Monday, September 28, 2009

Dead Threads: Week of September 21-27, 2009

A few weeks ago I Hate Canton said we'd post a list of prefectly good threads that are shut down, due to what we assume is the malicious, loutish, rude behavior of posters Then we promptly forgot about it We're starting over. Here is our first official list of Dead Threads in no particular order:

From Tears to Hope: Mother of Jesse Davis Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence

Polilce: At Least Two Ejected from Car on Route 62

Housing Units to Get 3M Upgrade

Macy Gray Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

Four's not bad, but we're sure our Reppies can do better this week.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: September 24, 2009: puterb1, pleasebequiet

The Macy Gray clusterf*** continues (see previous blog). It is perfectly fine and acceptable to not care for Gray. I Hate Canton loathes Nickelback. We can't, though, imagine getting into a lengthy newspaper discussion about them. We are greatly puzzled, therefore, that somebody would waste their time bragging obsessively about their dislike of a hometown girl in a public forum. At least without some "personal agenda." Now that Barrack Obama and Mary Parker (what next? abortion?) have been dragged into the discourse, we can only surmise that the majority of these pathological comments come from the ever wakeful and alert Octopuppet who never misses an opportunity to stick it to certain posters and to poison discussion and shut down threads.

Commenter Denise O, made the astute observation, stating better than IHC could, asking why these "new" posters seem to know so much about the history of other threads and posters:

I always find it funny when a bunch of brand new names get on Comments and start attacking individual commenters, and those same new commenters claim they have been reading here for a long time. Funny how their debut comment would be to attack someone.

I knew this story would generate a lot of negativity from one or two people. There are just some people who hate to see anyone from this region have a little bit of success.

Frankly, we're surprised Macy Gray Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars hasn't' been shut down already.

Here are some new entries:

How long are we going to beat this dead horse? She's voted off the show, move on. She is trashy. Not because she is black, taller than her partner, jet lagged, etc. but because she is a foul mouthed, strange woman. Who cares if you have the most gorgeous dress in the world on...when you open your mouth and spew garbage, YOU are garbage!

marginal talent, far less class...

Thank goodness she didn't try to sing. She'd probably forget the words and try to talk her way through it like she did last time on National TV. What an embarassment to Canton.

Maybe Macy Gray can record my first graders new favorite song she learned in school. It goes like this.

Barack Hussen Obama
He is our savior and he loves us all

I love it, a article on macy gray turns into race war. I think macy gray is about as ugly as the crackhead she played in training day. Also I thought of a new name for this newspaper the Mary V Parker times, here she'll have a place to spout off daily about the injustices of the world to the black community. What maybe this paper exists already, yeah it does I've been reading it for the past 6 years. Give it a rest please, I mean at one point I saw eye to eye with you but day after day after day. Be happy Mary please I can't take much more!

Who watches this trash? I guess people in Canton have far more time to waste on this garbage than I do. I have to work for a living and then take care of things at home when I get home from work. Maybe this ignorant show is watched by the 47% of the population that doesn't pay taxes.

Bla,Bla,Bla let her soak in all her glory, if that what you want to call it. what does her hometown have to do with anything? when your bad your bad.. i think she could care less of what people think of herself.. THAT'S the POINT.. self respect should come first, and other will respect her too. nice day.

There's a lot of choices, but the September 25, 2009 co-Village Idiot of the Day winners are:
puterb1 for introducing Barrack Obama into the mix


pleasebequiet for a suspicious attack on Mary Parker. (This previous winner, has called for work camps and chemical castration of "lowlife scum." Click "pleasebequiet" on the Cast of Characters, Plot Lines sidebar on the right)

Of course they, and many more, may be one in the same.

Time to add a new trophy room?

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reppies Complain: Macy Gray is our Black Eye

We've been through this before, but what is it about people who escape Can-Town and make a name for themselves that engenders so much hatred in the locals? In other cities there's such a thing as "pride of place," or put more crassly, civic boosterism. In Canton, however, home town hero-ism, has been usurped by home town class envy-ism. What would Andy Hardy do?

A few weeks ago we learned that Grammy winner and Canton native Macy Gray was scheduled to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The vile comments that followed earned Ohio Dude--real name David Crowe-- a coveted VOID Award. Here's what Dave wrote then:

this slut is a wacked out druggie.........she could not sign the national anthummmm??duh??? at the hof game. the flyover alm mvp dc are you on drugs?

In a later thread, we mean Ohio Dude... continued his trope, but the comment was removed before IHC got around to archiving it. We believe Mr. Dude has watched too many Maury shows.

