Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, June 27, 2011: Dave Sexton

We've been real tied up with end-of-the season tasks at our real-life job. We hope to be done by the end of the week. And no, I Hate Canton is not one of those deadbeat, over-paid union-sucking government workers Reppies so love to whinge over. Our end-of-the-year just happens to coincide with the state's.

We can't resist, taking a few moments, though, to post a new Village Idiot.

We knew when the Rep published the letter, How exactly would gay marriage harm the rest of our world? every nutter between here and Dalton on both sides would send in their two cents. If we had the time, we'd published a gaggle of these posts from people who think that all gays are atheistic Demos, Jesus preferred men, and the United States is on its last legs, due not to running 3-5 wars simultaneously, corporate bailouts, and globalist outsourcing, but because some men prefer the sexual company of other men.

No one, of course, has said a word against woman-on-woman sex. In fact, some of our most vehement queer bashers love to imagine women getting it on with each other, particulalry while they watch. As has been pointed out, if it doesn't involve men, then it can't be sex. Or as Bill Clinton put it more specifically, "I did not have sex with that woman." Unless sex involves a penis being stuck in where it belongs, it's not really sex.

So much for the unsexing of women.

Back on topic, IHC has been delighted with the response to the letter. In particular, the response of Dave Sexton. You remember him. Dave's the guy who chases johns and hos around with a video camera and bullhorn. (Go here for a free story; the Rep's "Chasing Hookers" story is in paid archives).

Now, it seems Dave not only has an aversion to commercial hetero sex sashaying through his neighborhood (well, we can't fault him much there; the least they could do is move it to a high end brothel in Jackson, away from his delicate video lens), but non-commercial male sex behind closed doors, or worse...the existence of same sex male afficiandos in general. Why Dave would rather leave the country, and even die, than have one of those guys touch him. Seriously.

Dave Sexton
Excuse me while I vomit.....Oh all better now, what was the subject, oh -sorry I must excuse myself again, apparently just the thought of two guys kissing makes my stomach turn.The modern day Sodomites and there desire to gain acceptance for their wickedness is quite hilarious, but not to God.A country that promotes homosexuality as a 'normal behavior' is a country I would not want to be part of.

David Sexton
Well , if it was a choice of death or being revived by a homo,l would prefer that he stand clear and let things develop as they should.I am ready and willing to meet my maker.Thank you so kindly for your praise of my unwavering commitment to morality.Consistency is the key to almost any door.

Now, we don't believe for one moment that our otherwise super patriot Dave will abandon the US for Uganda, where he could get away with killing a few queers for Christ, and certainly not for one of those poofy European countries. Obviously, even the Vatican isn't safe. No, he'll stay in Canton and complain about men whom he imagines want to do things to his amazingly attractive body.

Dave's suicide by queer threat though, is a possibility.

We can very well picture Dave being carried into the Aultman ER after being bonked in the head by a rock thrown by an angry crack whore who got fed up with his bullhorn--and then demanding the sexual credentials of all medical AND office personnel, just to guarantee that he won't be contaminated and can die, if necessary, pure of body.

Dare we suggest that Dave may have actually touched or been touched by a gay man at least once in his life? Surely, while collecting change, he must have touched hands with some gay Walmart clerk.

Certainly Dave has a right to his views on same sex marriage, but he's just a little too upset for comfort. Since Dave is willing to die for purity, we've found a special place in the afterlife for him: 24/7 male nurse porn videos made in the Czech Republic. Since I Hate Canton is family entertainment, however, we wont post links here.

For being such a What a Man! we award Dave Sexton, the Village Idiot of the Day, June 27, 2011.

Also big kudos to Mary Parker for posting the most colorful comment ever to appear in the pages of the Rep:

@victorissenguard Victor, everyone and anyone who knows me, knows that I don't see being gay as a bad thing. My mother had many gay friends, all male, so I grew up around gay people. I used to love Saturday nights, watching a gay roomer in our house, put on his drag out fit and I would sit in the bathroom and watch him put on his makeup and wig, and highheels, and just transform before my very eyes from 'Preston' to 'Tracy'. It was almost magical to me as a child.

