Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reppies Complain: Macy Gray is our Black Eye

We've been through this before, but what is it about people who escape Can-Town and make a name for themselves that engenders so much hatred in the locals? In other cities there's such a thing as "pride of place," or put more crassly, civic boosterism. In Canton, however, home town hero-ism, has been usurped by home town class envy-ism. What would Andy Hardy do?

A few weeks ago we learned that Grammy winner and Canton native Macy Gray was scheduled to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The vile comments that followed earned Ohio Dude--real name David Crowe-- a coveted VOID Award. Here's what Dave wrote then:

this slut is a wacked out druggie.........she could not sign the national anthummmm??duh??? at the hof game. the flyover alm mvp dc are you on drugs?

In a later thread, we mean Ohio Dude... continued his trope, but the comment was removed before IHC got around to archiving it. We believe Mr. Dude has watched too many Maury shows.

We now have two new sets of carps and complaints about our Ms Gray, though Mr. Dude is, so far, AWOL. Exiled to the the Rep's basement to play with some of Octopuppet's imaginary friends? But when he slid down the chute, it looks like a couple of OP's imps crawled up to entertain and enchant us with their insightful dance critiques. These are especially critical to our enjoyment of Gray's performance since some of them never bothered to watch the show, giving truth to the old critics complaint, "Did fill-in the-critic's name see the same fill-in-the-blank as I did?

Nobody says it better than Octo. What do you think? Or are these comments some cheap imitation? Only its ISP knows for sure.

Under Canton's Macy Gray Makes Her Debut on Dancing with the Stars, we have:

She cant even put a coherent sentence together. Looked half stoned like always

Last time the Rep seen it fit not to let me comment. So here we go again- She can't SING or DANCE..
Two- Three songs to Fame.. I think not.. SHE is not ALL that..

I agree Bella09 - what a shame - is this really someone that the paper should be showcasing so much that everytime she just makes a fool of herself - what example is she showing?

Exactly, she certainly cannot dance thats for sure. No personality either just a half dazed look. More of Cantons finest. Embarassing isnt it

great life
I did change my channel! Another black eye for Canton!

Macy looked stoned out of her mine & is very rude!! Did she actually graduate from high school? Wow-she can't even put a sentence together.

Where are all the Macy fans that were supporting her in the article the other day? She was an embarrassment to Canton, Ohio AGAIN. Jet lag? Really?? I don't think so. Please let her be voted off soon and let her go back to her chemically induced haze.

Who cares? Does anyone remember her rendition of the national anthem prior to the Hall of Fame Game several years ago.

She has a voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard. She has trouble communicating verbally. As for Grammys - They gave Amy Winehouse a Grammy - obviously talent isn't a criteria.

Cant sing AND cant dance. LOL She should hang it up and go be a parent to her children. Oh wait, she's having too much fun living her own life while someone elses raises her kids. It don't get better then that, eh?

and from Macy Gray eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

no class...she was using dropping F bombs on the air. she cut her own throat.

Glad to hear that she got the boot, don't watch the show any way

PS again nice job Rep. on covering the REAL important stories that effect our lives


Maybe if she cleaned up her nasty, foul languaged mouth she would still be on there. People from all over the country vote, not just Canton. Way to show off Canton's finest again Macy! First you don't know the lyrics to our National Anthem on national television, and then you curse on national television with the 'f' word. Yes, she is something to be proud of Canton. Way to go, Macy! I am glad she is off of there and I don't even watch the show on regular basis. I watched it this week to see what she would pull.

As far as we know masochism (other than hard unrequited work) is not a prerequisite for success. After reading these and similar comments, we have to wonder why Canton escapees would be willing to return to town, even for a wedding or funeral.

Perusing our copy of the Stark County Wall of Fame, and other sources we find the following native sons and daughters from the entertainment field (and we know there's more): Irving Barnes, David Canary, Frank DeVol, Peggy Ann Garner, Shirley Givens, Dorothy Gish, Lillian Gish, Marilyn Manson, Bek Nelson, Jack Paar, Jean Peters, Tom Poston, Marlee Jo Sabo, Pat Shannon, Boz Skaggs, The OJays, Blanche Thebom, and Joe Vitale. (Does Mother Angelika count?)

As we look back on our long and beautiful life, we don't remember hearing much good about any of these upstarts except Frank DeVol and David Canary (probably because he played football for Massillon and some people don't think of the soap star as anything but Candy on Bonanza.) We don't remember the Gish Sisters darkening the Stark County doorstep much after they left (though Dorothy once held court at a downtown Massillon kissing booth during a World War 1 bond drive. We had a friend whose mother attended high school with Jean Peters (right) and we were regaled with stories of the actress' sluttish East Canton student career, which apparently qualified her for nothing better than to make blockbuster movies and marry low life Howard Hughes, a scandal East Canton took years to recover from. We also heard unverified stories of an ungrateful Jack Paar telling a fan who showed up at funeral of the TV star's mother, to buzz off. And let's not get started on Brian Warner, who a few years ago told Rolling Stone that he loves Canton. Too bad the feeling isn't mutual.

Full Disclosure: We were looking forward to watching Macy Gray (and Tom Delay) and through no fault of our own (nothing is ever our fault) we missed the show We found Macy's performance on YouTube below. We admit she looked a little stiff, but having suffered through Forced Ballroom Dancing 101 at the Reynolds-McIllvaine Dance Studio, we feel her stiffness. And we don't like to lose either!

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shirley u jestolieto said...

In all fairness, Joe Viatle is still very active in the community.

Octo is an idiot. It's pretty obvious she objects to Macy Gray for no other reason than to try to dig into a certain Lunch Bunch member who has ties to the star's family. Octo is simply a Pig in Troll's clothing.

John E said...

I don't think she did badly. I do not watch the show but I will say, she did better than I would.