We now have two new sets of carps and complaints about our Ms Gray, though Mr. Dude is, so far, AWOL. Exiled to the the Rep's basement to play with some of Octopuppet's imaginary friends? But when he slid down the chute, it looks like a couple of OP's imps crawled up to entertain and enchant us with their insightful dance critiques. These are especially critical to our enjoyment of Gray's performance since some of them never bothered to watch the show, giving truth to the old critics complaint, "Did fill-in the-critic's name see the same fill-in-the-blank as I did?

Nobody says it better than Octo. What do you think? Or are these comments some cheap imitation? Only its ISP knows for sure.

Under Canton's Macy Gray Makes Her Debut on Dancing with the Stars, we have:

She cant even put a coherent sentence together. Looked half stoned like always

Last time the Rep seen it fit not to let me comment. So here we go again- She can't SING or DANCE..
Two- Three songs to Fame.. I think not.. SHE is not ALL that..

I agree Bella09 - what a shame - is this really someone that the paper should be showcasing so much that everytime she just makes a fool of herself - what example is she showing?

Exactly, she certainly cannot dance thats for sure. No personality either just a half dazed look. More of Cantons finest. Embarassing isnt it

great life
I did change my channel! Another black eye for Canton!

Macy looked stoned out of her mine & is very rude!! Did she actually graduate from high school? Wow-she can't even put a sentence together.

Where are all the Macy fans that were supporting her in the article the other day? She was an embarrassment to Canton, Ohio AGAIN. Jet lag? Really?? I don't think so. Please let her be voted off soon and let her go back to her chemically induced haze.

Who cares? Does anyone remember her rendition of the national anthem prior to the Hall of Fame Game several years ago.

She has a voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard. She has trouble communicating verbally. As for Grammys - They gave Amy Winehouse a Grammy - obviously talent isn't a criteria.

Cant sing AND cant dance. LOL She should hang it up and go be a parent to her children. Oh wait, she's having too much fun living her own life while someone elses raises her kids. It don't get better then that, eh?

and from Macy Gray eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

no class...she was using dropping F bombs on the air. she cut her own throat.

Glad to hear that she got the boot, don't watch the show any way

PS again nice job Rep. on covering the REAL important stories that effect our lives


Maybe if she cleaned up her nasty, foul languaged mouth she would still be on there. People from all over the country vote, not just Canton. Way to show off Canton's finest again Macy! First you don't know the lyrics to our National Anthem on national television, and then you curse on national television with the 'f' word. Yes, she is something to be proud of Canton. Way to go, Macy! I am glad she is off of there and I don't even watch the show on regular basis. I watched it this week to see what she would pull.

As far as we know masochism (other than hard unrequited work) is not a prerequisite for success. After reading these and similar comments, we have to wonder why Canton escapees would be willing to return to town, even for a wedding or funeral.

Perusing our copy of the Stark County Wall of Fame, and other sources we find the following native sons and daughters from the entertainment field (and we know there's more): Irving Barnes, David Canary, Frank DeVol, Peggy Ann Garner, Shirley Givens, Dorothy Gish, Lillian Gish, Marilyn Manson, Bek Nelson, Jack Paar, Jean Peters, Tom Poston, Marlee Jo Sabo, Pat Shannon, Boz Skaggs, The OJays, Blanche Thebom, and Joe Vitale. (Does Mother Angelika count?)

As we look back on our long and beautiful life, we don't remember hearing much good about any of these upstarts except Frank DeVol and David Canary (probably because he played football for Massillon and some people don't think of the soap star as anything but Candy on Bonanza.) We don't remember the Gish Sisters darkening the Stark County doorstep much after they left (though Dorothy once held court at a downtown Massillon kissing booth during a World War 1 bond drive. We had a friend whose mother attended high school with Jean Peters (right) and we were regaled with stories of the actress' sluttish East Canton student career, which apparently qualified her for nothing better than to make blockbuster movies and marry low life Howard Hughes, a scandal East Canton took years to recover from. We also heard unverified stories of an ungrateful Jack Paar telling a fan who showed up at funeral of the TV star's mother, to buzz off. And let's not get started on Brian Warner, who a few years ago told Rolling Stone that he loves Canton. Too bad the feeling isn't mutual.

