Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Congratulations to SARTA, Mary Cirelli!

A big blue ribbon for Stark Countians who yesterday voted a 66% margin to continue funding SARTA. Buses are not "welfare!"

Do those who oppose SARTA and the renewal of a minimal inclusive levy actually believe that any new business would move to the area without a public transportation system in place?

Silly us! The naysayers don't care. We may be I Hate Canton, but we have long been convinced that our Reppies are the ones who really hate Canton. Nothing more would please them than for the city to crumple into a big chuckhole never to be heard of again. We suspect that our Reppie haters are those who always wanted to leave town (doesn't everybody want to leave where they came from?) but didn't have the wherewithal or courage to do it, so now they take their self-hatred out on the city and the rest of us who don't see Canton as a the ultimate gulag.

The good news about SARTA passage, SARTA Crusies to Win, full of congratulations and good cheer from normal, logical people attracted the usual suspects (where's ocean? chopping down trees?) to lament the "loss" of their $2.50 per $1000 of taxable purchases. ($50.00 per $20,000 taxable purchases). Alas! They still won't be able to afford that extra carton of cigarettes next year.

So...Sarta can continue running its inept bus line with fares which don't support its operations. There's good business for you (not)

here is an example where voter ignorance costs us taxpayer money. a small activist group passes another burden on taxpayers.

a real flaw in the system that feeds an animal that knows no way to sustain itself.

dumb dumb and dumber !! dirty buses, empty buses and inefficient ! the supporters are typical liberal

Spendthrifts. now they can continue to ride to pick up welfare checks

It is just so wonderful for the SARTA riders and bad news for the taxpayers. I followed an empty bus just this morning. Not a good use of taxpayer money. I have never seen more than three people on a large SARTA bus, even on Cleveland Ave.

I voted my absentee ballot against SARTA, since with working two jobs, I had no opportunity to show up to the poll. This system is broken and it isn't going to be any better until it is forced to improve.

And, I figured it would pass, but I still voted NO. Contrary to the attitude of some posters, those of us who voted no aren't necessarily bad people. Just people who are fed up with working to allow others to live off of our income

We have already named our May 3 VID winners (see previous entry), so we will just let these kvetchers stew for the day. As Scarlett so famously reminded us, "after all, tomorrow is another day."

We'd also like to congratulate Mary Cirelli for her win-- first in a 3 out of 5 race for council at large. Mary is a stalwart who loves Canton, and unlike Reppies and brain and gene drained politicians, has served Canton and Stark County with honesty and integrity for years. Her work against fraking has been outstanding. Read what the Rep wrote about Cirelli this morning:

I’m not a politician; I’m a public servant,” Cirelli said.

Believe it.

She may be a former state representative and county commissioner, but she didn’t spend any money on her re-election bid this year. Cirelli said she “campaigns” by doing her job as councilman.

I Hate Canton knows Miss Mary personally, and we are are thrilled at her knockout victory and re-election, for we cannot imagine her losing in November.

And no, kaleeb, Mary Cirelli is NOT a socialist!

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John E said...

I think the fact that Mary Cirelli did not spend any money on her campaign speaks volumes for her as a public servant.