Thursday, June 16, 2011

More from Irma Grese

If anyone doubts that Irma Grese is our one and only Octopup, check out her latest. Traditionally, Octo, under its various personalities, liked to accuse Don Cirelli of well....look at the comment to this Letter to the Editor. You'll see.

It's encouraging to see that obesity is being taken seriously
Don, where do you find the time to comment and accuse other commenters of being racist in between your busy day of watching Maury and staking out convienence stores for young ****?

We expect the worse. **** is the Rep's naughty word default. As in ****tail and former Canton mayor Charlie Bab****

Don Cirelli
Tell ya what, garden slug (a.k.a.) 'Irma Grese' - why don't you come out from under that rock use your real name while posting libelous comments in here? I got two words for ya, Honey: 'Alan Schulman'. Wanna play some serious ball? Try it again under your real name. This time it won't be the Sheriff who comes after your house.

Waiting to hear your reply Irma.

Wonder how long "Irma" will remain online? Only one person writes this crap now that the dime's dropped?

Update 2
Well, that didn't take long! Irma is gone. And, we bet she's gone from the Rep, too. You'll only find her comment archived here.

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Anonymous said...

For a woman who portrays herself as a sweet, little old grandmother, she sure talks like the two-dollar corner hussy, doesn't she?

- Don Cirelli

Shirley U. Jestolito said...

Octopuppet really needs to get a life, or at least go outside and dust off her peace sign now and then!

Wonder if she is still a fan of IHC?

Shirley I Spankumeato said...

She's frustrated because her Fisher-bag home made purse business is doing poorly, and they don't stock Mango-Pineapple Night Train anymore at Clarendon Market.

Irma Grese said...

Hey! Who iz dis hog who uses my name up there in dee newzpaper? I would like to slap her pig mouth! I may be a rotten Nazi concentration camp guard who iz burning in Hell, but I vill NOT have my name associated with HER! THAT, I could not stomach!

- Irma Grese, Seventh Circle of Hell

mary said...

Those are sooooooooooo funny. I saw Don got an answer on comment that said, I am not Shirley, I am SUE, from one of her idiot personalities.