Friday, September 4, 2009

Reppie to Athiests: Just Kill Yourself

I Hate Canton supposes we should leave the God talk (various threads) surrounding Lake Township alone, but it will be difficult.

If you think our Reppies hate Barack Obama, you ain't' seen nothin' til you see what they think about "atheists" who seem to be anybody who's not a fundamentalist megachurcher. For the time being we're letting this go, but we do want to post a comment from "Alterego" who is not usually idiotic. The initial comment was removed this afternoon by an anonymous Rep atheist editor whom Alter refers to as "some self rightous rectal orifce."

We have the following debate between "hilsos" and Alterego regarding a letter to the editor from Michael M. Hayes, Plain Twn, Why Don't NonBelievers Do Something Constructive and Leave Lake Alone?


I assume by saying 'believers' you meant Christians and not Muslims or the Jewish or any other type of religion. Christians only make up approximately 33% of the world population, so how is this even close to 'the majority'. You and your fellow Christian right-wing-nuts may think you are the center of the universe, but you are unfortunately just enhancing the dream world you are living in. There has always been greed, corruption, and violence in this world. The only difference is that the media has turned these aspects of human life into entertainment to make a buck. The truth is, we are all to blame for the degradation of society, not just those of us that chose to forgo the belief in an omnipotent power that lurks in the sky.

hilsos, All the religions you mentioned DO believe in God, G-d, Mohammad or even Budda. I don't think they are the ones objecting. Satan rules the Atheist whether they know it or not. All the non-believers who think their life is an accident of nature should just kill themselves now. Your taking up space in my world. "

I can't believe that some self rightous rectal orifce deleted my original comment. Must of been one of those atheist who knew I was right. Jenny, thank you for being insightful and intelligent. You get it.

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