Friday, September 25, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: September 24, 2009: puterb1, pleasebequiet

The Macy Gray clusterf*** continues (see previous blog). It is perfectly fine and acceptable to not care for Gray. I Hate Canton loathes Nickelback. We can't, though, imagine getting into a lengthy newspaper discussion about them. We are greatly puzzled, therefore, that somebody would waste their time bragging obsessively about their dislike of a hometown girl in a public forum. At least without some "personal agenda." Now that Barrack Obama and Mary Parker (what next? abortion?) have been dragged into the discourse, we can only surmise that the majority of these pathological comments come from the ever wakeful and alert Octopuppet who never misses an opportunity to stick it to certain posters and to poison discussion and shut down threads.

Commenter Denise O, made the astute observation, stating better than IHC could, asking why these "new" posters seem to know so much about the history of other threads and posters:

I always find it funny when a bunch of brand new names get on Comments and start attacking individual commenters, and those same new commenters claim they have been reading here for a long time. Funny how their debut comment would be to attack someone.

I knew this story would generate a lot of negativity from one or two people. There are just some people who hate to see anyone from this region have a little bit of success.

Frankly, we're surprised Macy Gray Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars hasn't' been shut down already.

Here are some new entries:

How long are we going to beat this dead horse? She's voted off the show, move on. She is trashy. Not because she is black, taller than her partner, jet lagged, etc. but because she is a foul mouthed, strange woman. Who cares if you have the most gorgeous dress in the world on...when you open your mouth and spew garbage, YOU are garbage!

marginal talent, far less class...

Thank goodness she didn't try to sing. She'd probably forget the words and try to talk her way through it like she did last time on National TV. What an embarassment to Canton.

Maybe Macy Gray can record my first graders new favorite song she learned in school. It goes like this.

Barack Hussen Obama
He is our savior and he loves us all

I love it, a article on macy gray turns into race war. I think macy gray is about as ugly as the crackhead she played in training day. Also I thought of a new name for this newspaper the Mary V Parker times, here she'll have a place to spout off daily about the injustices of the world to the black community. What maybe this paper exists already, yeah it does I've been reading it for the past 6 years. Give it a rest please, I mean at one point I saw eye to eye with you but day after day after day. Be happy Mary please I can't take much more!

Who watches this trash? I guess people in Canton have far more time to waste on this garbage than I do. I have to work for a living and then take care of things at home when I get home from work. Maybe this ignorant show is watched by the 47% of the population that doesn't pay taxes.

Bla,Bla,Bla let her soak in all her glory, if that what you want to call it. what does her hometown have to do with anything? when your bad your bad.. i think she could care less of what people think of herself.. THAT'S the POINT.. self respect should come first, and other will respect her too. nice day.

There's a lot of choices, but the September 25, 2009 co-Village Idiot of the Day winners are:
puterb1 for introducing Barrack Obama into the mix


pleasebequiet for a suspicious attack on Mary Parker. (This previous winner, has called for work camps and chemical castration of "lowlife scum." Click "pleasebequiet" on the Cast of Characters, Plot Lines sidebar on the right)

Of course they, and many more, may be one in the same.

Time to add a new trophy room?

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mary said...

It was very observant of Denise O to notice that these people with the new names jump right on to a thread and try to rip some apart. A newcomer usually eases their way into something like this, especially a jungle like CantonRep comments is.

When a new animal finds itself suddenly in a jungle of older animals who've been there awhile, they usually crouch down low, so as not to be seen or heard. When it's a seasoned commentor, especially one filled with hate and with an agenda, they'll go right on up and pounce with everything they can muster, hate, envy, vindictiveness. Shithead has all those qualities. She's to be pitied. Anyone want to have a pity party for her?

shirley u jestolieto said...

A party sounds like fun. The problem is, rumor has it Octo has already drunk all the alcohol. She must start pretty early in the day based on some of her ramblings in the Rep!

mary said...

She's been rambling since 4am and still going strong, at least 12 different names in almost every thread, (the ones she hasn't gotten closed down yet) Talk about multi-tasking. She makes me tired just reading her ramblings.

mary said...

I was trying to figure out which of Shitbags personalities is the most deranged. 'pleasebequiet' is in the lead right now, but that changes from hour to hour..