments get removed for no reason and 'maryross' just called my friend Mary Parker a PIG and she is still allowed to comment. Nice work Gauger. Your really on the ball.

' hope that Mary V Parker got her panties in a waud over my comments.! I have gathered that she is pretty much a racist pig'! In her own words, WHATEVER!

What brought about this name calling?

Ms. Parker's Letter to the Editor, Saying Obama's Supporters Want Messiah Insults Voters, God
chastising Reppies who refer to Barrack Obama sarcastically as "The Messiah." That's what brought it about. Ms. Parker was not being political. She was referring to the scriptural implications of such nonsensory. She, no doubt, would make the same criticism if libs and Dems baptized Sarah Palin, The Messiah.

Here is a portion of her letter:

We, as black people, have always been a deeply religious people. We know who our Messiah is. He is God. We weren’t looking for someone to make life “easy” for us. We were looking for someone to make this country great again, the same as other voters.

“Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God. (Deuteronomy 5:9). Perhaps those who use those terms in such a demeaning way don’t mean to be insulting to the real Lord and Savior, but I’d be careful.

Of course, this nicked the knickers of one of our more extreme Reppies and professional Mary Parker Haters. Before you could say Ku Klux Klan, "maryross" replied, accusing the bi-racial Mary Parker of being a racist.

Oh what a suprise to see that Mary V. Parker is a real racist. I can't believe that the Repository would print such crap!

'We as black people' so whatis the true meaning behind that? Not a racist? I think you have a thing against white people. Nice going Mary glad you can keep the split going. Obama is not even a real christian. I grew up in the Middle East and know for a fact that that if he was raised by a Muslim father and step father that the family would NEVER support him if he chose to become Christian without them disowning him. All you know is that he is a half black man married to a black woman so you are happy to have him in.

I found your letter highly offensive due to it's content. You are a racist. Your letter had nothing to do with what he has done to our community and country but what 'black' people think. Good job at
prooving what little you know about outside in the real world and not what goes on just in the getto. (I' making the assumption since you were making the assumption that all black people think the same as you since you are black as well).

For some time, IHC has considered dubbing "maryross" a Village Idiot. This is as good a time as any. Village Idiot of the Day, October 15, 2009: "maryross."

BTW, we note with glee that "maryross" has not darkened the Rep pages since posting her nastygram. Of course, she will resurface under another non de plume. It must so totally suck to be banned from the Rep AND the LunchBunch.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: October 13, 2009: redeemyourself now, maxwell, 1lynn

As we wrote earlier, it's becoming increasingly difficult to read Rep comments without a barf bag at the ready. We wonder where these people come from. Are they products of CPS (the Canton Public Schools, not Child Protective Services) they continually insult? As a product of CPS ourself, we doubt it. No. We'll, we take that back. We know our Octopuppet is a CPS grad. We were there.

Anyway, it continues to be difficult to separate the chaff from the chaff or take these non-de-plumers seriously. Cheering that the US didn't get the Olympics and complaining that Bob Dylan will preform in Canton (see blog below) is not only getting hard to take, but a sign of civic depravity. We can't wait for these topics to be conflated into abortionoia.

After looking through the material before us. we are considering moving to Andorra or Norway. Even an urt in Wyoming would be preferable to current Canton culture.

In an attempt to catch up we present three examples from last week

We begin with drama queens and queers:

Obama to Take on Military Gay Ban at "Right Time"
Why are gay guys drama queens, this is exactly what the military does not need. They should make up their minds, which is it, don't ask don't tell that they fought for for decade and got or they want to be open. I am so sick of hearing people whining wanting it both ways like the world is all about them. Grow t.h. up, this country has way more pressing problems than you gay boys not making up your mnds because of your pms.

Then move on to the closely related topic of CIA torture and abortion:

Obama's About-Face on Probe of CIA Will Almost Certainly Weaken Agency
Scraping away a bunch of cells from a woman's uterus or 'partial birth abortion' isn't the issue at all. The killing of a human being with a beating heart and functioning nervous system is the issue. Why is that so difficult to understand. If we as a society condone the killing of a fetus, why is it so difficult to call it what it really is? It seems that many on the left have more sympathy for the cowards that seek to destroy us than they do for innocent unborn childen. We will all stand before God someday, try and explain that away!

