Friday, May 27, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten: The C Word Hits the Rep!

IHC didn't see the post ourselves, but one of our secret operatives forwarded it to us.

Under Ohio Bills Would Allow Ads on School Buses the following note, now removed by the Rep Naughty Word Nanny was posted last night. It remained up until at least 7:00 this morning.

Thu, May 26, 2011 - 07:53pm
hey Sam h(c)unt, nice to see you again

Unfortunately, our operative inadvertently left out the name of the poster. It was a unfamiliar name--probably a throw away--never to darken our screens again. We are trying to track down the name, though. Perhaps another undercover agent spotted it and will let us know. If so, our we will publish a revised post here.

Gee, we wonder who it could be!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Village Idiot of the day, May 25, 2011: Unnamed Customers at Hall of Fame Mart

Is there anyone more qualified to carry the Village Idiot of the Day Award than the unnamed customers at the Hall of Fame Mart, 704 Sherrick Rd. SE, who did nothing to assist a man being severely beaten by thugs inside the convenience store? Store Customers Walk Round Beaten, Unconscious Man

According to Canton police, while Ralph Davidson, 53, lay unconscious on the floor, customers walked around his body, business as usual, as a clerk called police. The incident occurred on Friday, My 20 but was only reported in yesterday's Rep.

Police have charged three men in the assault:
Lamars C. Wynn, 31, of 1812 Minerva Ct. NW
David M. Johnson, 29, of 1923 12th St. SW
Curt Anderson, 29, of 3141 33d St. NE

Wynn (right) has been picked up and is charged with felonious assault and is being held on a domestic violence charge. According to the Ohio Offender Search Database, in 2006 Wynn was sentenced to four years in prison for felonious assault on a female. He was released the Ross Correctional Institution on May 17, 2010 on his stated prison term set by the court. His actual release date would have been May 20, 2011--the day of the beating. Guess he was out celebrating.

The Rep reports that Johnson served time for aggravated robbery in 2000 and for two counts of felony theft in 2007. Anderson did time in 2001 on coke possession, 2004 for weapons under disability, and 2008 for felonious assault. Neither appear in the current offender database

Warrants for felonious assault have been issued for both men.

Police ask anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Johnson and Anderson to call Detective Terry George at 330-438-4439.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information on the customers who couldn't be bothered to help a beaten bleeding, unconscious man (or at least act in a decent manner) or we would post their names and addresses here. These people need exposed and ridiculed by their family, friends, and community.

Wynn, Johnson, and Anderson are all idiot petty criminals to be sure, but the Villiage Idiot of the Day award goes to the unnamed idiots of Sherrick Road. Please come forward and pick up your prize. We'd love to post your pictures and addresses here.

Mr. Davis, is reported to be in guarded condition at Aultman Hospital.

The news of the 1961 rape and murder of Kitty Genovese, while 38 of her Queens neighbors shut their windows, doors and ears to her cries was a shock to Americans. In 2011, recklessly ignoring those who lie beaten, bleeding and dying is as common as a trip to the convenience store.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Experimental Writing v Posting While Drunk: A Short Observation

No Village Idiot today. Just a few comments about something we'd like to see more of at the Rep: experimental comment writing--not to be confused with posting while drunk.

But, first, does it seem to you as it does to I Hate Canton, that some of our Reppies tipple a bit before they hit their keys?

In real life, IHC has witnessed this phenomenon in the field in which we work. One regular poster to several forums and blogs we frequent, likes to hit the bottle on Friday nights--and you can always tell. Sometimes she returns in the morning and nukes her posts--especially when other posters remark about her oddities of logic, sense, and grammar. It's become rather a sport to archive her ravings to toss back at her at an appropriate moment.

IHC, though, really hadn't thought much about Reppies posting while drunk. They seem to be unbalanced enough without any outside influences. Of course, one could claim that Just S tom has been on a year-long bender, though we prefer to think of our resident millionaire (see entry directly below) as just plain dumb.

We were surprised then to see the following post from the usually sober bobg telling us in yesterday's Rep, just how he feels about Ron Paul, under the Ron Paul Stands for Preserving Liberty and Keeping Family Values thread. To the untrained eye it reads a little boozy:

He supports the nuts Waco Ruby Ridge he is mitlita go away he is a waste he is like the antiChrist

We don't remember bobg posting much, but he never struck us as some illiterate millionaire, and English doesn't seem to be his second language as we thought in our youth might be the case with kaleeb. Upon reading this comment, though, we initially thought Bob had joined the ranks of the comment tippling, (or was trying his hand at Haiku, and failing miserably). But as we read it out loud several times, we began to see what Bob was doing. He's writing a prose poem about 9/11 America. Or better yet, a song!

Remember the Beatles Come Together? Take any verse. This is the one IHC likes best:

He roller-coaster he got early warning
He got muddy water he one mojo filter
He say "One and one and one is three"
Got to be good-looking 'cause he's so hard to see
Come together right now over me

There's a similarity in style and beat (spelling posted as posted). Or maybe we're drinking.

He supports the nuts
Waco Ruby Ridge
he is mitlita

go away

he is a waste
he is like the antiChrist

OK, it needs some work, and Bob's no John Lennon. IHC, however, would like to see more of Bob's experimental work. We don't want to see him limited to traditional American prose, such as this, which he also wrote yesterday in resonse to Kennth Floom's assertion that world peace can be brought about by outlawing abortion.