We wish we'd been there!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bye-Bye Irma Grese!

I Hate Canton had hoped to get more up today, but our real life job got in the way. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, one of IHC's faithful Facebook readers says he sent an email to Rep editor Jeff Gaugher, regarding the provenance of Irma Grese. Later he received a reply that she's been summarily removed from comments like her foremother summarily removed residents of Bergen-Belsen, but without the dire results. Perhaps, Irma's friend from Ravensbruk, Erna Wallisch can replace her.

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Village Idiot of the Day, June 22, 2011: leno6

We are accustomed to attacks on the American Civil Liberties Union. A good half of the US population believes that civil rights are downright unAmerican, unConstitutional, and well...Communist. We are, in fact, old enough to remember when back in the 1970s, a large prominent news outlet (Time Magazine maybe?) took a national poll on the Bill of Rights. The majority of respondents declared them "Communist." Being a traditionalist, we are elated to see that nothing has changed since then but... is I Hate Canton the only person bored with the Commie meme?

All this is by way of introduction to the curious wire story about the ACLU standing up for the civil right of politicians to march in parades, published in Wednesday's Rep: ACLU warns Ohio cities about 4th of July parades:

The ACLU says the Cleveland suburbs of Bedford and Shaker Heights and the Columbus suburb of Dublin allow only incumbent office holders to appear in their parades. The group says that violates the free-speech rights of other candidates.

IHC agrees. We find it unconscionable that politicians, unless they're sitting in office, be barred from Fourth of July parades. This exclusion seems grossly biased. Even though we ourself, love politicians, we can commiserate with Dublin spokeswoman Sandra Puskarcik's defense of her city's policy:

Puskarcik tells The Columbus Dispatch her city adopted limits after residents complained about boring parades filled with candidates.

Still, if Independence Day isn't about politicians, then what holiday is? The Declaration of Independence was drafted by one of the greatest-ever American politicians: Thomas Jefferson (with a little help from other politicians.) And of course, politicians signed it.

That fact, though, doesn't stop leno6, who we have no reason to believe is an anarchist, complaining about the ACLU's interest in packing parades with pols.

leno 6
The ACLU should be declared unconstitutional,and made to shut down.It is a communist organization form in the 1920's to destroy America with America's constitution.Their are terrorist against everything that makes America,America. It is the citizens right to invite who ever they wish to their parades.Does this mean the football hall of fame will have to have basketball,baseball,and hockey players in their parade too. See how stupid this is.

Again, we love politicians. A few years ago we marched (or should I say ran, since much of the time was spent running up and down the street passing out lit) in a Fourth of July parade for a probate candidate. Besides being good exercise, a parade is a good pick-up venue.

We understand, of course, that some people find politicians offensive; not the kind of people you want in your neighborhood or your parade. To get around this problem, we suggest that all candidates AND incumbents be barred from marching and riding and glad handing in parades. Then none of them can cry discrimination, unless the disenfranchised, as a class, file suit.

We have no idea who leno6 is He is probably new wine in an old skin. God knows, he's ready to burst. We'll be writing a longer piece tomorrow on a gaggle of villagers, but for today, we are happy to award our new contender, leno6, Village Idiot of the Day, June 22, 2011.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, June 17, 2011: Pantless Man

Not all Village Idiots are Reppies. Some are plain old Cantonians who wouldn't (or couldn't) read a newspaper if you paid them.

Take for instance, the unnamed southeast section man who complained to police that he'd been shot in his bare backside while visiting a Queen Court NW duplex where he intended to trade sex for crack. (Pantless man says he was shot in rear; police investigate)

The report didn't mention who had the sex and who had the crack.

The gentleman in question claims he was hurt when people "started shooting at him", and he was forced to jump out a second story window--sans pants and underwear--to seek safety at Sliman's Printery across the street. Police say that doctors at Aultman determined our friend was bleeding from broken window glass, not gunshot wounds.