I lost any compassion for the cowards that attacked our citizens (not military) countrymen without a declaration of war after standing at the site of the World Trade Centers in late Oct of 2001 and still being able to smell the rotting flesh and blood of our countrymen. Anyone that hasn't had the opportunity to stand where the towers fell should make the visit and see if their view of 'compassion' for our enemy changes! Known terrorists should not be awarded the same consideration under Terms of the Geneva convention and on equal footing as members of an opposing army / military captured under the rules of war.

Finally we have 1Lynn whose comment, though we think we know what she is trying to say, would have gotten I Hate Canton 12 hours at the CPS blackboard. While we hold generally Clifton Fadiman's view that one need not always express one's thoughts in proper English to get the idea across, we make an exception in this case. Unfortunately, we neglected to collect the link and can't find where this gem originated. But it's real. IHC didn't' make it up:

Why do people say we are trying to shove are believes on them.we are not trying to shove anything on them we are just saying. what a mighty god we serve .its your choice.wright or wrong.but rember your chouse and we wont stand for you to take ares/

In order to expedite ourself into the future, we name redeemyourselfnow, maxwell, and 1lynn co-Village Idiot of the Day, October 13, 2009. We feel almost apologetic to 1Lynn who may not have had the advantage of of CPS education, but that's the breaks.

Bob Dylan Coming to Canton! Locals Despair!

Bob Dylan is coming to town!

You'd think people would be pleasantly surprised. Many are, but right on cue, we have a band of Reppie kvetchers, posting their despair.

Its not like Reppies don't surprise us. But...'s not like anybody very known plays Canton anymore. (The Hank Williams Curse?)

Outside of the OJays, who are from Canton anyway, the last really really big names that we remember darkening Canton's door were Chicago and Elton John at City Auditorium (now Canton Civic Center) more than 30 years ago. During that concert, city police thugs grabbed and yanked tokers off the floor. What fate these punk bitch criminals met we don't know.

Previous to that eventful night, (we don't remember how previous) I Hate Canton, money in hand, was unexpectedly pushed through a police barricade at City Auditorium; thus, getting a free Cactus (of all things) and Rod Stewart concert. We just had to mix into the crowd while the cops looked for us. True to Canton form, shortly afterward we heard a "true" rumor that Stewart is gay because he was seen someplace backstage in red bikini underpants. The next time we ran into Mr. Stewart we were teargassed by Akron police. We have no idea what underclothing he chose for that concert.

So, what do our kvetchers have to say about Dylan? Mainly they object to the cost of the tickets--$39.50-$52.50, but there's some cultural snarks, too:

I know Dylan is known for his lyrics and poetry, etc. but I don't think he can carry a tune, and at these ticket prices, thats crazy! I wouldn't walk across the street to see him!

When I see Bobby Zimmerman looking so old., I think back to the day when I was a kid and my dad took me to the civic center to see Cab Calloway. I had no idea who he was but dad was happy about seeing Cab do his thing. I watched and listened to old Cab and I didn't get why dad liked him so much but most of all I remember the smile on dad's face, so it was all good.

Although I'm a Dylan fan and I can easily afford the ticket price for my whole family, I won't be going because I think the price is a rip-off. Looking back at this stage of life, I can see how these 60's peace and love, share the world trubadors were just profiteering from the idealist mood of the day by writing songs that they could sell us regardless of if they believed in what they were saying or not. It's always about money, money, money and I'm hip to game now.

Next will be the County Fair circuit, I'll wait, tickets will be cheaper then!!

He's really scrapping the barrel now. He must be deaf from playing music really loud over all the year because if he could really hear himself sing, I don't think he would be on tour.

