Monday, September 21, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 20, 2009: Juanita Bowling, pizzaldy

I Hate Canton loves new contestants. While Canton may suffer from unemployment, foreclosure, crime, and baggy pantsism, it continues to churn out an alarmingly high rate of uninformed louts who in a functioning civil society would be relegated to the attic.

Take Juanita Bowling, for instance. We regret we haven't archived her earlier posts, which to say the least have intrigued us with charm and erudite observation, but we shall be watching her more closely in the future.

Juanita Bowling
2 Colorado Men, 1 NYC Man Arrested in Terror Probe
We do not have to go half way around the world to fight the muslims, they are right here in the United States and this faith hates the infidels-and we the non-muslims are the infidels. All muslims believe this way , its in the Koran. If we keep kissing their feet here at home-we will be like Europe and these idiots are a big , big problem for themand will be for us, if this administration keeps on this path of appeasement . I

And as much as we hate to prolong executions, we really can't resist Constitutional scholar "pizzaldy," who not only wants to ignore legal procedures and abolish the appeals process, but believes defense lawyers should be executed along with their clients.

Court Temporarioy Halts 2nd Execution Attempt
When he became a convicted felon he lost all of his rights including any humane rights in my opionion is there ever any consideration for the victim only criminals have rights according to our american justice system do them as China does commit a crime, tried, convicted executed all the same day and yes no need for prisions. I think some of our so called Criminal Attorneys need shot to even represent this idiot

Since we were forced to spend today at our real job, I Hate Canton quickly names tonight Juanita Bowling and "pizzaldy" co-Village Idiot of the Day, September 20, 2009.

Moreover, we have talked to our local CIA rep (8th floor City Hall). He agrees with IHC that both winners deserve a bonus for their thoughtful informed opinions. He has, therefore, agreed to authorize them to join execution tourists dsteelman1 and chefmike56 (see previous blog). We are sure our foursome will enjoy their tax-paid killing spree and will return to Canton prepared to clean our streets of the garbage that walks them.


hicktown gal said...

Love the picture! Who knew idiots could be so good looking. Lord, I hope the 4 of them are on birth control.

BD said...

We suspect that the vast majority of our Village Idiots are extremely attractive. Their posts reflect their perfection of looks, thoughts, intellect, and deeds. We have long suspected, in fact, that they are actually the cast of The Young and the Restless.

shirley u jestolieto said...

Most of the idiots are Octo... woof, woof! Not attractive at all!