Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Heart of Gold in the Stone? Sourdough Sal

We missed our weekend report due to house cleaning duties. That doesn't mean, though, that I Hate Canton isn't keeping our jaded eye on our Reppies. We've decided that our gal Sourdough Sal simply enjoys being irritating. Take her take on waiters and waitresses. We were with her all the way until she segued into bleeding hearts (liberals, we assume, since there aren't any bleeding heart rightwingers) feeling bad for "downtrodden" wait staff, For a minute, thought Sal might have grown a heart of gold encased in that stone.

The big reveal, though, was Sal's confession that in a former incarnation she worked as a hash slinger and took money "under the table" (as in under reporting her tips.) What next? Frank Manello admits he once paid for his date's ticket to the movies? Did the IRS read this confession, and if so, and will it hunt her down to extract its measure of turnips from our bloodless friend?

Here's what Sal wrote:

Tax Breaks to Companies Hurt Taxpayers

Of course people working at Bob Evans are low paid! They are waitresses and they make TIPS. Check out the parking lot-that place is ALWAYS packed. Each table is worth up to a $20 tip. The customer is there for less than an hour, if you have 5 tables you are make at LEAST $20 (I am being WAY conservative on my estimate). Plus the wage. Multiply that times 8 hours and the waiter/waitress walks out the door with well over $150/day. All tax free. I was a waitress years ago and I made excellent UNDER THE TABLE money. If the people had to declare ALL of their tips-instead of 10%-they would NOT qualify for food stamps. If you bleeding hearts still think the waiter/waitress is SO downtrodden-why don't you put your money where your mouth is and TIP 20%! That is base now - then tip EXTRA for outstanding service.

OK, we were surprised that Sal recommend a 20% tip--and MORE for outstanding service. IHC had previously imaged her leaving a Chick tract. We did Indian today and followed her instructions scrupulously.

Has Sourdough Sal revealed a heretofore unknown side of herself? We'd like to like her. Knowing that she's an admitted tax cheater helps.

We've been reading today's comments with avid incredulity, and will be back on Monday.
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