Full Disclosure: We were looking forward to watching Macy Gray (and Tom Delay) and through no fault of our own (nothing is ever our fault) we missed the show We found Macy's performance on YouTube below. We admit she looked a little stiff, but having suffered through Forced Ballroom Dancing 101 at the Reynolds-McIllvaine Dance Studio, we feel her stiffness. And we don't like to lose either!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twitter Alert

I Hate Canton had a real problem with Twitter and have not been able to post tweets for some time. To make it easier, we just opened a new Twitter account under I Hate Canton1. We have no idea if it's working right (Why is something so simple so difficult?) Could some kind person with Twitter please attempt to add us and see what happens. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 21, 2009: goodnewstoday

Who knew that unemployment benefits are a gift from the government to the uneducated, lazy, and dumb, stupid enough to be outsourced, downsized, and shut down, and can't find another job short of moving to Bombay?

"goodnewstoday" does.

House Moves to Extend Employment Benefits
There is no obligation to provide unemployment compensation to anyone. It is not Constituitonally mandated, it is not included in the Bill of Rights and is not an entitlement but a BENEFIT that your fellow citizens have decided to GIFT you with through the principle of universal participation. Stop complaining and show some gratitude. In the early 1930's you were on your own...period...too bad, so sad. Because of the value of compassion today there is a safety net. With a total of 26 weeks plus 13 weeks plus 53 weeks and restructured rulings on pursuing education, a person seeking full compensation benefits can complete a trade certificate or associate degree program to retrain for 21st century employment. Put those funds together with available financial aid and the only other thing your fellow citizens can do to help you bridge your unemployment that isn't being made available to you is to put you in their cars and drive you to the training site themselves. Wait... there are agencies that will do that too. Buckle down and buck up!

I Hate Canton worked decades and paid into Unemployment. Being the lazy vengeful person we are, we even collected it a couple times when our employers went out of business, one due to a predatory takeover, the other after the owner was arrested for paycheck kiting. Back in those days we had a little book in which we had to list where we looked for work each week, and a "counselor" randomly calling the hapless marks on our little cheat sheet to catch us in a lie. WHBC, Camelot Music, the News Depot, the library..and...the Rep. We are, in fact, surprised that the Rep hasn't put up a memorial bench in honor of IHC's dashed dreams of journo fame and fortune. Just think. If things had worked out as they shoulda, Charita Goshay would be I Hate Canton, and we would be nailed to the comment cross each week. Little did we know back then that we were nothing but a welfare whore. A chiseler. A babymamadaddie. Wait a minute! No baby!

That we remember.

We do admit, though, to once drinking two bottles of Ripple before walking to the Unemployment office on N. Cleveland to stand in line with the whores, bums and liars.

In memory of our days on Unemployment we are happy to give goodnewstoday, the Village Idiot of the Day award for September 21, 2009.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 20, 2009: Juanita Bowling, pizzaldy

I Hate Canton loves new contestants. While Canton may suffer from unemployment, foreclosure, crime, and baggy pantsism, it continues to churn out an alarmingly high rate of uninformed louts who in a functioning civil society would be relegated to the attic.

Take Juanita Bowling, for instance. We regret we haven't archived her earlier posts, which to say the least have intrigued us with charm and erudite observation, but we shall be watching her more closely in the future.

Juanita Bowling
2 Colorado Men, 1 NYC Man Arrested in Terror Probe
We do not have to go half way around the world to fight the muslims, they are right here in the United States and this faith hates the infidels-and we the non-muslims are the infidels. All muslims believe this way , its in the Koran. If we keep kissing their feet here at home-we will be like Europe and these idiots are a big , big problem for themand will be for us, if this administration keeps on this path of appeasement . I

And as much as we hate to prolong executions, we really can't resist Constitutional scholar "pizzaldy," who not only wants to ignore legal procedures and abolish the appeals process, but believes defense lawyers should be executed along with their clients.

Court Temporarioy Halts 2nd Execution Attempt
When he became a convicted felon he lost all of his rights including any humane rights in my opionion is there ever any consideration for the victim only criminals have rights according to our american justice system do them as China does commit a crime, tried, convicted executed all the same day and yes no need for prisions. I think some of our so called Criminal Attorneys need shot to even represent this idiot

Since we were forced to spend today at our real job, I Hate Canton quickly names tonight Juanita Bowling and "pizzaldy" co-Village Idiot of the Day, September 20, 2009.