I would wish people would let women control there own bodies. With the morning after pill abortions should be down . These right to lifers want to save every serial killer Why do the prolifers get to make someone have a baby when they choose not to have a baby what gives them the right to tell a woman to not have a abortion. I don't see these prolifers picking up the bill to pay for all these unwanted kids.

A worthy sentiment for sure, but Bob, hype it up a little! You could have a whole new career ahead of you.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, May 23, 2011: Just S tom

We love a good laugh and need to share this tete a tete with those who might have missed it. Since context is everything, we're including it all.

Yesterday under the discussion of a Letter to the Editor from Patty Graham, Ron Paul Stands for Preserving Liberty and Keeping Family Values, Don Cirelli and Just S tom got into a little tussle.

Majon punted to Cirelli:

Do you produce money or just collect it?

What have you ever produced?

Joined by JSt:

Just S tom
Don C is a victim...he has had a bad life. He sees success as something other people have because they are fortunate.

Success is out of reach for Don C and his people

"his people??????"

A strange remark about somebody who was able to retire at the age of 50 or there abouts and spend the next 30 years or more doing what he wants. But as veteran readers of Rep comments and I Hate Canton know, that's beside the point.

Cirelli responded rather good naturedly with:

Don Cirelli

Do you produce money or just collect it?

What have you ever produced?'

...A useless commodity known as 'safe drinking water', most of the time. For five years, though, I totally wasted your money dispatching police cars, fire trucks, and paramedics to people like you, who didn't want, nor really need that service.


Don Cirelli
'Success is out of reach for Don C and his people'

LOL! Thanks for the chuckle, Just S Tom. Would love to compare savings accounts and assets with you someday.

Now it gets good!

Just S tom
Ok net worth is 7.8 million

There is really nothing more that IHC can add to this, so we'll close with Don Cirelli's sum-up. If you want to double check the accuracy his assessment, go to the IHC "Characters" sidebar at the right and click on Just S Tom. If literacy were a disease, he'd have been dead a long time ago.

Don Cirelli
Seven-point-eight million, you say, Just S Tom?

Hold on a second....


So tell me, how does a guy who can barely string a sentence together make 7.8 million?

Ah, the magic of the internet. You can be anything you want to be, behind a screen name.

IHC adds special amen to Saturn 6: who wrote to JSt: Yer just farting out hot air, as usual

We'd love to find a list of Stark County millionaires to make a match. Yeah, right! In the meantime, simply for thinking anyone would believe you: Village Idiot of the Day, May 23, 2011: Just S tom.

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Bruce Hodgkins (bhodgkins): An Appreciation

I Hate Canton got a late start Monday, so we'll jump right in.

Bruce Hodgkins, aka bhodgkins aka Hodgie, aka Hodgie-Baby is one our our favorite posters.

He's not malevolent like ocean and her incarnations. Like Bummy (see "characters" sidebar) you just can't hate Bruce. Of course you don't have to love him, either. He and Don Cirelli and TAC/Henry Rollins, have had more go-rounds than Starbuck's has coffeshops, yet, at least for us, there's a certain loveablity about the coot. A self-described conservative of some mysterious stripe, Bruce embraces, corporations, international banking, and globalism. (We're unsure about war.)

Systemic rot is not in Hodgie's vocabulary. If you're out of work, it's your own damned fault. You should have taken a second or third job, majored in something "relevant," saved more money, not bought that cell phone or DVD player, and kissed your boss' ass. Most importantly, you should have never joined that union.

Bruce appears to get most of his news and news analysis from Worldnet Daily Jerome Corsi, and Orly Taitz. His favorite"historian" is Glenn Beck University and rightwing Texas Republican political operative David Barton. According to Hodgie, Glenn Beck has never uttered an untruth. Bruce thinks Snopes is a leftwing website. Rep commenters are leftwing liberal, socialist, communist pinkos: Democrats.

We occasionally agree with Bruce, but most of the time we, well...laugh at him. He's sort of an antebellum Protestant (may the Pope forgive him!) poker-up-the-ass, time machined into a 21st century vanity fair fighting desire, temptation, hedonism, atheism, bright lights, consumable goods, and welfare mothers. No matter how often his facts are documented to be unfactual, Bruce is always right. We think he spends a lot of his time swatting commies hiding under his bed.

We were especially amused to see Hodgie-Baby's comments Sunday under a Letter to the Editor, The Other Side of Dependency, Outsourced, then Part-time written by the improbably named Richard Pickles of North Canton (btw, he's real; IHC located him) grouching about outsourcing and crap jobs for those left behind lucky enough to get them, while corporations run unchallenged in post capitalist America.

Mr. Pickles wrote in part:

The part-time income (28 hours), a minimum-wage job ($7.40 an hour in Ohio) at the local burger joint, grosses just over the allowed amount of income to qualify for state cash assistance (around $400 a month).

Never having been in a situation like that, it seems difficult to imagine living there willingly. Multiply this hypothetical family by several million, and worrying about a few welfare cheats seems to miss the point.

With huge corporations paying no taxes at all, cutting the deficit off of middle-income people and the retired, and allowing the wealthy to get by with no increase, is also less than fair.

