Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Experimental Writing v Posting While Drunk: A Short Observation

No Village Idiot today. Just a few comments about something we'd like to see more of at the Rep: experimental comment writing--not to be confused with posting while drunk.

But, first, does it seem to you as it does to I Hate Canton, that some of our Reppies tipple a bit before they hit their keys?

In real life, IHC has witnessed this phenomenon in the field in which we work. One regular poster to several forums and blogs we frequent, likes to hit the bottle on Friday nights--and you can always tell. Sometimes she returns in the morning and nukes her posts--especially when other posters remark about her oddities of logic, sense, and grammar. It's become rather a sport to archive her ravings to toss back at her at an appropriate moment.

IHC, though, really hadn't thought much about Reppies posting while drunk. They seem to be unbalanced enough without any outside influences. Of course, one could claim that Just S tom has been on a year-long bender, though we prefer to think of our resident millionaire (see entry directly below) as just plain dumb.

We were surprised then to see the following post from the usually sober bobg telling us in yesterday's Rep, just how he feels about Ron Paul, under the Ron Paul Stands for Preserving Liberty and Keeping Family Values thread. To the untrained eye it reads a little boozy:

He supports the nuts Waco Ruby Ridge he is mitlita go away he is a waste he is like the antiChrist

We don't remember bobg posting much, but he never struck us as some illiterate millionaire, and English doesn't seem to be his second language as we thought in our youth might be the case with kaleeb. Upon reading this comment, though, we initially thought Bob had joined the ranks of the comment tippling, (or was trying his hand at Haiku, and failing miserably). But as we read it out loud several times, we began to see what Bob was doing. He's writing a prose poem about 9/11 America. Or better yet, a song!

Remember the Beatles Come Together? Take any verse. This is the one IHC likes best:

He roller-coaster he got early warning
He got muddy water he one mojo filter
He say "One and one and one is three"
Got to be good-looking 'cause he's so hard to see
Come together right now over me

There's a similarity in style and beat (spelling posted as posted). Or maybe we're drinking.

He supports the nuts
Waco Ruby Ridge
he is mitlita

go away

he is a waste
he is like the antiChrist

OK, it needs some work, and Bob's no John Lennon. IHC, however, would like to see more of Bob's experimental work. We don't want to see him limited to traditional American prose, such as this, which he also wrote yesterday in resonse to Kennth Floom's assertion that world peace can be brought about by outlawing abortion.

I would wish people would let women control there own bodies. With the morning after pill abortions should be down . These right to lifers want to save every serial killer Why do the prolifers get to make someone have a baby when they choose not to have a baby what gives them the right to tell a woman to not have a abortion. I don't see these prolifers picking up the bill to pay for all these unwanted kids.

A worthy sentiment for sure, but Bob, hype it up a little! You could have a whole new career ahead of you.

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