Moreover, we have talked to our local CIA rep (8th floor City Hall). He agrees with IHC that both winners deserve a bonus for their thoughtful informed opinions. He has, therefore, agreed to authorize them to join execution tourists dsteelman1 and chefmike56 (see previous blog). We are sure our foursome will enjoy their tax-paid killing spree and will return to Canton prepared to clean our streets of the garbage that walks them.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 19, 2009: chefmike56, dsteelman1

There's nothing like a good execution--or a botched one--to get Reppies going. Over the last few days we've read comments in two threads that would warm the hearts of Fernando Alvarez de Toledo aka The Iron Duke of Alva and famous Ottoman executioner Soulfikar regarding:

(1) the attempted state execution of Romell Broom, whom the state's killer-for-hire spent 2 1/2 hours poking with a needle before they both called it a day;

(2) the murder of a Maple Heights mail carrier.

It's not like I Hate Canton doesn't understand abstract revenge. We frequently fantasize about boiling some of our VOID's in a nice goat's head soup. As hard as it is to accept, however, the US is a country of laws. If we personally metted out revenge on whim, the population would be culled to the bare minimum--or less.

We find it amusing, if that is the correct word, when law-and-order, Constitution-carrying Reppies shred their beloved and favorite legal document when it comes to crime, criminals, and execution. Seems the Constitution and its protections are only for well-behaved, law abiding citizens. Like them.

While there are plenty of worthy entries for today's award. for thread (1), we arbitrarily nominate only one: former VIOD dsteelman1 (click on sidebar, Cast of Characters; Plot Lines, for his history) for the typical:

Court Temporarily Halts 2nd Execution Attempt
A bullet?? Simple, easy, no 'veins' to find.

A bullet to the end thorw him in a hole, and your done.

Its not rocket science.

And states with the death penalty dont have lower crime rates because we take 20 years to execute someone.

If it took a week, and we executed ALL scumbag criminals , you would see a dramatic decrease in crime.
The criminals would either A) Leave or B) be dead.

followed by:

Garfield, I do not know offhand the execution rates for 'high' execution states versus 'low' execution rates.

But lets suffice to say maybe ONE guy a month is executed in any state?? Maybe Two at most??

Your not getting my point at all.

The guy who mugs granny for her purse> Shoot him

The guy who robs a convienence store>Shoot him

Remember those two losers who robbed the Subway and hit the women?? Shoot them

You may not see a decrease in crime with ONE or TWO executions per month. But I GUARENTEE , you will see a DRAMATIC decrease after six months of shooting 50-100 or even 500 if thats how many violent crimes are committed a month.

Why wouldnt you think crime would go down IF we shot all the criminals??

We as Americans only have crime because we put up with it. Why??

Cause so many bleeding hearts think someone else is to blame for the criminals actions , thats why.

He was abused , his parents didnt read to him, blah blah blah.

For thread (2) we nominate a frisky new entrant, chefmike56:

Ohio Letter Carrier Shot on Job Dies
Why is it when thugs and perverts hurt their victems, the victems rights are never spoke of ? But the minoute they are found guilty we must thing of the scums rights. I fell once they are found truly guilty and given the death they should be taken to the town square and be give 2 minutes to give their reasons why they should not be shot. The blow them away. Why should law abiding people who can not afford medical care, and good food pay for sicko's to set it jail 20 years waiting on death.

After due deliberation, the I Hate Canton Court of No Appeals finds chefmike56 guilty of voiding the Constitution and on additional charges of bloviation and butchery of the English language.

Initially we considered granting leniency to dsteelman1, relegating him to second place. After his second entry, however, he has risen to full Village Idiot status.
Our court also finds him guilty of voiding the Constitution with no consideration for his Advanced Cowboyism.

We therefore name chefmike 56 and his soulmate dsteelman1 joint Village Idiot of the Day, September 19, 2009.

As a bonus, I Hate Canton, with the cooperation of the CIA, has arranged for both winners,to vacation for 10 days in the country of their choice--Iran, Saudi, Arabia, or Afghanistan--where they can , with government approval, hang, stone, or behead political dissidents, thieves, drunks, muggers, pickpockets, gay teenagers, adulterers, and transgressive women. Waterboarding optional.



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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Jews Did It: A Recent Reppie Rant

Reppies are seldom far from anti-Semitism. While their targets of choice are welfare chiselers, unwed mothers, baggy pantsers, Barrack Obama, Demos, "leftists," "liberals" and petty criminals (ie, blacks according to the Reppie Playbook) there's nothing like kicking a Jew around occasionally to ease the boredom. Having lived in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood and attended a predominantly Jewish public grade school in Canton, I Hate Canton was unaware of local Jew kicking until a rather late date in our personal timeline (like mid-high school). That's when we discovered neighborhood John Birchers and their Let Freedom Ring phone line and their Minutemen friends, and began easing our own summer vacation boredom listening to rants about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and the worldwide communist Jewish conspiracy. No one ever got around to explaining how the Holocaust happened if Jews run everything. Details! Details!