Mr. Pickles remarks must have given Bruce post-Communion gas. He whipped off the following comment

What is the matter with the liberal mind? Why can't people keep what they earn? It is un-American for the government to forcefully take money from one group of people and give it to another. Not only that, it is a stupid practice to take money from the job creators. corporations don't pay tax, they collect taxes from people that buy or use their products and services. Pretty soon the business becomes non-competitive and moves their operation out the country. How about lowering the income tax on the wealthiest 5% and eliminate corporate income tax entirely. Mr. Pickles would soon be back at work.

I Hate Canton actually agrees with Hodgie. Income tax is un-American, though we'd probably come up with a better phrase if we had the time.

We, however, find it difficult to support Hodgie's claim that corporations should be exempt from paying income tax because they create the jobs and "collect taxes" from people that buy or use their products and services." According to Bruce, it's OK (in a manner of speaking) for the government to dun taxes from individuals who profit from working for corporations (secretaries, mill hands, truck drivers, store clerks, landscapers, scientists, computer engineers, nurses, house painters, brick masons, mechanics) but it's not OK for the government to collect taxes on the profits that corporations themselves make from selling their goods and services, which are generated from the labor of those it's OK to tax. IOW, Bruce seems to think that only those who make money for corporations should have to pay income tax. Corporations that profit from the work of their employees should not. Next ,we supposed he'll tell us that we should all pay our bosses for the privilege of working for them.

Excuse us for a moment while we uncross our eyes.

Our original intention was to name Bruce our Village Idiot of the Day for May 22. He received the honor earlier this month for claiming that the Great Depression started with FDR when Herbert Hoover was clearly overseeing the country during the unfortunate events of October 1929. Besides, there are so many Hodgieisms that are deserving of daily awards. We apologize for keeping them from you while we were on hiatus.

IHC, however,decided to write a simple appreciation of Bruce. He has lot of awards coming so why not start out with a big I Hate Canton hug and go from there? After all, if it weren't for Hodgie, the Rep would be a much more boring place to visit.

Oh... btw. According to Intellius, Mr. Pickles, is 79 years old. As soon as the Walton family gets their Hodgkins Tax Break and Wal-Mart becomes a "non-profit," our letter writer can start a brand new career as a greeter.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, May 21, 2011: ocean, Just S tom

I Hate Canton has been off our feed the last week or so with a cornucopia of small but irritating maladies. We did the doctor thing yesterday; $136 in meds alone (donations gratefully accepted). While reading our favorite newspaper this week, though, on our computer of affliction, we saw many commenters sicker than IHC could ever be, and that no $136 will ever cure. We're not going to backtrack into a lot them, but jump right to the inexplicable nastiness found in the article announcing the death of former Canton School Superintendent and Canton native, Dianne Talarico.

Ms. Talarico, whom we did not know personally, was a greatly admired educator and friend to students and their parents in the Canton system, and early comments documented as much. But, hatred knows no bounds, and no event is sad enough for our Reppies to shut off their pretty little hate machine for a day.

Out of nowhere, our ocean undoubtedly thinking she (self-identified she) is clever, started a little side rant--I suppose you could call it a distant cousin of the left-handed complement-- which co-miscreant Just S Tom dove into on cue.

Dianne Talarico, former Canton Schools Superintendent, Dies
Sounds to me like she would have made a great governor,no wait,the things this lady did is the same things our present governor is trying to do,reduce the debt,and gets called every thing but a white man.


Then Kitty Burgett made the mistake of drawing attention to our resident ego-maniac:

kitty burgett
Congratulations, ocean! You managed to drag both politics and race into a story that had to do with neither.

Just S tom, who earlier (not included here) had complemented Ms. Talarico, decided BFF and fellow tree chopper (here and here), needed a boost:

Just S tom
Ocean....i get it.

NOTE: of course you do, Tom!

Alterego, surprised us with a stunning rebuke of ocean and tommyboy:

@ ocead, How dare you infuse your hateful rhetoric on a thread that is perceived by some as an obituary. I now dislike you very much. If you had known Diane you would never had posted such drivel. May GOD have mercy on your soul, if you have one.

@ Just s tom, What's there to get. Your as idiotic as ocean, ocead or MUDPUDDLE. Whatever her name is.

To which ocean replied, placing the blame on objecting commenters such as Kitty, who are apparently too dumb to comprehend what she was "really" saying.

I said nothing disrespectful towards this lady,nothing.

Apparently some of you failed to read the cuts and changes she made in the school system to avoid debt....which was the point I was making. Sorry.

Braced by tommy:

Just S tom
ocean...never apologize to anybody in here. EVER.

Diane would have been a great mayor or governor or anything she are correct in your statement.....period.

For which the ever-grateful ocean replied:

Just S tom

Thank you,honestly,I meant no disrespect. And the 'white man' comment is just an old saying,and I did not mean it to be racist.

Just S tom don't have to be worried about being a racist.

There are a couple of 'racist throwing'' people in here who actually ARE racist.....they only see life through race.

Diane did not....

We are sure Ms. Talarico, if here to speak up, would have been just hunky-dory with ocean and Just s tom's racist remarks, which" didn't mean anything" and would have chastised the several complainers for their over-sensitivity, lack of reading comprehension skills, reverse racism, and obvious liberal socialist agenda. NOT.

I Hate Canton would like to think that ocean and Just S tom were suffering from slip-of-the-tongue disease for a moment or were a couple of coots who didn't understand the racist implications of old saws, but a quick look at their history here (see righthand "characters" sidebar) or the Rep in general, would put that doubt to rest.

