Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, June 7, 2011: kaleeb

We took Memorial Day weekend off to visit exotic Dayton, Ohio and the next thing we knew...more than a week had passed. Oh, the stories IHC could tell, but what happens in Dayton stays in Dayton. Let's suffice: Paris, it's not.

In the meantime, back at the Rep, things have been poppin.' The new pay to play starts today. It will be interesting to see how many Reppies will pay to read local news stories to kvetch over. (BTW, in case you're stressed, IHC guarantees that Village Idiots will never have to pay to appear here at I Hate Canton.) Of course, our Reppies will stick around for freebie obits, letters, and columnists. We know they won't miss a beat calling out Charita for being an uppity literate black woman or to continue to sprew their own racism in the public's eye at her expense. Naturally, IHC will stick around for the whole show. If we can afford a week in Dayton, we can surely afford a 'net sub to the Rep.

Catching up on the news tonight, we thought we'd check out the latest on Ohio State's newest drain on its ever-leaking gene pool, Terrelle Pryor and tripped over kaleeb pumpin' his/her/its own gene pool out into a great black hole. It was exciting!

Seldom, if ever, has it been our pleasure to see the 105 year old NCAA (National Collegiate Atheltic Association) so eloquently exposed and dismissed as the commie-leftist, Obama pre-Wilsonian shill it obviously is. And here we thought it was Republicanily paternalistic. We are forever grateful for the clarification!

Laying it all out so even a caveman could understand it, kaleeb's comment is surely in the running for the national I Hate Canton Village Idiot Championship of the Year scheduled for late December 2011.

the ncaa are a bunch of jerkarshs. gee and smith are fine. the ncaa is nothing but a government like obama's, inept, stupid, overbearing, too much full of its own self and on and on.

the punks at the ncaa are faceless idiots that are comparable to the irs, the naacp, the leftist communists in the whitehouse and socialists like those that love to deny free enterprise to prosper.

now, let the union idiots post !!!

While we were considering some other nominations for Village Idiot of the Day, kaleeb blew us right out of the water with his/her/its unique talent for expressing what all of us feel.

The hunt for our June 7, 2011 Village Idiot stopped right there. Congratulations, kaleeb! You are not only a Village Idiot but a hero.

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