Nothing has changed. Since the Rep went anonymous, we've seen a revival of Jew kicking. Much of it has been minor snarks adequately addressed by sane commenters. Then, the other day, we got a full kick in the pants and ribs, and stomach, and head by burns2--real name as far as we know--Davida Carter-Burns, commenting on Thousands Protest Against Government Spending, an article about the Tea Party march on Washington. The remarks, despicable in any context, take on a significant meaning, intended by the writer or not, of blaming Jews for the current economic disaster. (For some reason she neglects the Do Jews Control Surfing? controversy.) Apparently, black folks, whom Carter-Burns in the past has blamed for much of Canton's and the country's problems (not to mention her own) , haven't yet reached such conspiratorial heights--yet. We can't wait for the launch of the international black communist conspiracy. But while we're waiting:

pie47-Your comment is all over the map. You went from high gas prices to degrading the President's face to taxing pop all in one sentence. Ok, why are you working two jobs in the first place?

Marley - Come on now. You are an intelligent woman. Compared to the government elitist, are we ALL not second class citizens? Except the Jews now. How they got in your category, I don't understand. Jews run everything in this country. What do you want Marley? Are you happy with the status quo? Or do you just want to see protesting for adoptees and stopping wars? Blacks have been protesting since the 1960's to the point of street riots, murdering, and pillaging. Did you condemn them? Hispanics protest. Gays protest. Have you ever debased these groups? I don't think these tea partiers have ever worshiped their government. I think that is what other groups do, the ones who depend on the government.
Davida Carter-Burns

jenny p - I didn't start the stereotyping, marley did. Would you like me to make you a list of everything the Jews run in this country? This isn't stereotyping, it's truth. TRUTH. It's facts. Don't you even dare get on this board and start the race crap. I'll start a very small list of what Jews run: Banks Media Hollywood Government AND a Jew is helping shape the healthcare reform bill, Dr. Ezekial Emmanuel. So, don't get your panties in a wad thinking somebody is degrading the Jewish people. What is your stance on the state of Israel sharing their land with Arabs? Let's hear it. Go.................... Davida Carter-Burns burns2

followed by jeny p's civil--and we are sure--tongue-biting reply:

jenny p
Burns2, Judaism is a religion; not a race.
1) Jews do not own all banks. This is a myth/stereotype that began over 2000 years ago

2) Jews do not own all the media/Hollywood or government Certain high-profile individuals in an industry might be Jewish, but it does not mean that the entire industry is controlled by Jewish people. Because there is 1 Jew helping to reform healthcare does not constitute government. It is important to gain facts. Most of what you said are actually excerpts from white-supremacist websites. If Jews really owned the world and governemt: 1) Our holidays would be federal holidays rather than largely unknown and unrecognized 2) Hebrew would be a 2nd 'preferred' language in the US

3) Jews would not have been persecuted for centuries
4) Synogogues would not have to be closing at the high rate they are across the US 5) There would be MANY more kosher deli's Many Jews are not wealthy. There is a sizeable percentage of Jews who live in poverty. According to a 2001 survey, close to 1 million American Jews live in low income households (less than $25,000 for a family of four). Arm yourself with knowledge and not myths and misconceptions. For instance, watch the Academy Awards. You'll quickly discover that Hollywood isn't all Jewish. If that were true, Adam Sandler would have 50 Hanukah songs by now! lol

I approve of a two-state solution. Peace-loving Jews and Muslims seek peace and many Jews and Muslims are friends in Israel as well as here in the US and other countries.
I hope I've helped clear up any confusion.

Frankly, we think Jenny was way too nice, but then she's a nice person. Anyway, naughty words are discouraged by the Rep even if they show up as f*** or Bab****. So are anti-Semitic comments.

burns2/Davida Carter-Burn's remarks have been excised from the pages of the Rep. (We have a vague memory of a third comment, but didn't retrieve it, so we're not sure.) We have mixed feelings about removal. It's always good to see that someone wakes up at the Rep wheel and puts the skids creepazoids, but we also believe remarks need to remain to show just how far Canton has not come.

Then, there's other remarks that get lifted for no apparent reason other than a letterbomb attack on the Rep by Octo. But that's another story.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 10, 2009: Frank Manello

It's way too much work to slog through the Pretty Little Hate Machine today, so it's the perfect time to revisit Frank Manello. You remember, Frank, the guy who never met a poor person who wasn't lazy, immoral, fat--and worthy.

