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Village Idiot of the Day, September 19, 2009: chefmike56, dsteelman1

There's nothing like a good execution--or a botched one--to get Reppies going. Over the last few days we've read comments in two threads that would warm the hearts of Fernando Alvarez de Toledo aka The Iron Duke of Alva and famous Ottoman executioner Soulfikar regarding:

(1) the attempted state execution of Romell Broom, whom the state's killer-for-hire spent 2 1/2 hours poking with a needle before they both called it a day;

(2) the murder of a Maple Heights mail carrier.

It's not like I Hate Canton doesn't understand abstract revenge. We frequently fantasize about boiling some of our VOID's in a nice goat's head soup. As hard as it is to accept, however, the US is a country of laws. If we personally metted out revenge on whim, the population would be culled to the bare minimum--or less.

We find it amusing, if that is the correct word, when law-and-order, Constitution-carrying Reppies shred their beloved and favorite legal document when it comes to crime, criminals, and execution. Seems the Constitution and its protections are only for well-behaved, law abiding citizens. Like them.

While there are plenty of worthy entries for today's award. for thread (1), we arbitrarily nominate only one: former VIOD dsteelman1 (click on sidebar, Cast of Characters; Plot Lines, for his history) for the typical:

Court Temporarily Halts 2nd Execution Attempt
A bullet?? Simple, easy, no 'veins' to find.

A bullet to the end thorw him in a hole, and your done.

Its not rocket science.

And states with the death penalty dont have lower crime rates because we take 20 years to execute someone.

If it took a week, and we executed ALL scumbag criminals , you would see a dramatic decrease in crime.
The criminals would either A) Leave or B) be dead.

followed by:

Garfield, I do not know offhand the execution rates for 'high' execution states versus 'low' execution rates.

But lets suffice to say maybe ONE guy a month is executed in any state?? Maybe Two at most??

Your not getting my point at all.

The guy who mugs granny for her purse> Shoot him

The guy who robs a convienence store>Shoot him

Remember those two losers who robbed the Subway and hit the women?? Shoot them

You may not see a decrease in crime with ONE or TWO executions per month. But I GUARENTEE , you will see a DRAMATIC decrease after six months of shooting 50-100 or even 500 if thats how many violent crimes are committed a month.

Why wouldnt you think crime would go down IF we shot all the criminals??

We as Americans only have crime because we put up with it. Why??

Cause so many bleeding hearts think someone else is to blame for the criminals actions , thats why.

He was abused , his parents didnt read to him, blah blah blah.

For thread (2) we nominate a frisky new entrant, chefmike56:

Ohio Letter Carrier Shot on Job Dies
Why is it when thugs and perverts hurt their victems, the victems rights are never spoke of ? But the minoute they are found guilty we must thing of the scums rights. I fell once they are found truly guilty and given the death they should be taken to the town square and be give 2 minutes to give their reasons why they should not be shot. The blow them away. Why should law abiding people who can not afford medical care, and good food pay for sicko's to set it jail 20 years waiting on death.

After due deliberation, the I Hate Canton Court of No Appeals finds chefmike56 guilty of voiding the Constitution and on additional charges of bloviation and butchery of the English language.

Initially we considered granting leniency to dsteelman1, relegating him to second place. After his second entry, however, he has risen to full Village Idiot status.
Our court also finds him guilty of voiding the Constitution with no consideration for his Advanced Cowboyism.

We therefore name chefmike 56 and his soulmate dsteelman1 joint Village Idiot of the Day, September 19, 2009.

As a bonus, I Hate Canton, with the cooperation of the CIA, has arranged for both winners,to vacation for 10 days in the country of their choice--Iran, Saudi, Arabia, or Afghanistan--where they can , with government approval, hang, stone, or behead political dissidents, thieves, drunks, muggers, pickpockets, gay teenagers, adulterers, and transgressive women. Waterboarding optional.



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