I Hate Canton therefore names ocean and Just S tom co-holders of the May 21, 2011 (and for several days preceding) Village Idiot of the Day award .



IHC also extends our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Dianne Talarico who should not have been subjected to Reppie bile.

For more about Dianne Talarico, with non-malicious comments, read World Has Lost a Fine Teacher.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Viillage Idiot of the Day, May 12, 2011: CA Buckeye, yardley8, ocean,motor_boat_dd

Earlier this week, Blogger was down for about two days. IHC was in the middle of writing the entry below and couldn't finish. Friday and Saturday we were busy clubbing and unable to get back to work. This is a late entry so we've added some material that post-dates the VID award.We'll try to get back on schedule tomorrow.

After a relatively quiet few days, our resident Islamaphobes are in gear thanks to a Letter to the Editor from Jon Judy asking the shocking question: Shouldn't We Have Higher Standards than Bin Laden?

Mr. Judy wrote, in part:

Putting aside the practical ramifications of yet another black eye on the image of America in the judgment of Muslims worldwide, I take issue with that implication on ethical grounds, as well...

...I would like to think that I, and the society of which I’d want to be a part, aim for a higher target than “What Would Osama Do?”

You'd think that God fearing, flag waving Reppies could agree to that. America the Good holds to higher standards of behavior than say Hitler, Mao, Idi Amin, and Pol Pot. (We seriously doubt our boys supported bin Laden unless he was running a Jihad against SARTA.) Of course, that's a naive view of our resident amusers who seem to spend their offRep hours stuck to Daniel or watching Rambo films.

Back to the letter:

Left handedly, shortly after the letter went online, CA Buckeye, shot back attacking Mr Judy's manhood, though why we haven't a clue why since CAB seemed to support the sentiment. We must remember, though that gender is always problematic with Reppies.

CA Buckeye
Respectable comments. Sorry your last name is Judy

Followed by the misspelling Mr/Ms Yardley8

Another letter that sympathises with Osama, people in this country need to remember who their enemies were and be greatful they are gone, enough with the so called misplaced compassion, its nauseating.

At this point Mr. Judy appeared in person to take yardley8 to task, not only pointing out yard's erroneous assumptions but his/her spelling misadventure. A spelling correction is never welcomed.

Jon Judy
At no point in this letter do I sympathise with Osama. I am grateful that I can read a few brief paragraphs and actually comprehend them, and I'm grateful I can spell 'grateful' correctly.

Our serial VID favorite ocean joined the pack:

You can't be good to muslims,they gave them an inch in France and Britain and now they're taking over.....soon it will be here,hide and watch!

(hmmm, didn't they used to say that about blacks and women?)

A few comments down, yardley8 returned

mary Parker I do not need you to tell the board that I am twisting someones words, thats IS not what I am doing, the letter writer wants to come across as someone that thinks our government should not have disposed of his body the way they did, I would think you would be in favor of what obama did, afterall you are on here nightly defending his policies, find it odd you dont see that, as for Marly greiner and her absurd comment also find it odd you thought that was such a good comment, my guess is you dont understand it


No Don the difference is I am a real American, and I for one am glad the enemy is gone, you far left uneducated sympathizers really need to remember you are in America, dont like it leave, so tired of people like Don, who by his own admission has been on this site for years spewing his vitriol against this country, pathetic

We also have a new addition:

I hope the sailors chummed the waters good before they threw his body overboard, and hope all of them took a leak off the side of the ship after his body was in the water!!

By the end of the day, Rep editor Jeff Gauger was forced to warn that referring to commenters are bullies and idiots (hey, wait a minute!) crosses into personal insults. Of course it does, Jeff! Why else be Reppie?

We are thrilled that our Reppies are back. We realize their defeat at the hands of SARTA knocked the wind out of them, and are happy they've regained the strength to promote Canton in the best light they can.

Honorable Mention: ocean (he/she can't be top dog every day)

Third Place: CA Buckeye or not knowing when to leave well enough alone

Second Place: motor_boat_dd: a great first appearance. We can't wait to see if our motorboating dentist (?) continues to add astute comments.

First Place: yardley8. We thought yard had been honored before, but we can't find a record. IHC believes this this prize is a long time coming and are happy to welcome him or her into official village idiocy.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, May 9, 2011: bhodgkins, Sourdough Sal

We've been so busy feudin', fightin' and a fussin' today that I lost track of time. Late this evening, though, we perused the Rep so you don't have to.

We initially thought that pensions might be an interesting topic to discuss today, but we glazed over in no time, as if we'd been boning up on real estate law or memorizing Latin declensions. We'll leave that discussion for those who care.

We next took a look at unions, and found this gem from bhodgkins (Bruce Hodgkins). We won't quote his entire rant, just the opening lines. We initially thought Bruce was referring to something uswapal had written earlier so we looked before we leaped. We didn't think uswapal was THAT dumb, and we were right:

Union Have Benefited All Amerian Workers
uswapal-You are a waterfall (I was going to say fountain) of fake history, false information, For instance, FDR' new Deal created the depression and extended its length.

How Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal created the Great Depression when the stock market crashed in October 1929 when Herbert Hoover was president; and the county was deep under water when FDR took office in 1932, puzzles I Hate Canton immensely. Maybe Franklin and Eleanor got bored playing bridge with Mother one weekend at Springwood and decided it would be fun to tip over the economy and bounce the pesky Hoover out of office. Albany is so dreadful in the winter, anyway, doncha know.