Since Just S tom is sleeping, and is ocean busy rehabilitating herself driving the deserving poor to food pantries this week (go here for her comments), we are happy to name Pantless Man, Village Idiot of the Day, June 17, 2011. We are enclosing with his award a 5-year calendar to remind him that the first Friday in May, not the third Thursday in June, is worldwide No Pants Day .

And remember, everyone once had a mother.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

More from Irma Grese

If anyone doubts that Irma Grese is our one and only Octopup, check out her latest. Traditionally, Octo, under its various personalities, liked to accuse Don Cirelli of well....look at the comment to this Letter to the Editor. You'll see.

It's encouraging to see that obesity is being taken seriously
Don, where do you find the time to comment and accuse other commenters of being racist in between your busy day of watching Maury and staking out convienence stores for young ****?

We expect the worse. **** is the Rep's naughty word default. As in ****tail and former Canton mayor Charlie Bab****

Don Cirelli
Tell ya what, garden slug (a.k.a.) 'Irma Grese' - why don't you come out from under that rock use your real name while posting libelous comments in here? I got two words for ya, Honey: 'Alan Schulman'. Wanna play some serious ball? Try it again under your real name. This time it won't be the Sheriff who comes after your house.

Waiting to hear your reply Irma.

Wonder how long "Irma" will remain online? Only one person writes this crap now that the dime's dropped?

Update 2
Well, that didn't take long! Irma is gone. And, we bet she's gone from the Rep, too. You'll only find her comment archived here.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Nighty Night, Tom: Just S Tom Put to Bed for While

We don't want to prolong your pain any longer than necessary--or ours-- so we will put Just S Tom to bed for the remainder of June, unless he really out Tom's himself., especially on some trivial matter. Besides, with all his awards, we don't want him to get a head the size of a Kraus Party Pizza.

That said, though, we are posting one more biker post from tom that appeared late yesterday, and a backslap from his buddy csdunson. No rewards for any.

Bike rally to support repeal of SB5 Saturday
Just S tom
Harley Davidson and its union have a great relationship....THEIR UNION cannot make threats or act like greedy lil babies...

Harley stated their bottom line...if they strike...The company will move to a State with right to work options......PERIOD.

UNIONS stick to budget and to the point....no hostage taking

i love Harley Davidson....and Harley likes ME.

Nighty night, Just S tom. Don't let the bed bugs bite! Of course they wont bite. Millionaires don't are immune from bedbugs! Only unionists and liberals have them.

And now for cs:

What kind of turnout did the thugs get this time ?

We have some questions for cs:

When, in the eyes of conservatives such as yourself, who worship security at any cost, did safety services become "thugs."

When, in the eyes of conservatives such as yourself, who constantly complain about the great unwashed and uneducated of Canton, did teachers become "thugs."

Does union membership cause thuggery?

If you don't know if someone is a union member are they a thug or are they exempt from thuggery until otherwise exposed?

Are fire fighters so thuggish, threatening, and frightening that you would refuse them entry to your property if your house were on fire?

Are EMTs so thuggish, threatening, and frightening that you would refuse them entry to your home if your mother had suffered a stroke?

Would you refuse police intervention if your wife were being held at gunpoint by a deranged neighbor?

Would you, or have, you pulled your kids out of school to protect them from the greedy claws of scruffy union thugs?

Do you refuse to register your car, a deed to your home, pay a traffic fine, walk on a clean floor in government buildings, or talk to a government-employed secretary out of fear of union assault from those who do that work?

If your child grew up and joined a union, would you still speak to him or her?

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exclusive Video: "majon" and "Just S tom" Continue to Claim Bikers for the GOP; Trouble Coming!

IHC didn't check Sunday's offerings until a few minutes ago. We were not surprised to find that majon and Just S tom continue to claim bikers for the Republican Party--or as they like to call it, the GOP. Below are their latest contributions:

Bike rally to support repeal of SB5 Saturday
Just S tom
majon....those bikes are not paid for by hacks....

bikers earn those bikes...they are not cheap.

bikers are GOP....

