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Viillage Idiot of the Day, May 12, 2011: CA Buckeye, yardley8, ocean,motor_boat_dd

Earlier this week, Blogger was down for about two days. IHC was in the middle of writing the entry below and couldn't finish. Friday and Saturday we were busy clubbing and unable to get back to work. This is a late entry so we've added some material that post-dates the VID award.We'll try to get back on schedule tomorrow.

After a relatively quiet few days, our resident Islamaphobes are in gear thanks to a Letter to the Editor from Jon Judy asking the shocking question: Shouldn't We Have Higher Standards than Bin Laden?

Mr. Judy wrote, in part:

Putting aside the practical ramifications of yet another black eye on the image of America in the judgment of Muslims worldwide, I take issue with that implication on ethical grounds, as well...

...I would like to think that I, and the society of which I’d want to be a part, aim for a higher target than “What Would Osama Do?”

You'd think that God fearing, flag waving Reppies could agree to that. America the Good holds to higher standards of behavior than say Hitler, Mao, Idi Amin, and Pol Pot. (We seriously doubt our boys supported bin Laden unless he was running a Jihad against SARTA.) Of course, that's a naive view of our resident amusers who seem to spend their offRep hours stuck to Daniel or watching Rambo films.

Back to the letter:

Left handedly, shortly after the letter went online, CA Buckeye, shot back attacking Mr Judy's manhood, though why we haven't a clue why since CAB seemed to support the sentiment. We must remember, though that gender is always problematic with Reppies.

CA Buckeye
Respectable comments. Sorry your last name is Judy

Followed by the misspelling Mr/Ms Yardley8

Another letter that sympathises with Osama, people in this country need to remember who their enemies were and be greatful they are gone, enough with the so called misplaced compassion, its nauseating.

At this point Mr. Judy appeared in person to take yardley8 to task, not only pointing out yard's erroneous assumptions but his/her spelling misadventure. A spelling correction is never welcomed.

Jon Judy
At no point in this letter do I sympathise with Osama. I am grateful that I can read a few brief paragraphs and actually comprehend them, and I'm grateful I can spell 'grateful' correctly.

Our serial VID favorite ocean joined the pack:

You can't be good to muslims,they gave them an inch in France and Britain and now they're taking over.....soon it will be here,hide and watch!

(hmmm, didn't they used to say that about blacks and women?)

A few comments down, yardley8 returned

mary Parker I do not need you to tell the board that I am twisting someones words, thats IS not what I am doing, the letter writer wants to come across as someone that thinks our government should not have disposed of his body the way they did, I would think you would be in favor of what obama did, afterall you are on here nightly defending his policies, find it odd you dont see that, as for Marly greiner and her absurd comment also find it odd you thought that was such a good comment, my guess is you dont understand it


No Don the difference is I am a real American, and I for one am glad the enemy is gone, you far left uneducated sympathizers really need to remember you are in America, dont like it leave, so tired of people like Don, who by his own admission has been on this site for years spewing his vitriol against this country, pathetic

We also have a new addition:

I hope the sailors chummed the waters good before they threw his body overboard, and hope all of them took a leak off the side of the ship after his body was in the water!!

By the end of the day, Rep editor Jeff Gauger was forced to warn that referring to commenters are bullies and idiots (hey, wait a minute!) crosses into personal insults. Of course it does, Jeff! Why else be Reppie?

We are thrilled that our Reppies are back. We realize their defeat at the hands of SARTA knocked the wind out of them, and are happy they've regained the strength to promote Canton in the best light they can.

Honorable Mention: ocean (he/she can't be top dog every day)

Third Place: CA Buckeye or not knowing when to leave well enough alone

Second Place: motor_boat_dd: a great first appearance. We can't wait to see if our motorboating dentist (?) continues to add astute comments.

First Place: yardley8. We thought yard had been honored before, but we can't find a record. IHC believes this this prize is a long time coming and are happy to welcome him or her into official village idiocy.

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