Are Dylan's ticket prices really out of line? IHC didn't think so. We were, in fact, surprised that Bob was coming to town on the cheap. But to verify our sincrelyh held belief, we looked for ticket prices for concerts scheduled around the same time in Ohio. Here is a sample:

Leonard Cohen, Columbus, Palace Theatre, October 27, 2009: $59.00-$980.00

Metallica, Cleveland, Quicken Loans Arena, October 15 , 2009: $93.00-$2,910.00

BB King, Cincinnati, Proctor & Gamble Hall, October 16, 2009: $135-$150.00

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Dayton, Nutter Center, November 7, 2009: $59.00-$329.00

The Misfits: Toledo, Howard's Club H: October 28, $123.00

None of these kvetchers qualify for a Village Idiot of the Day. We feel their pain. Concert tickets are out of the reach of anyone but Timken executives and dope dealers. $123 for the Misfits???? $2,910.00 each for a Metallica loge? (What happened to their parking lot tour?) IHC saw the Stones with Brian Jones at the old Cleveland Hockey Arena for $2.50. We still have the ticket stub to prove it. Still, the complaining goes to show that locals just don't get out of town much.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dead Threads: Week of September 28-October 3, 2009

Here's the threads that we know of that died a painful death at the hands of our Reppie racists and haters. this week. Why these normal topics transmogrified into hate threads is pure bafflement:

Owner of Taggart's Buys Kennedy Barbecue

Canton Officer's Case Reaches Ohio Supreme Court

Man, 21, Dies in Traffic Accident Near Downtown Massillon

If you know of more dead threads for this past week, let us know.

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Village Idiot of the Day, September 30, 2009: ottertk1

A day without Ottertk1 is like a day without ohiodude or you know who.

We were particularly taken by Ottertk1's suggestion that the unemployed take up neighborhood bounty hunting--execution not required but suggested-- to supplement their government checks.

Letter from Eric J Thomas, Let's Take a Stand Against Neighborhood Crime in Canton
Tom Dewey, you make many good points. We should also do away with the parole system. And we also need a 'Three Strikes' and you out law. After three strikes, you are executed. You've had you chance and now are nothing but a burden on society. Society shouldn't have to pay to keep you incarcerated for the rest of your worthless life. We also need a 'Take Back our Neighborhoods' group. As the police can't be everywhere at once and honest people can't walk the streets after dark, it's time to start putting a bounty of known felons and wanted persons. Bounty posters with a picture of the wanted person should be distributed in the neighborhoods they frequent. The bounty would be paid regardless if the wanted person was caught alive or dead. Drastic times call for drastic measures. You could supplement your unemployment check by ridding society of many worthless idiots who prey on honest citizens. Society becomes safer, our prisons are less crowded, our police are able to be used more effectively, our courts aren't overburdened, and once again children would know that good always triumphs over evil.

For this creative solution to unemployment, we award ottertki the Village Idiot of the Day, September 30, 2009. We also suggest that he apply for some stimulus money to finance his scheme. He may need some of it to pay his lawyer. See, there's a little thing called the Constitution.

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Village Idiot of the Day, September 26, 2009: dsteelman1, gottheanswer, joe_mcpott

I Hate Canton just noticed we forgot to post this the other day. We have slightly edited the original to update it.

As I Hate Canton predicted, the Macy Gray thread went down around 11:00 AM last Friday (see Sept. 24 Village Idiot of the Day Award--Sept. 25 blog below.)

But, as we know, nature abhors a vacuum, and as soon as we could say Ku Klux Klan our Reppie Racists (RR) slimed their way into Housing Units Get a 3-5M Upgrade (thread also shut down). Of course, just for fun "gottheanswer" dragged Mary Parker into the fray. Ms Parker has written a splendid reply to our white robed and brown shirted neighbors which is posted in a separate blog immediately below this, so it won't get lost.

