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Village Idiot of the Day, May 9, 2011: bhodgkins, Sourdough Sal

We've been so busy feudin', fightin' and a fussin' today that I lost track of time. Late this evening, though, we perused the Rep so you don't have to.

We initially thought that pensions might be an interesting topic to discuss today, but we glazed over in no time, as if we'd been boning up on real estate law or memorizing Latin declensions. We'll leave that discussion for those who care.

We next took a look at unions, and found this gem from bhodgkins (Bruce Hodgkins). We won't quote his entire rant, just the opening lines. We initially thought Bruce was referring to something uswapal had written earlier so we looked before we leaped. We didn't think uswapal was THAT dumb, and we were right:

Union Have Benefited All Amerian Workers
uswapal-You are a waterfall (I was going to say fountain) of fake history, false information, For instance, FDR' new Deal created the depression and extended its length.

How Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal created the Great Depression when the stock market crashed in October 1929 when Herbert Hoover was president; and the county was deep under water when FDR took office in 1932, puzzles I Hate Canton immensely. Maybe Franklin and Eleanor got bored playing bridge with Mother one weekend at Springwood and decided it would be fun to tip over the economy and bounce the pesky Hoover out of office. Albany is so dreadful in the winter, anyway, doncha know.

While there is room for legitimate debate on how Roosevelt's programs helped or hindered recovery, we've never heard anyone actually claim that FDR caused the stockmarket crash. Maybe Bruce got his info from his favorite "historian" David Barton, the same David Barton who once claimed bizarrely that Thomas Jefferson's cousin, John Randolph (1773-1833) was the first Muslim member of the US House.

Bruce is capable of much better work than this though, so we delved further into comments and hit pay dirt: Mailman's nomination of Sourdough Sal for another VID award. We're lazy and like it when people do our work for us. We scrolled up and sure enough...in discussing the stike on Osama bin Laden, Sal wrote:

Sourdough Sal:
Where Was "Proper Burial" for Victims?
Obama did NOT have the 'stones' to order a special ops team. I heard that not only did he know OBL's whereabouts since August, that he dragged his feet so long that Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton overrode the gutless worm and ordered the hit on OBL. He tried to abort the mission and couldn't because it was too late. Panetta had this mission in the works for months. By the way we SHOULD drop nuclear weapons on Mecca and Media and put an end to this nonsense once and for all.

The whack job muslims hate and want to kill us no matter what we do. We will be hated and envied all over the world no matter what we do. The only ones in this country that cares what others think of us and want to stop us from defending ourselves are the liberals. We should have rolled OBL's body in bacon bits, put his body in a giant pigskin and buried him under the 50 yard line of Giant's stadium. Let OBL wait for his 70 'virgins' in misery!

We haven't done a thorough 'net search, but we discovered that this bombshell about Clinton's and Panetta's bloodless coup was published in the conservative Pajamas Media (and carried in numerous rightwing sources), and that tracked back to Jim Allen's Obama, Osama, and Wagging the Dog in the Canada Free Press and more rightwing websites. (Do, at least, read the Pajamas Media article for some serious crack based journalism.

At least we know now where Sal gets her news. We're just surprised that Sal, Hodgie, ocean, just s Tom, and all the rest of the self-proclaimed constitutinalists aren't complaining about this very unconstitutinal action on the part of underlings. Or, maybe it's a Bohemian Grove thing.

We're tried tonight after a long day of hassling other people, so we hereby give Bruce Hodgkins a 2nd place VID for taking history where it has never gone before. We expect Bruce to climb to the top of the award heap in the next few days.

First place goes obviuosly to Sourdough Sal, and with it, our dog-eared copy of Dr. Strangelove.


We've added a temporary feature to our daily report: an update on the hinky link the Rep has been using since a February story about Super Bowl commercials was published online. We awarded the Rep the VID on May 2 for its technical faux pas. in which the same comments appear under a different article nearly every day.

Go to the "Opinion" tab on the Rep's front page, click Story Comments, and scroll down. If you hit the link, though, it will take you to the current story, not the Super Bowl story, and germane comments if posted.

May 9, 2011: What Does Memorial Day Mean to You?

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