Just S Tom. You know you and your new framed letter are on the money.

I was refering to how you me and others. Produced the revenue for those bikes.

They ride against us.

After yesterday's declaration, we expected a biker backlash. We mean, who do majon and tom think they are speaking for bikers? That would be like us speaking for everybody who hates Canton.

Last night I Hate Canton sent out its crack crew of undercover investigators who secretly videotaped bikers preparing to descend on Canton to root out and straighten out Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Here is our exclusive report:

This is scary stuff we know! We've warned majon and Just S tom. It's up to them now. We'll even help them out by not naming them Sunday's Village Idiots.

PS We suggest our dynamic duo not disguise themselves as sheep.

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Village Idiot of the Day, June 11, 2001: "majon," "Just S tom," "ocean"

Saturday a motorcycle rally to support the repeal of SB5 is being held in Columbus and a large number of bikers around the state are expected to participate. (it's in the past tense now.)

For those who want to avoid being dunned for reading the short article
Bike rally to support repeal of SB5 Saturday (which seems to be nothing more than a press release from local organizers) here's the pertinent parts:

On Saturday, We Are Ohio will host motorcycle riders statewide in a rally and “Ride to Kill the Bill” around the Statehouse in opposition to Senate Bill 5, which limits public-employee unions’ collective bargaining.

Prior to the ride, bikers will gather at meeting points to motorcade into Columbus.

Well, you can imagine the response to this. For example, w
ho knew that "real bikers" are Republicans? Just S tom, that's who:

Just S tom

Real Bikers avoid this ride at all costs...


Just S tom
nobody is going to ride for Obama and his socialist ways

joined in by tom's bitch, ocean

Hells Angels wannabes!

Just enforce the BILL!

Real bikers wouldn't support it either.......what business would it be of their

to which tom replied:

Just S tom
LOL...Hells Angels are for total freedom (some good some bad) .....they would not support this junk.

We're really tired of awarding Just S tom for his idiocy (IHC believes he holds the record), so we were happy when majon took a shot at it.

I would bet that more than 55% of those bikes were paid for with money earned by public workers or money recieved through entitlements.

We wonder if majon's employer controls how he/she/it spends their paycheck. If so, we suggest that $6.95 a month be withheld to limit Mr/Mrs/Ms majon's ability to read more than a socialistic 20 free news articles a month on the Rep site.

Beyond majon's pecuniary concern over how public employees spend their easily-worked paychecks, we're wondering what kind of "entitlements" bikers would get to purchase their bikes. Pensions? Or maybe they accrue enormous amounts of sick and vacation days to cash in at early retirement to finance bikes, broads, and booze. We'll bet public worker motorcycle owners actually took jobs with the state county or city simply to finance their jones for bikes. (see picture at right for an example of a pimped out gold bike owned by a typical county recorder clerk.)

Having spent some time (but not too much time) years ago with a member of the Cleveland Hell's Angels (they were located in a big ol' white house around E. 67th or E.69th, if we remember correctly) and a couple Outlaws who made their way to Canton, we are pretty sure that these working class guys would have kicked Just S tom's ass, locked up ocean in a bathroom, and spent their entitlement money on their bikes.

It's seldom we see the GOP compared favorably to outlaw bikers--at least openly--and we want to give credit where credit is due, but we gotta go with majon, hands down, on this one.

Village Idiot of the Day, June 11, 2011: majon.

Just S tom and ocean share second place kudos.

I Hate Canton also offers all prize winners an introduction to "real bikers."

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day: June 10, 2001: Jim Campbell, "Just S tom", "ocean", "PLeper"

We'd forgotten about Jim Campbell.