While there is room for legitimate debate on how Roosevelt's programs helped or hindered recovery, we've never heard anyone actually claim that FDR caused the stockmarket crash. Maybe Bruce got his info from his favorite "historian" David Barton, the same David Barton who once claimed bizarrely that Thomas Jefferson's cousin, John Randolph (1773-1833) was the first Muslim member of the US House.

Bruce is capable of much better work than this though, so we delved further into comments and hit pay dirt: Mailman's nomination of Sourdough Sal for another VID award. We're lazy and like it when people do our work for us. We scrolled up and sure discussing the stike on Osama bin Laden, Sal wrote:

Sourdough Sal:
Where Was "Proper Burial" for Victims?
Obama did NOT have the 'stones' to order a special ops team. I heard that not only did he know OBL's whereabouts since August, that he dragged his feet so long that Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton overrode the gutless worm and ordered the hit on OBL. He tried to abort the mission and couldn't because it was too late. Panetta had this mission in the works for months. By the way we SHOULD drop nuclear weapons on Mecca and Media and put an end to this nonsense once and for all.

The whack job muslims hate and want to kill us no matter what we do. We will be hated and envied all over the world no matter what we do. The only ones in this country that cares what others think of us and want to stop us from defending ourselves are the liberals. We should have rolled OBL's body in bacon bits, put his body in a giant pigskin and buried him under the 50 yard line of Giant's stadium. Let OBL wait for his 70 'virgins' in misery!

We haven't done a thorough 'net search, but we discovered that this bombshell about Clinton's and Panetta's bloodless coup was published in the conservative Pajamas Media (and carried in numerous rightwing sources), and that tracked back to Jim Allen's Obama, Osama, and Wagging the Dog in the Canada Free Press and more rightwing websites. (Do, at least, read the Pajamas Media article for some serious crack based journalism.

At least we know now where Sal gets her news. We're just surprised that Sal, Hodgie, ocean, just s Tom, and all the rest of the self-proclaimed constitutinalists aren't complaining about this very unconstitutinal action on the part of underlings. Or, maybe it's a Bohemian Grove thing.

We're tried tonight after a long day of hassling other people, so we hereby give Bruce Hodgkins a 2nd place VID for taking history where it has never gone before. We expect Bruce to climb to the top of the award heap in the next few days.

First place goes obviuosly to Sourdough Sal, and with it, our dog-eared copy of Dr. Strangelove.


We've added a temporary feature to our daily report: an update on the hinky link the Rep has been using since a February story about Super Bowl commercials was published online. We awarded the Rep the VID on May 2 for its technical faux pas. in which the same comments appear under a different article nearly every day.

Go to the "Opinion" tab on the Rep's front page, click Story Comments, and scroll down. If you hit the link, though, it will take you to the current story, not the Super Bowl story, and germane comments if posted.

May 9, 2011: What Does Memorial Day Mean to You?

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, May 8, 2011: TR2, NWghost

Any day is a good day to resurrect The Thirty Years War (1618-1638). At least, that's how TR2 spent his/her Sunday.

A Letter to the Editor, Killing of Osama bin Laden Prompts Conflict Between Being Americans and Christians, written by Wil Bagley, caught the attention of HIC and TR2 today. Mr. Bagley, a regular poster under the ancien regime when commenters were forced to use their real names (or something thereabouts), brought up the uncomfortable question of the appropriateness of so-called Christian Americans dancing the hully gully in the streets over the death of Osama bin Laden. That was enough to send a cold chill up any Reppie's spine. Mr. Bagley made an even bigger mistake by bringing up his Catholic faith to reinforce his concerns.

My faith as a Catholic teaches that Christ died for my sins as well as Osama bin Laden’s, that both of us nailed him to that cross, and that he, no less than I, is a child of God. I believe that I, as a Christian, and we, as Americans, have to be better than the enemy we fight. That we honored his body with a burial in keeping with his religious beliefs and traditions shows the world that America is an exceptional country.

Quicker than you could say Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Huss, TR2 jumped in.

Wil Bagley. You don't have a clue as to what the Bible teaches about whom Christ died. If Christ died and paid for all your sins and his (Osama's) as well, then would God be just to send either of you to Hell?

Read about the Reformation and Martin Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Jon Huss, and many others who gave their lives to purify the Church.

We are not all equally loved by God, and the Bible states that all stand under God's condemnation.

We can't wait to see if our resident nuncio Bruce Hodgins (bhodgins), the frequent corrector of co-religionist Don Cirelli's liberal, socialist, communist tendencies shows up to spar a few rounds.

On a related note, we have NWghost interpreting bin Laden as what we fear is a mis-transmographied succubus since we have never heard a Bible banger refer to a vessel as anything other than a demonic female:

Osama Bin Ladin may not have been human. He was at the very least, a vessel possessed by a demon and may have been a demon in disguise. You could tell by looking into those black eyes of his. He was sent to the hell he deserved and probably came from, and the defeat of this evil should be celebrated. The Old Testament teaches 'an eye for an eye' and this was a great example of Old Testament justice.

Other Rep pieces bore more eccentric responses than this letter generated, but for pure whack, these posters can't be beat.

TR2 is a relatively new poster to the Rep (at least under that name) and has already shown great talent. We expect to be hearing more from him/her in the future. We hope the same for NWghost who has a real future someplace.

