Saturday, June 18, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, June 17, 2011: Pantless Man

Not all Village Idiots are Reppies. Some are plain old Cantonians who wouldn't (or couldn't) read a newspaper if you paid them.

Take for instance, the unnamed southeast section man who complained to police that he'd been shot in his bare backside while visiting a Queen Court NW duplex where he intended to trade sex for crack. (Pantless man says he was shot in rear; police investigate)

The report didn't mention who had the sex and who had the crack.

The gentleman in question claims he was hurt when people "started shooting at him", and he was forced to jump out a second story window--sans pants and underwear--to seek safety at Sliman's Printery across the street. Police say that doctors at Aultman determined our friend was bleeding from broken window glass, not gunshot wounds.

Since Just S tom is sleeping, and is ocean busy rehabilitating herself driving the deserving poor to food pantries this week (go here for her comments), we are happy to name Pantless Man, Village Idiot of the Day, June 17, 2011. We are enclosing with his award a 5-year calendar to remind him that the first Friday in May, not the third Thursday in June, is worldwide No Pants Day .

And remember, everyone once had a mother.

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1 comment:

mary said...

Getting shot in the ass is bad enough, but just thinking you got shot in it when you didn't is even dumber.

Then you're stupid enough to tell the cops that you went to trade sex for crack? ( I could make a joke about that too , but I won't)

The cops should have shot him in the ass for being so dumb.