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Village Idiot of the Day: June 10, 2001: Jim Campbell, "Just S tom", "ocean", "PLeper"

We'd forgotten about Jim Campbell.

Under the old pre-Gatehouse regime, Dave Kaminski made posters use their real names. Rumor has it that Kaminski even made in-person visists to offensive suspects to see if they were real people. We haven't seen Campbell since Gatehouse-facilitated cranky handles became socially acceptable, though as you'll see below, we've thought he was lurking under a nom de plume all along. Then on Wednesday, Campbell popped up as the author of a Letter to the Editor: Obama is Anti-American, and Should Be Kicked Out of Office.

We won't post the entire letter here , but it's so wall-bouncy Campbell makes Bruce Hodgkins look sane. The letter deserves a good look. Here's part of it:

[Obama's] foreign policy is embarrassing. He has purposely gone out of his way to insult our best long-term allies, particularly Great Britain and Israel. We should all, both liberal and conservative alike, be upset at the way he has exalted communist thugs and has depreciated America in the process...

...Obama has also demonstrated that he is devoid of any sort of absolute moral system. He denounces Christianity at every turn — even while claiming to be a Christian, go figure — and tries to strip anything that smacks of a moral system from his government policies. Remember when he made fun of those who “cling to guns or religion”? This was his way of attacking decent, God-fearing people like you and me and was a clear attack on that which has been the backbone of America.

He is anti-American and ought to be classified as an “enemy of the state.” People, we deserve much better than this guy. Let’s kick him out of office!

Well! as Jack Benny used to say. He certainly told Obama. And us! We wonder just how "we" should kick Obama out of office. Call in Col Qaddafi's mercs, or better, since ObamaMan has insulted Israel, how about IDF?

To be clear, we are not an Obama or Demo cheerleader. We have plenty of problems with his government, but our objections are based on facts, not hallucinations conjured after a night of mushroom ingesting in a backyard tent.

We've been waiting for Mr. Campbell to post back and tell us which of the five Communists left in the world, Obama has "exalted." And when and how did he "Denounce Christianity." We know we would never have slept through that one. Mr. Campbell's worst accusation that clinging to "God and guns," is something only decent, God-fearing people like him and his imaginary friends do is simply not acceptable. We can't speak for God clingers, but we can assure Mr. Campbell that many indecent people, I Hate Canton in particular, cling to our guns tighter than Eitienne humps our leg. How else could be protect ourselves from the likes of Mr. Campbell and his friends?

So far, there's nearly 100 replies to Mr. Campbell's bombast. We especially like this response: :

John Young
The most ludicrous letter to the editor - maybe ever. I think the author is quite possibly deranged.

Of course, our $8.7 millionaire praised in with the ludicrous:

Just S tom

JIM.....with all due respect and heterosexuality ...I MUST SAY..


Followed by the equally ludicrous:

Just S tom
i printed it.....framed it.

Jim...ya left out alot more about this disaster in the White House....but what was said was perfect.

and this tete a tete between tom and his bbf ocean:

the republicans need Chris Christie ....he'd give Obama a run for his money!

And when he won,he'd turn this country around and eventually we'd be the powerhouse country we used to be.

My pick would be Christie for pres. and Herman Cain for vice pres..

Just S tom
Christie is the only guy who can beat him..

Guiliani will try.....

America may be stuck with this loser liberals love for 4 more years....God help us.

7 bucks a gallon....4 wars..and 12% unemployment.

Followed later by:

Just S tom
The Democrat machine hate Religion, Blacks, and women.........

drinking coffee and looking at me new framed ''BEST LETTER EVER''

Jim...write another one please......keep on going. Plenty of material here.

At this point we got a het-up Patrick Leper who thinks that Obama's relationship with big bankers and big fill-in-the-blank is "socialism."

It is Obama's disdain for prosperity that is most apparent. The very minute any person or group shows an affinity for getting ahead, he comes up with a new confiscation plan. If the stock markets are up, he talks higher taxes. He's become the poster child for wealth confiscation and redistribution. Simply put, the guy hates capitalism and all it stands for. Opportunities?-forget it, he kills those off like a trained sniper. That's what you get for putting a community organizer in office - way to go morons

Then tom pipes in twice:

Just S tom
McCain was down in the polls until he picked SARAH PALIN...SHE ENERGIZED the party...McCain was a horrible candidate and ran THE WORST CAMPAIGN in AMERICAN HISTORY.....

Obama couldn't lose.....


Mary V have to defend your vote....but you really cannot. Anything you say is wrong....period.


Just S tom
GREAT LETTER .......i still love my framed copy.

It goes on and on, but we've had our fill, and you probably have, too.

It's not surprising that Just S tom's rah-rahing has made people in this thread as well as in private conversations believe that he is actually Jim Campbell. Who else but the author would frame the letter and tell us that he has?

There is just so much here. In fact, we took some of the comments off due to space and patience considerations. The number of comments though gave is a thought. If the Rep or Gatehouse is short of cash, then instead of dunning readers a reading fee each month, why not charge them to read and write comments? The dumber, less comprehensible the comment, the higher the charge.

Our runner-up Village Idiot of the Day award goes to: PLeper. He probably deserves a higher award, but by using correct spelling and grammar he raises his remarks to a readable level.

Our third place goes to ocean for even thinking that Chris Christie has a chance to beat Obama for president. Having had some dealings with Christie in our alternative life, we don't even know what to say about that one.

Second place goes to our veteran winner Just S tom. We were especially impressed with his "with all due respect and heterosexuality." What a keeper!

This leaves only Jim Campbell, for setting off this explosion of thoughtful intelligent discussion. Give a standing ovation to Jim Campbell, Village Idiot of the Day, June 10, 2011. Welcome back!

Finally, we give a Gold Star for Astuteness to John Young Please keep 'em coming.

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