Under the old pre-Gatehouse regime, Dave Kaminski made posters use their real names. Rumor has it that Kaminski even made in-person visists to offensive suspects to see if they were real people. We haven't seen Campbell since Gatehouse-facilitated cranky handles became socially acceptable, though as you'll see below, we've thought he was lurking under a nom de plume all along. Then on Wednesday, Campbell popped up as the author of a Letter to the Editor: Obama is Anti-American, and Should Be Kicked Out of Office.

We won't post the entire letter here , but it's so wall-bouncy Campbell makes Bruce Hodgkins look sane. The letter deserves a good look. Here's part of it:

[Obama's] foreign policy is embarrassing. He has purposely gone out of his way to insult our best long-term allies, particularly Great Britain and Israel. We should all, both liberal and conservative alike, be upset at the way he has exalted communist thugs and has depreciated America in the process...

...Obama has also demonstrated that he is devoid of any sort of absolute moral system. He denounces Christianity at every turn — even while claiming to be a Christian, go figure — and tries to strip anything that smacks of a moral system from his government policies. Remember when he made fun of those who “cling to guns or religion”? This was his way of attacking decent, God-fearing people like you and me and was a clear attack on that which has been the backbone of America.

He is anti-American and ought to be classified as an “enemy of the state.” People, we deserve much better than this guy. Let’s kick him out of office!

Well! as Jack Benny used to say. He certainly told Obama. And us! We wonder just how "we" should kick Obama out of office. Call in Col Qaddafi's mercs, or better, since ObamaMan has insulted Israel, how about IDF?

To be clear, we are not an Obama or Demo cheerleader. We have plenty of problems with his government, but our objections are based on facts, not hallucinations conjured after a night of mushroom ingesting in a backyard tent.

We've been waiting for Mr. Campbell to post back and tell us which of the five Communists left in the world, Obama has "exalted." And when and how did he "Denounce Christianity." We know we would never have slept through that one. Mr. Campbell's worst accusation that clinging to "God and guns," is something only decent, God-fearing people like him and his imaginary friends do is simply not acceptable. We can't speak for God clingers, but we can assure Mr. Campbell that many indecent people, I Hate Canton in particular, cling to our guns tighter than Eitienne humps our leg. How else could be protect ourselves from the likes of Mr. Campbell and his friends?

So far, there's nearly 100 replies to Mr. Campbell's bombast. We especially like this response: :

John Young
The most ludicrous letter to the editor - maybe ever. I think the author is quite possibly deranged.

Of course, our $8.7 millionaire praised in with the ludicrous:

Just S tom

JIM.....with all due respect and heterosexuality ...I MUST SAY..


Followed by the equally ludicrous:

Just S tom
i printed it.....framed it.

Jim...ya left out alot more about this disaster in the White House....but what was said was perfect.

and this tete a tete between tom and his bbf ocean:

the republicans need Chris Christie ....he'd give Obama a run for his money!

And when he won,he'd turn this country around and eventually we'd be the powerhouse country we used to be.

My pick would be Christie for pres. and Herman Cain for vice pres..

Just S tom
Christie is the only guy who can beat him..

Guiliani will try.....

America may be stuck with this loser liberals love for 4 more years....God help us.

7 bucks a gallon....4 wars..and 12% unemployment.

Followed later by:

Just S tom
The Democrat machine hate Religion, Blacks, and women.........

drinking coffee and looking at me new framed ''BEST LETTER EVER''

Jim...write another one please......keep on going. Plenty of material here.

At this point we got a het-up Patrick Leper who thinks that Obama's relationship with big bankers and big fill-in-the-blank is "socialism."

It is Obama's disdain for prosperity that is most apparent. The very minute any person or group shows an affinity for getting ahead, he comes up with a new confiscation plan. If the stock markets are up, he talks higher taxes. He's become the poster child for wealth confiscation and redistribution. Simply put, the guy hates capitalism and all it stands for. Opportunities?-forget it, he kills those off like a trained sniper. That's what you get for putting a community organizer in office - way to go morons

Then tom pipes in twice:

Just S tom
McCain was down in the polls until he picked SARAH PALIN...SHE ENERGIZED the party...McCain was a horrible candidate and ran THE WORST CAMPAIGN in AMERICAN HISTORY.....