In the meantime, here's a sampling of our best and brightest non-de-pluming racists. (We admit that there are legitimate concerns about tax funds flowing into a virtual money pit, but that has nothing to do with race). Since the thread went down, we are giving a larger sampling than usual. To get the full effect of our RR's social and intellectual dysfunctions and language and grammar deficiencies, we are clumping comments together by name, not chronological order

We'll start with our last Village Idiot "puterb1:

More of my tax money down the drain. The properties will be run down again in 5 years. Anytime you give someone something for free, they never appreciate it. The residence should be required to do the physical labor, then maybe they would appreciate this welfare benefit more.

Followed by several comments by "gottheanaswer" (hmmm wonder who that could be?) who jumps on Mary Parker (who never has said "you owe it to them") and then moves on to other disruptive elements in the community, though curiously neglecting white women who don't pay their bills and get taken to court.

As Mary would say , you owe it to them, get your wallets out. Drove by the units on Harmont, with plywood windows and junk laying around, its sad the way these people decide to live. I will as the units on alan Page look well kept. Maybe it comes down to supporting the police and some self cleaning. Stop dragging Al Sharpton here everytime Lavone gets his pants pulled down to get searched. Wave to the police.

Just like health reform, these big federal projects turn into disasters, they sound good but take all the incentive away for people to improve. Big cities are razing all the wonderful welfare high rises, that turned into drug and crime holes. Its sad these people have to live like this. bbj is right, respect for yourself is lacking, one person was appalled that 'volunteers' would clean up Canton before the HOF. Thats the type of person that destroys these housing units. Sad

If the shoe fits wear it, but 'They' are the ones that live in the squaller, inside and out, they need to clean up the trash like my grandmother would take us down the street with a trash bag. Thank you mary and stop whining other mary, get a trash bag. Often when i run i take a trash bag, fill it up and toss it away. Try it. And try supporting the police, beg them or make them a pie to clean up the walking trash, and stop being a racist.

Calm that lady down and thank her for insisting they clean up after them selves. If Mary got out there things would be clean. I have a trash bag if u want come help me clean up after the winos in the park, so that walkers can enjoy it, or take your own bag.

Then, we have a gaggle of class envyists (they tend to hate rich and poor alike as "favored" classes)

How can I get some rehab money to fix up my house? Oh that's right my wife and I both non-degreed each working jobs worked hard to buy a home, pay off the mortgage in 17 years and try to save money while dead beats sit at home wathchng the Price is Right. on their flat sceen tv while talking on their cell phones. Nice really nice. I want my piece of the free pie. when am I going to get it or when do we cut welfare off for able body people???????

Millions more down a rathole. Free housing for the 'stop snitchin' crowd' so drug-dealing central can continue bid-nez as usual. Billions of dollars and decades after LBJ declared a 'war on poverty', this is where we are. Record numbers of people living at or below the poverty line and record numbers on food stamps, all within the last couple of months. When the government becomes the benefactor for a huge segment of the population, that population becomes dependent and demands 'entitlement'. They now comprise almost 50 percent of the population. This is why we now have trillions in deficits which we can NEVER pay back. And the 'gimme mine' crowd wants nothing from Congress other than to keep getting their 'fair share'. Until the people actually paying federal taxes throw out the scum who enable this mentality in order to get re-elected, it will only get worse. Washington needs an enema in 2010.

ohiodownhome (NOTE: real name Sandra Belleveau)
3.5 mil to upgrade, what most living there, will only tear apart anyway.....HELLO??? Housing projects dont attract the most viable people.....Never did, never has, never will... It isnt a 'half way pit stop', or a temporary solution, on your way UP, to better yourself....Its more like 'come to roost, get comfortable, settle in, and chow down', for 10 or 40 years.....paid by someone else.....of course.... I love that... I really do....Its always comforting to know, not only have I worked my tail off for myself, but so many nameless, faceless others who I never consented to 'share the wealth' with, in the first place.. I love how that goes, too... .3.2 mil, huh?? Should be just peachy keen.....and a real neverending, continuing, always in plain sight, 'jackpot lottery ticket' for many in Canton....WOO HOO....

