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Village Idiot of the Day, June 11, 2001: "majon," "Just S tom," "ocean"

Saturday a motorcycle rally to support the repeal of SB5 is being held in Columbus and a large number of bikers around the state are expected to participate. (it's in the past tense now.)

For those who want to avoid being dunned for reading the short article
Bike rally to support repeal of SB5 Saturday (which seems to be nothing more than a press release from local organizers) here's the pertinent parts:

On Saturday, We Are Ohio will host motorcycle riders statewide in a rally and “Ride to Kill the Bill” around the Statehouse in opposition to Senate Bill 5, which limits public-employee unions’ collective bargaining.

Prior to the ride, bikers will gather at meeting points to motorcade into Columbus.

Well, you can imagine the response to this. For example, w
ho knew that "real bikers" are Republicans? Just S tom, that's who:

Just S tom

Real Bikers avoid this ride at all costs...


Just S tom
nobody is going to ride for Obama and his socialist ways

joined in by tom's bitch, ocean

Hells Angels wannabes!

Just enforce the BILL!

Real bikers wouldn't support it either.......what business would it be of their

to which tom replied:

Just S tom
LOL...Hells Angels are for total freedom (some good some bad) .....they would not support this junk.

We're really tired of awarding Just S tom for his idiocy (IHC believes he holds the record), so we were happy when majon took a shot at it.

I would bet that more than 55% of those bikes were paid for with money earned by public workers or money recieved through entitlements.

We wonder if majon's employer controls how he/she/it spends their paycheck. If so, we suggest that $6.95 a month be withheld to limit Mr/Mrs/Ms majon's ability to read more than a socialistic 20 free news articles a month on the Rep site.

Beyond majon's pecuniary concern over how public employees spend their easily-worked paychecks, we're wondering what kind of "entitlements" bikers would get to purchase their bikes. Pensions? Or maybe they accrue enormous amounts of sick and vacation days to cash in at early retirement to finance bikes, broads, and booze. We'll bet public worker motorcycle owners actually took jobs with the state county or city simply to finance their jones for bikes. (see picture at right for an example of a pimped out gold bike owned by a typical county recorder clerk.)

Having spent some time (but not too much time) years ago with a member of the Cleveland Hell's Angels (they were located in a big ol' white house around E. 67th or E.69th, if we remember correctly) and a couple Outlaws who made their way to Canton, we are pretty sure that these working class guys would have kicked Just S tom's ass, locked up ocean in a bathroom, and spent their entitlement money on their bikes.

It's seldom we see the GOP compared favorably to outlaw bikers--at least openly--and we want to give credit where credit is due, but we gotta go with majon, hands down, on this one.

Village Idiot of the Day, June 11, 2011: majon.

Just S tom and ocean share second place kudos.

I Hate Canton also offers all prize winners an introduction to "real bikers."

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mary said...

Congrats majon. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award. Wear your crown proudly.