Our our May 8 VID first place goes to TR2. the close second to NWghost.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Heart of Gold in the Stone? Sourdough Sal

We missed our weekend report due to house cleaning duties. That doesn't mean, though, that I Hate Canton isn't keeping our jaded eye on our Reppies. We've decided that our gal Sourdough Sal simply enjoys being irritating. Take her take on waiters and waitresses. We were with her all the way until she segued into bleeding hearts (liberals, we assume, since there aren't any bleeding heart rightwingers) feeling bad for "downtrodden" wait staff, For a minute, thought Sal might have grown a heart of gold encased in that stone.

The big reveal, though, was Sal's confession that in a former incarnation she worked as a hash slinger and took money "under the table" (as in under reporting her tips.) What next? Frank Manello admits he once paid for his date's ticket to the movies? Did the IRS read this confession, and if so, and will it hunt her down to extract its measure of turnips from our bloodless friend?

Here's what Sal wrote:

Tax Breaks to Companies Hurt Taxpayers

Of course people working at Bob Evans are low paid! They are waitresses and they make TIPS. Check out the parking lot-that place is ALWAYS packed. Each table is worth up to a $20 tip. The customer is there for less than an hour, if you have 5 tables you are make at LEAST $20 (I am being WAY conservative on my estimate). Plus the wage. Multiply that times 8 hours and the waiter/waitress walks out the door with well over $150/day. All tax free. I was a waitress years ago and I made excellent UNDER THE TABLE money. If the people had to declare ALL of their tips-instead of 10%-they would NOT qualify for food stamps. If you bleeding hearts still think the waiter/waitress is SO downtrodden-why don't you put your money where your mouth is and TIP 20%! That is base now - then tip EXTRA for outstanding service.

OK, we were surprised that Sal recommend a 20% tip--and MORE for outstanding service. IHC had previously imaged her leaving a Chick tract. We did Indian today and followed her instructions scrupulously.

Has Sourdough Sal revealed a heretofore unknown side of herself? We'd like to like her. Knowing that she's an admitted tax cheater helps.

We've been reading today's comments with avid incredulity, and will be back on Monday.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, May 5, 2011: Cool Mom

We got a late start today, so we're cutting to the chase.

I Hate Canton has studiously avoided abortion as a topic here. Never-ending abortion arguments on either side can eat up your logic and your brain. (We prefer to lose them over SARTA or Obama's birth certificate, which have a light at the end of the tunnel at some point.) Some of yesterday's comments under "Heartbeat" Bill Draws National Attention, however, have been so egregious that we can't sit still.

Leading the pack is a new entry, Cool Mom, who claims to be an obstetrical nurse. And a Christian. (Aren't they all?) She starts out with typical hardcore anti-abortion commentary, which I won't bother to deal with here, since there's nothing particularly startling about it...then jumps the shark:

Cool Mom:
And the punishments should be...drum roll, please..... equal to those of murder in the first degree. I believe that's life in prison. Some people would add death penalty, but I, personally, don't think that we mere humans should have the right to decide when another human should die.

Before we go on, we would remind Cool Mom that in 2009 (the last year statistics are available), Ohio reported 28,721 abortions performed. According to a report [pdf] published in March 2011 by the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission chaired by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Maureen O'Connor and published on the Ohio Supreme Court website, Ohio prisons hold approximately 51,000 inmates--31% over rated capacity. The Marysville Reformatory for Women, as of April 11, 2011 holds 2451 inmates.

We are genuinely puzzled about the fiscal and logistical implications of Cool Mom's suggestion. Perhaps she is a major stockholder in The Geo Group. Maybe she prefers the FEMA camp model.

Whatever, she may meet with some resistance from our anti-SARTA crowd who can't bear the thought of parting with $50 of their hard-earned money each year for public transportation. IHC is no mathematician, nonetheless, it boggles our mind to contemplate the cost of prison construction and prisoner upkeep for nearly 29,000 additional lifers each year. In just two years, under the Cool Mom Plan, Ohio would double its prison population; and in just 10 years, Ohio's prison population could equal that of the current population of Cincinnati. We suggest Cool Mom revise her suggestion to simply that of building The Great Fence of Ohio, a 30 foot electrical fence topped with barbed wire to surround the state. This should take are of tweakers, rockheads, and crooked Stark County politicians, as well.

As if her prison scheme isn't enough, Mrs. Mom (we doubt she's single) complains about "very young teen mothers who "can't keep their legs crossed" including an 11-year old victim of incest. In response to a comment by theame19, she writes

Cool Mom (paragraphed for easier reading)

I think this subject requires a little more thought and understanding than you are capable of providing. I deal with the detailed complexities every day when I go to work and care for very young teen mothers (as young as 11) and their babies. I am an OB nurse. Now, how did most of these girls get to be under my care? Because for some reason or another they couldn't keep their legs together!! An extremely small number of these girls are there for rape or incest. Abortion is not the answer. We need to educate our children and teach them morals and values.

(ps... in Catholic doctrine abortion is allowed for rape, incest, and to save the live of the mother.)

Good night and God bless.

followed a few comments down by (again paragraphed for easier reading)

Cool Mom
The 11 year old was an incest victim. I treat ALL my patients with respect and dignity no matter their age, race, sexual orientation, etc. They all gave BIRTH. They chose life over death for their babies. There's nothing that pro abortion people can say or do to change my opinion on the matter of abortion.

