Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RIP Bob Fisher

We were saddened today by the news that Bob Fisher has passed away. I Hate Canton knew Mr. Fisher back in the day: when we were with the Stark County Young Republicans and he was an up-coming pol. We've followed his highs and lows through the years and always had the utmost respect for him. Mr. Fisher was a contributor to the groundbreaking 1968 community seminar sponsored by Malone College, Profile of the Canton Negro. His contribution, "Politics and the Canton Negro" is here. Last year we were privileged to see him once more, speaking at Malone's World View Forum: Why Didn't Canton Riot in 1968? It's More Than Black and White.

IHC extends are condolences to Mr. Fisher's family. He was a true pioneer.


mary said...

Bobby, you will be missed by so many people, you were loved and respected by so many people, Black and White, Democrats and Republicans.

Thank you for all that you did for this community.


mary said...

Don't stupid people know that when they write stupid, obscene comments that they won't get displayed? Of course not, if they did, they wouldn't be labeled 'STUPID'.