Frank posted the most astounding comment yesterday. In case you missed it:

Frank Manello
Citizens at Tea Party Sound Off on the Issue
We would be a better country if only taxpayers and property owners were allowed to vote.

This leaves so many questions. Semantically, by using "and" instead of "or" does he mean voters must be taxpayers AND property owners or does he mean be tax payers OR property owners?

Whatever...Frank drains the voter pool in the belief that the deteris will be responsible Chamber of Commerce white middle class, home-owning, responsible conservative Republicans, not a bunch of renting, irresponsible, union truckers, secretaries, and store clerking Democrats. He should be careful for what he asks!

You can probably think of more but here's a start. Would the following be disenfranchised under FrankRule:

  • stay-at-home moms (or dads) with no income of their own
  • spouses whose names do not appear on deeds (IHC's SAH mother owned the house and car; our father "owned" nothing--this is known as a lawsuit dodge).
  • women (or men) who collect alimony
  • persons who sell their homes and move into rental spaces
  • tax dependents
  • persons with limited incomes precluded from paying taxes
  • tax defrauders
  • the disabled
  • women whose husbands have taken a powder and forced to live in reduced circumstances
  • the rich
We always knew that Frank is a social elitist snob, and cheapskate, but now, due to the good offices of the Rep, we know he opposes the democratic process and majority rule. A Tory?

Once more, we name Frank Manello, Village Idiot of the Day, September 10, 2009. (see sidebar on the right, "Cast of Characters" Plot Lines" for more Frankisms.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RIP Bob Fisher

We were saddened today by the news that Bob Fisher has passed away. I Hate Canton knew Mr. Fisher back in the day: when we were with the Stark County Young Republicans and he was an up-coming pol. We've followed his highs and lows through the years and always had the utmost respect for him. Mr. Fisher was a contributor to the groundbreaking 1968 community seminar sponsored by Malone College, Profile of the Canton Negro. His contribution, "Politics and the Canton Negro" is here. Last year we were privileged to see him once more, speaking at Malone's World View Forum: Why Didn't Canton Riot in 1968? It's More Than Black and White.

IHC extends are condolences to Mr. Fisher's family. He was a true pioneer.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 6, 2009: MissOhio2Much

I Hate Canton has a long history of opposing the teaching of religion in the schools. After reading MissOhio2Much yesterday, we modify that belief. How about teaching ABOUT religion in the schools?

Presidential Address to Students Raises Concerns From Parents
kdillard too much kool aid my friend. The bottom line is Catholics aren't allowed to wipe their fanny's without the Pope dictating which way the toilet paper hangs and which way they wipe! You're Catholic you worship the Pope ( A MORTAL MAN NOT A GOD EVEN THOUGH YOUR BIBLE SAYS YOU SHALL HAVE NO GOD BEFORE ME ) already no wonder it won't be so hard for Obama to brain wash you. You're mind is already primed! Wonder how much deserting from the Catholic Church all ya Whites will do when someone makes a black mortal Pope? Or better yet A Black Woman Pope!! Talk about racists will ya? You worship a MORTAL who preaches women aren't good enough to do anything but play bingo and cook church suppers!!!

This isn't 1852, Ms. MissOhio2Much.

There may have been more hateful posts in the Rep yesterday, but none as stupid as yours. For single handedly resurrecting the Know Nothings we are happy to award MissOhio2Much (2nd day in a row) the Village Idiot of the Day, September 6, 2009. And, please, stay in Maine.

BTW, is there a contest going on for Most Stupid Reppie? If not, we suggest that Editor Gauger hold one. There would be no lack of entries.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 5, 2009: pleasebequiet, pt-king, MissOhio2Much,redgal, TMelvill

It's official. The Canton Repository has become unreadable.

There must have been 100 irrational, dumb, and nonsensical posts in the last 36 hours and at least 20 posters who qualify for VIOD awards. Many "writers" appear to be new posters unless they've been posting on jock stories that that I Hate Canton eshews like boiled fish heads --or of course, Octopuppet--always a possibility. The posts go beyond personal attacks on others posters though some are there. Personal attacks, in fact, might be a welcome relief (no, on second thought!) These posters are simply proudly stupid if not deranged. They would not be proudly stupid if they were forced to post under their own names. Would you want your neighbors or mom or boss or employees to read how stupid, mean, and bat shit crazy you are? If you think Dallas was "nut" town on November 22, 1963, come to Canton.