Now, may I suggest all pro abortionists commenting on this forum please check their attitudes and sarcasm....Your ignorance is showing. (sorry I had to stoop so low to get your attention)

Signing off now.....Coolest Mom!!

Personally, we're happy that our mom is not as cool as Cool Mom. And, we doubt if Cool Mom's 11-year old patient had much of a choice in anything that happened to her.

As an OB nurse, Cool Mom seems to have forgotten some of the dangers inherent in the pregnancy of an 11-year old: preeclampsia ( high blood pressure and protein in the urine that can lead to convulsions and multi-system organ failure); cholestasis (blockage of bile, which can lead to stillbirth and placenta problems); premature labor and birth (including compromise of baby's size, developmental delays, and chromosomal abnormalities); stillbirth; chance of developing fatty liver, which can be fatal--and, of course, death for the mother due to an underdeveloped vagina.

And let's not even get into the legal and psychological aspects of incest. Apparently her 11-year old patient just "couldn't keep her legs crossed." Shame on her!

Most of the time we find our Reppies amusing, aggravating, maddening, and occasionally disgusting. Seldom do we find them loathsome.

We are happy to present Cool Mom with the VillageIdiot of the Day Award, May 4, 2011.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

41 Years Later: We Do Not Forget

Congratulations to SARTA, Mary Cirelli!

A big blue ribbon for Stark Countians who yesterday voted a 66% margin to continue funding SARTA. Buses are not "welfare!"

Do those who oppose SARTA and the renewal of a minimal inclusive levy actually believe that any new business would move to the area without a public transportation system in place?

Silly us! The naysayers don't care. We may be I Hate Canton, but we have long been convinced that our Reppies are the ones who really hate Canton. Nothing more would please them than for the city to crumple into a big chuckhole never to be heard of again. We suspect that our Reppie haters are those who always wanted to leave town (doesn't everybody want to leave where they came from?) but didn't have the wherewithal or courage to do it, so now they take their self-hatred out on the city and the rest of us who don't see Canton as a the ultimate gulag.

The good news about SARTA passage, SARTA Crusies to Win, full of congratulations and good cheer from normal, logical people attracted the usual suspects (where's ocean? chopping down trees?) to lament the "loss" of their $2.50 per $1000 of taxable purchases. ($50.00 per $20,000 taxable purchases). Alas! They still won't be able to afford that extra carton of cigarettes next year.

So...Sarta can continue running its inept bus line with fares which don't support its operations. There's good business for you (not)

here is an example where voter ignorance costs us taxpayer money. a small activist group passes another burden on taxpayers.

a real flaw in the system that feeds an animal that knows no way to sustain itself.

dumb dumb and dumber !! dirty buses, empty buses and inefficient ! the supporters are typical liberal

Spendthrifts. now they can continue to ride to pick up welfare checks

It is just so wonderful for the SARTA riders and bad news for the taxpayers. I followed an empty bus just this morning. Not a good use of taxpayer money. I have never seen more than three people on a large SARTA bus, even on Cleveland Ave.

I voted my absentee ballot against SARTA, since with working two jobs, I had no opportunity to show up to the poll. This system is broken and it isn't going to be any better until it is forced to improve.

And, I figured it would pass, but I still voted NO. Contrary to the attitude of some posters, those of us who voted no aren't necessarily bad people. Just people who are fed up with working to allow others to live off of our income

We have already named our May 3 VID winners (see previous entry), so we will just let these kvetchers stew for the day. As Scarlett so famously reminded us, "after all, tomorrow is another day."

We'd also like to congratulate Mary Cirelli for her win-- first in a 3 out of 5 race for council at large. Mary is a stalwart who loves Canton, and unlike Reppies and brain and gene drained politicians, has served Canton and Stark County with honesty and integrity for years. Her work against fraking has been outstanding. Read what the Rep wrote about Cirelli this morning:

I’m not a politician; I’m a public servant,” Cirelli said.

Believe it.

She may be a former state representative and county commissioner, but she didn’t spend any money on her re-election bid this year. Cirelli said she “campaigns” by doing her job as councilman.

I Hate Canton knows Miss Mary personally, and we are are thrilled at her knockout victory and re-election, for we cannot imagine her losing in November.

And no, kaleeb, Mary Cirelli is NOT a socialist!

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Village Idiot of the Day, May 3, 2011, SC Democratic Party, Canton Democratic Voters

A big razzberry for Demos who voted to run Jamie I-know-what-I'm-doing-I-graduated-from-the-Stern-School Healy in the November election

We will leave the election analysis to Martin Olsen, but overall, we suspect that Smuckler had his day a long time ago--if he ever had one. Apparently Dems dislike Smuckler more than they dislike Healy, which is saying something. (For a hint of why this might be, check out Martin's report on who's financially backing Smuckler.) If these guys are the best that the Stark County Democratic Party has to offer the city, then Canton is in more trouble than we thought.

We are happy to bestow a double Village Idiot of the Day Award. One to the Stark County Democratic Party for fronting Healy and Smuckler (you do have better choices don't you or has everybody jumped ship?), and the other to Canton Dems who voted for Healy. We realize that supporting the lesser of two evils has ethical complications, but what were you thinking?