Obama couldn't lose.....


Mary V Parker...you have to defend your vote....but you really cannot. Anything you say is wrong....period.


Just S tom
GREAT LETTER .......i still love my framed copy.

It goes on and on, but we've had our fill, and you probably have, too.

It's not surprising that Just S tom's rah-rahing has made people in this thread as well as in private conversations believe that he is actually Jim Campbell. Who else but the author would frame the letter and tell us that he has?

There is just so much here. In fact, we took some of the comments off due to space and patience considerations. The number of comments though gave is a thought. If the Rep or Gatehouse is short of cash, then instead of dunning readers a reading fee each month, why not charge them to read and write comments? The dumber, less comprehensible the comment, the higher the charge.

Our runner-up Village Idiot of the Day award goes to: PLeper. He probably deserves a higher award, but by using correct spelling and grammar he raises his remarks to a readable level.

Our third place goes to ocean for even thinking that Chris Christie has a chance to beat Obama for president. Having had some dealings with Christie in our alternative life, we don't even know what to say about that one.

Second place goes to our veteran winner Just S tom. We were especially impressed with his "with all due respect and heterosexuality." What a keeper!

This leaves only Jim Campbell, for setting off this explosion of thoughtful intelligent discussion. Give a standing ovation to Jim Campbell, Village Idiot of the Day, June 10, 2011. Welcome back!

Finally, we give a Gold Star for Astuteness to John Young Please keep 'em coming.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

New Canton Facebook Groups: Canton News Readers Forum and IHC

I Hate Canton welcomes two new Canton groups to Facebook.

The Canton News Readers Forum has been established for those who want to continue commenting on Rep articles, but not be charged the new online fee.

IHC is quite sorry to see Gatehouse go this route, but it's inevitible. We'll be writing more about that later. And we are thrilled that there is a place where Reppies can go to discuss the news without a nanny.

and (ahem)

Hate Canton: the official Facebook page is now up. We thought about doing this for a long time, and now that the Rep has gone all capitalistic on us, seems to be a good time.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who is Reppie Irma Grese?

We hate to bring up this depressing question, but....

is Octopuppet back? For some time I Hate Canton, and others, have held that Octopuppet is back. In fact, he/she/it never left, just settled into a handful of names and behaved reasonably well. We won't mention those names today. (Why encourage it?) The latest incarnation, though, is so blatant, that we feel we need to post it: Irma Grese.

Irma reared her ugly head on June 6 to dispute Charita Goshay's "inflammatory" Story of Juneteeth to be Retold her June 19.

We say "inflammatory" since anything the uppity Charita writes is construed by our local Yahoos as "racist." How dare a Rep writer--especially a black woman--mention black folks, in the context of... being black folks. (Apropos of New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm's "Of my two handicaps, being female put many more obstacles in my path than being black," we've often wondered if Charita were a Charles, how much venom would be spewed her way.)

According to Reppies like Bill Hardie, doncha know we are all just one big family under God. It's just those white liberals and their colored dupes who don't know their own history that keep bringing up race in post-racial America.

Miss Charita's expository Juneteenth column was ripped apart quickly by the usual suspects: agentorange, Just S tom, Will Robinson, and the afore mentioned Bill Hardie.

But in the midst of the ho-hum snipes, first time poster Irma Grese dove in:

It's about time that Juneteenth gets the legitimacy that it deserves - just like Festivus (December 23rd) and national Corn on the Cob Day (June 11th)

and later:

Juneteenth, NBHM, Kwanza, Freaknik - those are the real dog-and-pony shows, Charita. An attractive woman with a true passion for patriotism, self-preservation, and national pride threatens you and your ideology along with the rest of this countrys liberal. Embrace freedom. Embrace self-worth. Embrace your ability to be whatever you'd like to in life. Everyone born in the United States (and in most cases, our unwelcomed, illegal guests, as well) are afforded a basic, free public education. It's up to the individual to live up to their potential. Using excuses like racism, gender, social upbringing, economic conditions, are simply invaild. Throw down the crutch, pick up a book, get an education, and succeed in life on your own merits.

