Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exclusive Video: "majon" and "Just S tom" Continue to Claim Bikers for the GOP; Trouble Coming!

IHC didn't check Sunday's offerings until a few minutes ago. We were not surprised to find that majon and Just S tom continue to claim bikers for the Republican Party--or as they like to call it, the GOP. Below are their latest contributions:

Bike rally to support repeal of SB5 Saturday
Just S tom
majon....those bikes are not paid for by hacks....

bikers earn those bikes...they are not cheap.

bikers are GOP....

Just S Tom. You know you and your new framed letter are on the money.

I was refering to how you me and others. Produced the revenue for those bikes.

They ride against us.

After yesterday's declaration, we expected a biker backlash. We mean, who do majon and tom think they are speaking for bikers? That would be like us speaking for everybody who hates Canton.

Last night I Hate Canton sent out its crack crew of undercover investigators who secretly videotaped bikers preparing to descend on Canton to root out and straighten out Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Here is our exclusive report:

This is scary stuff we know! We've warned majon and Just S tom. It's up to them now. We'll even help them out by not naming them Sunday's Village Idiots.

PS We suggest our dynamic duo not disguise themselves as sheep.

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