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Village Idiot of the Day: May 1, 2011: ocean, mustangman, pamelajean

I Hate Canton had computer problems last night and this morning. We are only now able to get online and cull through yesterday's rendering of news and views.

As soon as we saw new Letters to the Editor, we knew we'd hit paydirt. While we all enjoy responses to articles, it's Letters that get Reppie blood boiling and their fingers nimble. Take, for instance:

Liberals Are to Blame, a short letter from someone named Ord Ely from Lake Township (is that a real name? Actually yes. We checked). We'll post the letter here due to its shortness:

In response to the April 22 letter “Wake up, U.S. needs a lot of help”: We don’t need a lot of help. We need to remove the liberal leaders in Congress, the courts and the White House. If we don’t, we will get the government we deserve, and we will all suffer.

Replies, most not overly absurd, were mounted quickly. (We agree with commenter djay's suggestion to replace the word LIBERAL in your letter with the word POLITICIAN and remove the word LEADERS because we don't have have any, would have made more sense.

But then there's ocean (again!), apparently recovered from yesterday's tree "incident." (see below), right back at the keyboard.

Liberals are no better than communists,give them an inch and they'll destroy any form of decency,morals or values. You can see it happening right here in the U.S. more everyday.

and a little later:

I don't hate anyone,I just think liberals are twisted.

Joined by

AMEN to that. Liberalism has ruined America and will continue to do so. Nothing is worse than a stinking liberal and the current administration is full of them. SOON they will be gone. TAKE BACK AMERICA. Great letter

PamelaJean also attracted our eye yesterday (her spelling gave us a headache), by showing an uncanny ability to make SARTA's plan to switch to natural gas about her personal sleep deprivation and a lack (!) of neighborhood schools.

As Fuel Prices Soar, SARTA Plans a Switch to Natural Gas
They neen to get rid of the shcool busses here in Canton, Ohio. They are too niosy. We need more nieghborhood schools. Why aren't the kids doing their acedemic classes on the Internet ? I like to work at night and sleep when I can. The school busses are too noisy and disruptive running around here all day.

We've been following Pam for a long time (we know her real name, but to avoid embarrassing her, we won't publish it here), and she's been deserving of recognition for a long time. Pam has often told us she's a hard worker, so we are confident that she can work her way up to the top. So, we'll start her at the bottom. We are happy to make PamelaJean today's runner up not only for her astute linkage of sleeplessness in Canton to natural gas-operated buses, but for giving IHC a truly WTF moment.

Speaking of moving up, we are happy to award mustangman 2nd place today. 'Stang has previously won two HMs for his comments suggesting that Barack Obama encourages bank robbery and that foreign nationals collect welfare. (see right-hand sidebar and click on his name for details.) He is a true leader in the fight against liberalism in Canton AND the United States.

First prize today, of course goes to ocean. We really hate to encourage her (self-identified she) with so many citations, but we see no way around it. Ocean has shown herself to be a true American patriot. Not many have the intellectual capacity to link Arbor Day, SARTA and liberalism into one big picture and to articulate so plainly that even the "common man" can understand.

We must add, however, a cavaet. I Hate Canton is deeply disturbed, that ocean, mustangman and their friends oppose the liberal beliefs upon which the United States was founded: free elections, constitutions, capitalism, and human rights. We're sure one of the local universities would be happy to open a Political Science 101 class to them. Unfortunately, at this time, scholarships are not part of the I Hate Canton VID award package.

Nonetheless, congrats to all our winners: May 1, 2011.

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