Thursday, May 26, 2011

Village Idiot of the day, May 25, 2011: Unnamed Customers at Hall of Fame Mart

Is there anyone more qualified to carry the Village Idiot of the Day Award than the unnamed customers at the Hall of Fame Mart, 704 Sherrick Rd. SE, who did nothing to assist a man being severely beaten by thugs inside the convenience store? Store Customers Walk Round Beaten, Unconscious Man

According to Canton police, while Ralph Davidson, 53, lay unconscious on the floor, customers walked around his body, business as usual, as a clerk called police. The incident occurred on Friday, My 20 but was only reported in yesterday's Rep.

Police have charged three men in the assault:
Lamars C. Wynn, 31, of 1812 Minerva Ct. NW
David M. Johnson, 29, of 1923 12th St. SW
Curt Anderson, 29, of 3141 33d St. NE

Wynn (right) has been picked up and is charged with felonious assault and is being held on a domestic violence charge. According to the Ohio Offender Search Database, in 2006 Wynn was sentenced to four years in prison for felonious assault on a female. He was released the Ross Correctional Institution on May 17, 2010 on his stated prison term set by the court. His actual release date would have been May 20, 2011--the day of the beating. Guess he was out celebrating.

The Rep reports that Johnson served time for aggravated robbery in 2000 and for two counts of felony theft in 2007. Anderson did time in 2001 on coke possession, 2004 for weapons under disability, and 2008 for felonious assault. Neither appear in the current offender database

Warrants for felonious assault have been issued for both men.

Police ask anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Johnson and Anderson to call Detective Terry George at 330-438-4439.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information on the customers who couldn't be bothered to help a beaten bleeding, unconscious man (or at least act in a decent manner) or we would post their names and addresses here. These people need exposed and ridiculed by their family, friends, and community.

Wynn, Johnson, and Anderson are all idiot petty criminals to be sure, but the Villiage Idiot of the Day award goes to the unnamed idiots of Sherrick Road. Please come forward and pick up your prize. We'd love to post your pictures and addresses here.

Mr. Davis, is reported to be in guarded condition at Aultman Hospital.

The news of the 1961 rape and murder of Kitty Genovese, while 38 of her Queens neighbors shut their windows, doors and ears to her cries was a shock to Americans. In 2011, recklessly ignoring those who lie beaten, bleeding and dying is as common as a trip to the convenience store.

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Anonymous said...

Wynn was not due to be realeased in may 2011 he was released may 2010 like he was supposed to be n was on probation n his probation officer knew of illegal activities Wynn was committing and did nothing about them so this could've been prevented had the government done their jobs. I think the mans family should sue the city of canton and anyone else who has or will become a victim of Wynn.