the buildings aren't the problem, the trash that occupies them are. why change your behavior when there are no consequences for not changing it? sit around on your big fat a$$ all day, smoke crack & make problem, we'll support you. trash the house you were GIVEN, no problem, we'll rehab it. wonder what the entitlement junkies and all their apologists are going to do when the taxpayers finally rise up and refuse to play along anymore? it's coming, mark my words.
And finally one of our favorite haters, joe-mcpott"

Speaking of cHIPS, I rode past there just the other day , and said too myself how HORRIBLE it looked, then i remembered the day back in 1972 my grandparents sold the old farm and moved too Rainbow Acres, due too health, but i remember when them things were brand new ! now 37 years later look at it !!!! I know The area there gonna put 3.5 million into very well, that is one of the most infested areas in the city, there might be a few decent working class people in that neighborhood, but the rest is a war zone. Now when i was growing up it still had some nice old houses and more people who cared ... but thats not no more. dam 3.5 million !!!! what the city could do with that kind of money? mmm mmm mmm......CRAZY !!!! hey heres something CRAZY, how about THE CITY OF CANTON put 3.5 into a Military style police force!!! Take back the streets of canton ! Just build an army outta C.P.D.. and take no crap, espessially Al Sharpton, Lock him up too !!!!!!! Im just sick of this whole mess here in canton, i grew up here, and i watched it crimble right before my eyes. i watched its downfall from CRACK..... That was the end of it.The early 80s.,

oh yeah, they stated that the oldest units was built early too mid 70s ..... B.S. maybe like a few, the rest were built in early 80s , i know i used too play in many of them while they were being built as a young boy.. in 20 years they will need 5 million too fix them up again..

LETS MARCH ON CITY HALL !!!!!! SERIOUSLLY...... thats the biggest crock of B.S. this city has thrown our way.!, tear them all down and create parks, where will all the freeloaders go? u might ask? go out behind highland park, Where they are planning too build another project by the way, and build a SUPER multi-unit 3.5 million PROJECTS.......something resembling a small prison. im sure the taxpayers, and true residents would rather you do that. just think, a park where chips sits, a park where Mahoning Manor sits, Gage Gardens, Ellisdale, Leshdale,Linwood, 10th st projects,..... put them all in the S.E........ throw everybody outta them old nice homes in the N.W, which are mostly section 8 houses. and Re-Do them. Man theres so much We could spend 3.5 on than fixing up all those 119 scattered sites as they call them.

Just build (those people) a giant project complex with that 3.5. make it like a prison, maybe they will like that better, and like i said in my recent comments put it out in the deep S.E.....................and when i say those people, im refering too the blacks, and the very few white trash that inhabit these places, read my recent post !!!! SOMETHING HAS TOO BE DONE !!!!!

Listen people, thats OUR 3.5 million dollars , something needs too be done about this !!! Whats next? Rehab all of the other projects in the S.E. next? some of them were built in the 60s, and early 70s, I think they so called re-did alot of them in the early 80s, but its about time too do them again, And too think, WE GOT 3 MORE YEARS OF THIS !!!!!!!!

they, they, they, we ALL know who (they) are . And THEY know who THEY are, so cut the crap.!

Some one pick on me..................... im the one who said build THEM a prison compound out behind highland park !!!!!!!

And finally, dsteelman1, in a class by himself. The second post under his name is in reference to Mary Parker's reply to the race baiters which appears below this blog.

Thats a new take I have not heard Don. Its putting others down to want to keep my own money and not pay for the entire lives of those not willing to work. But then again it is the way of the left. Forced charity is not charity. Demonize the people who actually work and pay their own way. Enable and encourage those who live off of the fruits of OTHERS labor. And it doesnt take 'giant cajones' or anything else to see that you were hoping the answer would have taken everyone down the 'race' road. Its always interesting though how us 'hatemongers' are always 'low self esteem, no pride ' And that doesnt take 'cajones' on your part to insinuate those traits ?? Ooops Im sorry I forgot your 'right' and Im evil , you can say anything you like without any repercussions while people who work for a living and believe a work ethic should be instilled in people , not a welfare ethic , get demeaned . Its cool with me though , you like the 60s and commune living , thats your right. But your likes should not be the law of the land. Commune living doesnt that mean ALL the people work for the common good?? These places were built in the 70s, not the 20s. If the people had any respect for the things WE provide for them , they wouldnt need 3 million dollars MORE of our money . My house was built in 1950 , I take care of it because I have to pay for it. Imagine that. people take care of things they have to pay for . Woa , that might be a plan for those poor poor victims of Bush .