It was not the comments themselves, which are standard Reppie fare, reminiscent of sourdough sal, that bothered us. It was the name attached to them, Irma Grese. We knew that name, and it wasn't from the Rep, at least not any recent Rep.

Mr. Google is IHC's best friend. We dropped by and as usual, he jogged our memory. Irma Grese, or should we say the late Irma Grese, "the beautiful beast," at the age of 22 years, 67 days, was the youngest Nazi war criminal executed by the British at the end of World War 2. Without having the time to read a book or scholarly papers on Grese to get her grisly details, we found these two (of many) Intro to Irma Grese online sites.

Military History @Suite 101 (NOTE: Some of this description may be exaggeration. The allegation of lampshades made from the skins of murdered Jews is a highly controversial topic. Though there are reports of them, there is no material evidence that they ever existed, and historians remain highly skeptical. The romantic relationship with Mengele, who knows? If true, we can only imagine what they did for kinks. We do know, however, from her own testimony, that Grese worked with Mengele, and numerous witnesses testified at her trial that she assisted him in selecting prisoners to be gassed (taken from he Belsen trial transcript.)

A member of the female Hitler youth organization, Grese left school in 1938 by the age of 15, and in 1942, at age 18, volunteered for SS-Helferinnen (Female Helpers') training at the Ravensbr├╝ck concentration camp. She was later transferred to Auschwitz, as a Senior Supervisor and the second highest ranking woman at the camp, in charge of up to 30,000 Jewish female prisoners at any given time. She was in charge of Krema Three briefly, a large crematorium that burned thousands of executed camp residents. In her time there she was considered the cruelest of the guards. She carried a sidearm as did most guards but also a cellophane whip which she used often on exhausted prisoners. The inmates dubbed Grese, the youngest guard at the camp and a striking blue-eyed blonde, the "Beautiful Beast." At her trial it was testified that she set dogs loose on bound prisoners, chose who would go to the gas chamber, beat prisoners with every tool she had including a whip, and ordered the skinning of three inmates. Found in her barracks hut were the skins that she had had made into lamp shades. She and also became something of a sexual fanatic, taking several brief lovers including the camp commandant and the infamous physician Josef Mengele. At her trial it was implied that she seemed to derive sexual pleasure from acts of sadism.

and from Wiki:

She was tried over the first period of the trials (September 17 to November 17, 1945) and was represented by Major L. Cranfield.

The trials were conducted under British military law in L├╝neburg, and the charges derived from the Geneva Convention of 1929 regarding the treatment of prisoners. The accusations against her centred on her ill-treatment and murder of those imprisoned at the camps, including setting dogs on inmates, shootings and sadistic beatings with a whip.

Survivors provided detailed testimony of murders, tortures, and other cruelties, especially towards women, in which Grese engaged during her years at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. They testified to acts of sadism, beatings and arbitrary shootings of prisoners, savaging of prisoners by her trained and allegedly half-starved dogs, and to her selecting prisoners for the gas chambers. After a fifty-three day trial, Grese was sentenced to hang.

Grese was reported to have habitually worn heavy boots and carried a whip and a pistol. Witnesses testified that she used both physical and emotional methods to torture the camp's inmates and enjoyed shooting prisoners in cold blood. They also claimed that she beat some women to death and whipped others using a plaited whip.

Now, the question is, what kind of a Reppie, even the most whacked, chooses the name of a now-obscure sadistic concentration camp supervisor and Nazi female war criminal to use as a nom de plume? Well, we have a long history of Octopup taking on names of obscure entertainers and movie and TV characters to spread its filth and to demean other commenters. (see right sidebar "characters" for our Octo entries; also the Octo sidebar). What regular can forget her pornographic posts about Mary Parker and her family? (see June 11 and June 12, 2009 IHC, but there are more). Octo was also quite famous for racist and anti-semetic remarks. If it walks like a duck...