For more on Healty self-aggrandizement read Healy Credits Record, Positive Message with Mayoral Win

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, May 2, 2011: Canton Repository

Since February, I Hate Canton has been fascinated by the Rep's inability to fix a link on its Story Comments webpage. Although the headline changes frequently, the responses to the original February 8 article, What's Your Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercial? remain the same when read on the Comments page. Go to the "Opinion" tab on the Rep's front page, click Story Comments, and scroll down. If you hit the link, though, it will take you to the current story, not the Super Bowl story, and germane comments if posted.

For nearly three months, this foul-up has made for some hilarious reading. The latest rendition, however, takes the comments to a new delicious appropriate inappropriateness:

For me, hands down, it was the pint-sized Darth Vader in the VW Passat commercial. That little fellow did a remarkable job of showing a wide range of emotions without his face ever being shown. Priceless.

Chrylser and Eminem.

Snickers-last year's Betty White and Abe Vigoda was the best, but Richard Lewis this year was awesome! I also loved the groupon commercial-Elizabeth Hurley talking about the Brazilian rainforest deforestation and a coupon for a Brazilian-so deliciously un-PC!

Ben White
My favorite was the one with all the old sitcom characters in their hometown teams' jerseys. "Cleveland Brown" from the "Family Guy" wearing a Browns' jersey was classic.

I would have liked to see the game, cool commercials, and to participate in the camaraderie with the other guests and relatives attending the party, but after yet another jackass celeb couldnt perform OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM correctly thats all I got to see. I went to the back bedroom, found my 4-year-old niece, and 5-year- old nephew, and colored with them quietly. We enjoyed our evening.

Don Cirelli
Well, my buddy Mike had a little mantra he would recite whenever he wanted to tease me about my own "lifestyle". It went like this: "Get up...go to work...go supper...go to bed". Now that I'm retired, my life is even more boring.

It really can't be that difficult to fix this link. I Hate Canton has problems with links every day and even we can fix them.

We are thrilled to include the Canton Repository as Village Idiot of the Day, May 2, 2011.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day: May 1, 2011: ocean, mustangman, pamelajean

I Hate Canton had computer problems last night and this morning. We are only now able to get online and cull through yesterday's rendering of news and views.

As soon as we saw new Letters to the Editor, we knew we'd hit paydirt. While we all enjoy responses to articles, it's Letters that get Reppie blood boiling and their fingers nimble. Take, for instance:

Liberals Are to Blame, a short letter from someone named Ord Ely from Lake Township (is that a real name? Actually yes. We checked). We'll post the letter here due to its shortness:

In response to the April 22 letter “Wake up, U.S. needs a lot of help”: We don’t need a lot of help. We need to remove the liberal leaders in Congress, the courts and the White House. If we don’t, we will get the government we deserve, and we will all suffer.

Replies, most not overly absurd, were mounted quickly. (We agree with commenter djay's suggestion to replace the word LIBERAL in your letter with the word POLITICIAN and remove the word LEADERS because we don't have have any, would have made more sense.

But then there's ocean (again!), apparently recovered from yesterday's tree "incident." (see below), right back at the keyboard.

Liberals are no better than communists,give them an inch and they'll destroy any form of decency,morals or values. You can see it happening right here in the U.S. more everyday.

and a little later:

I don't hate anyone,I just think liberals are twisted.

Joined by

AMEN to that. Liberalism has ruined America and will continue to do so. Nothing is worse than a stinking liberal and the current administration is full of them. SOON they will be gone. TAKE BACK AMERICA. Great letter

PamelaJean also attracted our eye yesterday (her spelling gave us a headache), by showing an uncanny ability to make SARTA's plan to switch to natural gas about her personal sleep deprivation and a lack (!) of neighborhood schools.

As Fuel Prices Soar, SARTA Plans a Switch to Natural Gas
They neen to get rid of the shcool busses here in Canton, Ohio. They are too niosy. We need more nieghborhood schools. Why aren't the kids doing their acedemic classes on the Internet ? I like to work at night and sleep when I can. The school busses are too noisy and disruptive running around here all day.

We've been following Pam for a long time (we know her real name, but to avoid embarrassing her, we won't publish it here), and she's been deserving of recognition for a long time. Pam has often told us she's a hard worker, so we are confident that she can work her way up to the top. So, we'll start her at the bottom. We are happy to make PamelaJean today's runner up not only for her astute linkage of sleeplessness in Canton to natural gas-operated buses, but for giving IHC a truly WTF moment.

Speaking of moving up, we are happy to award mustangman 2nd place today. 'Stang has previously won two HMs for his comments suggesting that Barack Obama encourages bank robbery and that foreign nationals collect welfare. (see right-hand sidebar and click on his name for details.) He is a true leader in the fight against liberalism in Canton AND the United States.

First prize today, of course goes to ocean. We really hate to encourage her (self-identified she) with so many citations, but we see no way around it. Ocean has shown herself to be a true American patriot. Not many have the intellectual capacity to link Arbor Day, SARTA and liberalism into one big picture and to articulate so plainly that even the "common man" can understand.

We must add, however, a cavaet. I Hate Canton is deeply disturbed, that ocean, mustangman and their friends oppose the liberal beliefs upon which the United States was founded: free elections, constitutions, capitalism, and human rights. We're sure one of the local universities would be happy to open a Political Science 101 class to them. Unfortunately, at this time, scholarships are not part of the I Hate Canton VID award package.

Nonetheless, congrats to all our winners: May 1, 2011.

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