Rather than clog up bandwidith with 100 deranged posts, we're sampling today and summarly naming the posters Village Idiot of the Day, September 5, 2009.

Judge Orders Silence in the Court--with Duct Tape
I love the fact that noone cares that this guy was in court for breaking the law, continued to break the law by disobeying a judge's orders. I'm not a racist I just don't like lowlife scum that do nothing but commit crimes. I am for chemical castration to prevent these scumbags from further polluting the world with more trash. Hey lets take it one step further, if you have no job and commit crimes you go to a work camp and do something productive to help this country. It is what it is folks, some people cant handle the freedoms we have in America. Apparently it's too much for them to get a job(blah blah the economy sucks,whatever! I work at a dead end job just to eat) pay bills, stay out of trouble.

and followed by:

Why chemical? Just do it!

Then on welfare chiselers:

Letter from John Hughes: Is Freedom to Speak Question Administration Only for Liberals
Thank you Mr Hughes that is a wonderful Letter!

Nice to see all the FREE internet these libs got from ECOT and welfare... Obama Strickland and hand out this stuff for education...and the mommies and part time daddies who do not work sit on them all day while they ignore the kids and post vile stuff. Well, some on here do get money not only from welfare but from Foster Care scams they run... you know who you are. The new welfare of Foster Care is really big with the ACORN Canton crowd...they make extra to pay for their finger nail art and fake designer purses.

These 3 taken from Presential Address to Students Raises Concerns from Parents
buckeyefan2020 What part of the article didn't you read? Or didn't you understand? This group of hollywood rehab repeaters are pledging their allegiance to this man like he's a God? Uh NO! There lies the proof and the justification for the rebellion. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH STAY IN SCHOOL! And everything to do with worshipping the dictator!! Maybe if HE had read a real bible in his supposed Christian ( yea right NOT ) life he would have re-called the passage ' you shall have no other God before me' I hope he has a big supply of kool aid he's sure got enough thirsty mindless individuals to drink it!

John Sheppard: Another dumb democrat pulling the race card. Why is it sooo hard for you people to understand that MANY of us do not like his politics, policies, agenda or the people he surrounds himself with! I don't care what color he is..a socialist is a socialist. Thank god that COMMUNIST appointee of his, Mr. Van Jones resigned today!! Another America hating scumbag. Obama said in a speech he gave that if we want to know who he is just look at the people he surrounds himself with. Well guess what, I am looking. I am looking at communists, socialists, marxists and far left liberal wackos. That is why I do not support this president! That is why my child will not see his speech! Not because he is black! Get over it and face facts...your race card crap is old and tired. And for you to call anyone a fat anything is really a good one!

This has ALL the underpinnings of a liberal and socialistic agenda indoctrination of our children.

Jesus Christ would be banned from Stark County schools, let alone be permitted to address their children. Imagine if he sent bibles to the schools for distribution. Heck, imagine if a consortium made up of EVERY minister in Stark County tried to distribute bibles to students through the school superintendents. What do you think would happen?

Barack Obama is not only welcomed, he is embraced and his 'workbooks' distributed with enthusiasm and during the school day when they would normally be covering their school curriculum. These K-6th Grade 'workbooks' originally, until a few concerned conservative school officials discovered, contained questions and essays for these children to write to THEMSELVES on 'HOW I CAN HELP THE PRESIDENT' . Thank God, they had the courage to blow the cover on this subtle, yet obvious attempt to indoctrinate our children and turn this into what it was originally intended to be, a means to influence our children and slowly make inroads into their thoughts and opinions on a whole myriad of agenda items within the Rahm Emanuel White House.

If not, why wouldn't Rahm Emanuel have had Michelle Obama make this address? Traditionally, first ladies are not looked at with suspicions and as the titular heads of their political parties. And why would they even contemplate including 'workbooks' with questions such as 'HOW CAN I HELP THE PRESIDENT?' This is SHAMEFUL conduct and not anything ever before attempted by any other president, regardless of his poltical affiliation.

The administration has taken his bully pulpit to extremes never before attempted and I am not even arguing that. What I will argue and what I will absolutely draw the lines upon is allowing this Rahm Emanuel controlled White House, or any White House, attempt to indoctrinate my children from the intended purpose of their attendance at school.

