Thursday, September 3, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 2, 2009: garylivick

Is it our imagination, or are things getting wackier and wackier at that microcosm of American culture, the Canton Repository? If we were Jeff Gauger we'd move back to Nebraska and open a corn farm. The fact is, it's becoming difficult to read Comments without a clothes pin on our nose and a butterfly net in our hand.

We accidentally took off a couple days. Accidentally, because we didn't intend to, but other business hearkened and we lost track of time. We actually thought today was Wednesday, until we looked at our calendar at the bottom of the computer screen. Anyway, we're beginning to feel like Junpei Niki, though we have no idea how we might adjust life deep inside the Reppie dune, and we have no intention of developing a love relationship with any of the delusionals--even to save our sanity.

For some reason we continue to be amazed at the Reppie insistence that Barrack Obama is the new Hitler and that the Democratic Party are the new Nazis (As far as we're concerned, every government is a small n nazi party, but that's another story.) Over the years we've ill-advisedly attended a few county Democratic meetings and they're as close to the Nuremberg Rally as an evening in McConnelsville.

Here's garylivick taking Don Cirelli to task for being a Demo (we've paragraphed to make the reading easier). And what's that odd comment at the end? Does Jesus speak through Rush now?

Lake Local Should Stand It's Ground
Don, Thank you for proving my point AND exposing you for what you are! One, the Nazi Party was a SOCIALIST Party, which parallels the beloved party you currently represent! Two, the biggest 'posers' are those who attempt to restrict freedom of speech, the RIGHT to exercise religion, and PUBLICLY recognize their God. Fine subversive individuals like yourself, like to criticize, discredit, and attack those who OPPOSE their hypocritical opinions with twisted lies due to their own pathetic LACK of faith! You see, you remind me of other cult-like individuals. Even when FACTS are provided from folks here like bhodgkins regarding the Constitution, your liberal roots expose you for who you are! My young man, I would be glad to 'de-brainwash' you from the effects of your toxic government, liberalistic infatuation, and 'disease'.....but your case appears to far gone, and terminal! You need to find a better retirement occupation. Ever try golf? Fishing? Volunteering? Habitat for Humanity? Better yet........a 1 hour session with Rush might give you REAL faith that might 'SAVE' your soul.
Keep the faith, Brother!

Followed by the implication that Cirelli, a devout Catholic, is really an atheist AND a Nazi.

No sane society would condone a Hitler based school system based on atheism........and YOU sir are the 'scary' element. Please share your negativity of teaching about the history of Jesus? Does Jesus 'Scare' you? I could not imagine why.........oh wait......perhaps your lack of belief, agnostic belief, or atheistic belief would perhaps be 'swayed' by learning history? As far as instilling values, ethics, morals, and accountibility to my kids through biblical principals....well let's say society will at least have some fine citizens. That's more than I can say about some of the undesirable element I see daily. And yes, I agree....I would not want a government entity teaching my kids. But unfortunately, since they teach sex education, and lies like an 'inconvenient truth', they might as well teach some morally proper history like that of Jesus, wouldn't you agree? But since you disagree regarding that, I'll assume you might be one with no faith.

Biblical "principals?"

There is just so much dreck to slog through today, we've decided to just go ahead and be done with it, rather than continue self-flagellation,. garylitvik is Village Idiot of the Day, September 2, 2009

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hicktown gal said...

I'm on the fence about Jesus, but after reading garylivick's comments, I feel moved to start praying for him.