Were you being sarcastic Mary? That is a VERY good list of the 'theys' The only reason you all dont like the list is becasue its 100% true. Truth hurts, facts sting I cant take of my baby cause I gotta buy some bling:)

We hesitate to even attempt to name a VIOD, but we will.

Since we appreciate transparency and personal responsibility we suppose we should "congratulate" dsteelman1 and joe mcpott for admitting they're racist. Instead, we give them our first place award, September 26, 2009.

Second place goes to gottheanswer for habitual harassment of Mary Parker and use of the code word "they."

Unless the Rep advocates a free-speech-for-all-free-for-all (which they don't) we still don't understand why it waits until the RR's are hammered by decent commenters to take action--and that action it to close the thread.

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Mary Parker and Don Cirelli Respond to Reppie Racism--Thread Removed

Last week featured some of the most virulent racist comments in the Rep we've seen for some time under the thread, now shut down, Housing Units Get a 3-5M Upgrade. We have posted them, at length, in our Village Idiot of the Day award blog above this one.

First, though, we wanted you to read Mary Parker's response, followed by a comment from Don Cirelli, to these posts. They were made specifically in response to remarks posted by "Joe McPott" and his use of the code word "they" to refer to blacks:

they, they, they, we ALL know who (they) are . And THEY know who THEY are, so cut the crap.!

Some one pick on me..................... im the one who said build THEM a prison compound out behind highland park !!!!!!!


mary v parker
When you and the others refer to 'they' you really mean the Blacks that make up the majority of the inhabitants of these low income projects. You don't want to come off being perceived as a racist, so rather than say 'The Blacks ' are the 'freeloaders', you just refer to them as 'they'.

Blacks are the people one commentor was referring to when he/she said 'Tell them there's plenty of room in New Orleans.'

Blacks are the 'crackheads and prostitutes that another is referring too..

Blacks are the ones another commentor was referring to when he/she said; 'THEY just want to sit around on their big fat a$$ all day , smoke crack and make babies.'

Blacks are who they're referring to when some commentor called 'THEM' the 'stop snitchin' crowd', and the 'entitlement junkies'.

See Dave, others on here, like you, share a lot in common. You want to say 'Blacks' instead of just referring to us as 'THEY', but that way, you wouldn't be able to call me a racist.. You wouldn't be able to say that me and Don are stirring the pot, or playing the race card. How could you call me a racist if you were making racist statements yourself? You couldn't. You want to come out smelling like a rose, and claim you're not a racist.
Like you just said in your comment above,'The only reason you all don't like the list is becasue its 100% true.'. So who is 'YOU ALL' David?

You can agree with my comment , which says what YOU think, you just don't want to say it yourself.
You've never been good at hiding your feelings, about 'THEY' oops, I mean Blacks. I think your comment today is as close as you've come to being truthful about how you feel about Blacks. It's just better when Mary says it for you, right? Why get your hands dirty, when you can just play off of my comment, nod your head in agreement, yet still be able to say ; 'I didn't say that, Mary Parker, the racist , said it. I just agreed with her. That's not the same thing as saying it myself is it?' Yes it is David.

Right on, Mary! In fact, 'Joe McPott' finally came straight out and admitted he was talking about blacks after I called him out on it. That's how brazen he is with his racism. Racists are like roaches - the one thing they hate the most is a light shining on them, exposing them for what they really are. Clearly, much of the rhetoric in here is as racist as you would find at any Klan or Neo-Nazi gathering. If these folks aren't racist, there would have been no reason for them to point out the color of the people they were talking about.

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