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Village Idiot of the Day, May 21, 2011: ocean, Just S tom

I Hate Canton has been off our feed the last week or so with a cornucopia of small but irritating maladies. We did the doctor thing yesterday; $136 in meds alone (donations gratefully accepted). While reading our favorite newspaper this week, though, on our computer of affliction, we saw many commenters sicker than IHC could ever be, and that no $136 will ever cure. We're not going to backtrack into a lot them, but jump right to the inexplicable nastiness found in the article announcing the death of former Canton School Superintendent and Canton native, Dianne Talarico.

Ms. Talarico, whom we did not know personally, was a greatly admired educator and friend to students and their parents in the Canton system, and early comments documented as much. But, hatred knows no bounds, and no event is sad enough for our Reppies to shut off their pretty little hate machine for a day.

Out of nowhere, our ocean undoubtedly thinking she (self-identified she) is clever, started a little side rant--I suppose you could call it a distant cousin of the left-handed complement-- which co-miscreant Just S Tom dove into on cue.

Dianne Talarico, former Canton Schools Superintendent, Dies
Sounds to me like she would have made a great governor,no wait,the things this lady did is the same things our present governor is trying to do,reduce the debt,and gets called every thing but a white man.


Then Kitty Burgett made the mistake of drawing attention to our resident ego-maniac:

kitty burgett
Congratulations, ocean! You managed to drag both politics and race into a story that had to do with neither.

Just S tom, who earlier (not included here) had complemented Ms. Talarico, decided BFF and fellow tree chopper (here and here), needed a boost:

Just S tom
Ocean....i get it.

NOTE: of course you do, Tom!

Alterego, surprised us with a stunning rebuke of ocean and tommyboy:

@ ocead, How dare you infuse your hateful rhetoric on a thread that is perceived by some as an obituary. I now dislike you very much. If you had known Diane you would never had posted such drivel. May GOD have mercy on your soul, if you have one.

@ Just s tom, What's there to get. Your as idiotic as ocean, ocead or MUDPUDDLE. Whatever her name is.

To which ocean replied, placing the blame on objecting commenters such as Kitty, who are apparently too dumb to comprehend what she was "really" saying.

I said nothing disrespectful towards this lady,nothing.

Apparently some of you failed to read the cuts and changes she made in the school system to avoid debt....which was the point I was making. Sorry.

Braced by tommy:

Just S tom
ocean...never apologize to anybody in here. EVER.

Diane would have been a great mayor or governor or anything she are correct in your statement.....period.

For which the ever-grateful ocean replied:

Just S tom

Thank you,honestly,I meant no disrespect. And the 'white man' comment is just an old saying,and I did not mean it to be racist.

Just S tom don't have to be worried about being a racist.

There are a couple of 'racist throwing'' people in here who actually ARE racist.....they only see life through race.

Diane did not....

We are sure Ms. Talarico, if here to speak up, would have been just hunky-dory with ocean and Just s tom's racist remarks, which" didn't mean anything" and would have chastised the several complainers for their over-sensitivity, lack of reading comprehension skills, reverse racism, and obvious liberal socialist agenda. NOT.

I Hate Canton would like to think that ocean and Just S tom were suffering from slip-of-the-tongue disease for a moment or were a couple of coots who didn't understand the racist implications of old saws, but a quick look at their history here (see righthand "characters" sidebar) or the Rep in general, would put that doubt to rest.

I Hate Canton therefore names ocean and Just S tom co-holders of the May 21, 2011 (and for several days preceding) Village Idiot of the Day award .



IHC also extends our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Dianne Talarico who should not have been subjected to Reppie bile.

For more about Dianne Talarico, with non-malicious comments, read World Has Lost a Fine Teacher.

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mary said...

I can't think of any two/one person more deserving of the award. SHE certainly earned with that disrespectful dribble.

What can you expect from someone who'd make fun of an innocent person, who was recently deceased at the time, implying to a grieving family that he was in hell. Of course we knew better, but it gave us all a great insight to just how warped that individual was.

mary said...

PS: Alterego's rebuke of the village idiots should come as no suprise.

BD said...

I shall have to take a closer look at alterego. I'd never put alter in the same camp as well, you know who and their friends, by a long shot, but we've read, in our opinion, some pretty obnoxious posts under that name. Thanks for the heads up.