We're done with Octopup for now, but no matter who Irma Grese is in RepLand, this post wouldn't be complete without documenting Irma's Number 1 Groupie, Just S tom. Our resident $7.8 millionaire cheered Irma on and accomplished the impossible: making her sound intelligent:

Just S tom
Slavery was 150 years ago....tired of race.. Racists live in the democratic party and blacks who condone it.

Irma .....YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH....and its a beautiful thing.

Just S tom
WE HAVE a inept President and democrat controlled Senate.....

2006.....DEMOCRATS WIN both house and senate......2008...DEMOCRATS WIN...ALL DOWN HILL from there...

$1.89 a gallon and 4.3% unemployment.....meanie Bush and Cheney were the mantra.

Just S tom
Sarah Palin rides a bus tour and libs go crazy.......they are the joke

Sarah Palin is terrific to bring that out....

What Sara Palin and the cost of gas has to do with Juneteenth is one of the great mysteries hiding in Tom's pea brain, and he's not about to explain it.

While while Tom is trying on his new brownshirt collection, the rest of us may want to attend Juneteenth. Here's some information:

Stark County Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Outreach Project will host its fourth annual Juneteenth Celebration from noon to 7 p.m. Saturday at Nimisilla Park, in the 1200 block of O’Jays Parkway NE.

There will be live music and dance performances, story-telling, games, pony rides and a fundraiser for the Greater Stark County Urban League.

For information call (330) 588-8110, or e-mail to scumadop@sbcglobal.net

BTW, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati plans a real knock-out of a celebration. Here's the schedule.

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Village Idiot of the Day, June 7, 2011: kaleeb

We took Memorial Day weekend off to visit exotic Dayton, Ohio and the next thing we knew...more than a week had passed. Oh, the stories IHC could tell, but what happens in Dayton stays in Dayton. Let's suffice: Paris, it's not.

In the meantime, back at the Rep, things have been poppin.' The new pay to play starts today. It will be interesting to see how many Reppies will pay to read local news stories to kvetch over. (BTW, in case you're stressed, IHC guarantees that Village Idiots will never have to pay to appear here at I Hate Canton.) Of course, our Reppies will stick around for freebie obits, letters, and columnists. We know they won't miss a beat calling out Charita for being an uppity literate black woman or to continue to sprew their own racism in the public's eye at her expense. Naturally, IHC will stick around for the whole show. If we can afford a week in Dayton, we can surely afford a 'net sub to the Rep.

Catching up on the news tonight, we thought we'd check out the latest on Ohio State's newest drain on its ever-leaking gene pool, Terrelle Pryor and tripped over kaleeb pumpin' his/her/its own gene pool out into a great black hole. It was exciting!

Seldom, if ever, has it been our pleasure to see the 105 year old NCAA (National Collegiate Atheltic Association) so eloquently exposed and dismissed as the commie-leftist, Obama pre-Wilsonian shill it obviously is. And here we thought it was Republicanily paternalistic. We are forever grateful for the clarification!

Laying it all out so even a caveman could understand it, kaleeb's comment is surely in the running for the national I Hate Canton Village Idiot Championship of the Year scheduled for late December 2011.

the ncaa are a bunch of jerkarshs. gee and smith are fine. the ncaa is nothing but a government like obama's, inept, stupid, overbearing, too much full of its own self and on and on.

the punks at the ncaa are faceless idiots that are comparable to the irs, the naacp, the leftist communists in the whitehouse and socialists like those that love to deny free enterprise to prosper.

now, let the union idiots post !!!

While we were considering some other nominations for Village Idiot of the Day, kaleeb blew us right out of the water with his/her/its unique talent for expressing what all of us feel.

The hunt for our June 7, 2011 Village Idiot stopped right there. Congratulations, kaleeb! You are not only a Village Idiot but a hero.

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