We are thrilled that we don't have to share office space or a backyard with these knuckledraggers. We hope that all sane Cantonians of good will and any political stripe have arranged for an escape hatch from this loonie bin.

pleasebequiet, pt-king, charmingtail, MissOhio2Much, redgal, and TMelvill are proud Village Idiots of the Day, September 5, 2009. And remember, they're some of the same people who think we should be afraid to walk the streets of downtown Canton or ride a SARTA bus. Let's hope none of us run into pt-king and his little knife.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Reppie to Athiests: Just Kill Yourself

I Hate Canton supposes we should leave the God talk (various threads) surrounding Lake Township alone, but it will be difficult.

If you think our Reppies hate Barack Obama, you ain't' seen nothin' til you see what they think about "atheists" who seem to be anybody who's not a fundamentalist megachurcher. For the time being we're letting this go, but we do want to post a comment from "Alterego" who is not usually idiotic. The initial comment was removed this afternoon by an anonymous Rep atheist editor whom Alter refers to as "some self rightous rectal orifce."

We have the following debate between "hilsos" and Alterego regarding a letter to the editor from Michael M. Hayes, Plain Twn, Why Don't NonBelievers Do Something Constructive and Leave Lake Alone?


I assume by saying 'believers' you meant Christians and not Muslims or the Jewish or any other type of religion. Christians only make up approximately 33% of the world population, so how is this even close to 'the majority'. You and your fellow Christian right-wing-nuts may think you are the center of the universe, but you are unfortunately just enhancing the dream world you are living in. There has always been greed, corruption, and violence in this world. The only difference is that the media has turned these aspects of human life into entertainment to make a buck. The truth is, we are all to blame for the degradation of society, not just those of us that chose to forgo the belief in an omnipotent power that lurks in the sky.

hilsos, All the religions you mentioned DO believe in God, G-d, Mohammad or even Budda. I don't think they are the ones objecting. Satan rules the Atheist whether they know it or not. All the non-believers who think their life is an accident of nature should just kill themselves now. Your taking up space in my world. "

I can't believe that some self rightous rectal orifce deleted my original comment. Must of been one of those atheist who knew I was right. Jenny, thank you for being insightful and intelligent. You get it.

Canton Sucks...

...and if you want to know why, read Thursday's Martin Olson's Stark County Political Report , Shame On Canton! City refused to Honor Only Woman Killed in Viet Nam War Who Hailed from Canton: Sharon Lane, Graduate Aultman School of Nursing.

Seems Canton City, and most of the surrounding town and township governments refused to divvy up $3,500 to purchase a memorial bench at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Park located in Clinton, Ohio, 10 miles from Canton. Martin's entry is long, but here's a couple snips from it:

Ken Noon [owner of Summit Memorials in Akron, which produced the benches] tells the SCPR that over the past three years that the committee working on funding for the project has visited virtually every nook and cranny (either by actual appearance or telephone call) of Stark County government (probably about May, 2007 - before the financial crisis hit) asking for financial participation in the development of the park only to be turned down by all
except for Canal Fulton, Lawrence Township, Plain Township and several graduating classes of Northwest High School (Canal Fulton/Lawrence Township/New Franklin).


Canton city council officials reportedly told OVMP officials that the park is not in Stark County and therefore they do not wish to participate.

and to add insult to injury:

Jackson Township government officials told Park officials that Jackson would give no money but would issue a proclamation if Park officials would come to pick it up at (and this is the SCPR's description - not that of Park officials) "at a photo-op" session.

According to Martin, even the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce refused to support the park.


I Hate Canton opposed the Vietnam War and was active in the Canton Area Peace Movement. We knew two of the 63 Cantonians (total Stark Countians believed to be as high as 127) who died in that useless war: Bob Kettering and Juris Puduls. And don't get us started on the abominable treatment of Sharon Lane and her memory over the decades.

Canton was rah-rah-rah around the flag during the war--but now the rah-rahers refuse to shell out a pittance for a memorial for Bob, Juris, Sharon and the every other local and Ohioan (1 out of every 19 causalities were from Ohio) who died so they could be stomped on today by tin horn functionaries with cell phones.

I don't why see why a bench can't be privately funded. It shouldn't be that difficult for us regular guys to raise $3,500 and show up the county apparatchiki for the chumps they are.

Here's a video about the park produced by Western Reserve Pubic Television. (long)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 2, 2009: garylivick

Is it our imagination, or are things getting wackier and wackier at that microcosm of American culture, the Canton Repository? If we were Jeff Gauger we'd move back to Nebraska and open a corn farm. The fact is, it's becoming difficult to read Comments without a clothes pin on our nose and a butterfly net in our hand.

We accidentally took off a couple days. Accidentally, because we didn't intend to, but other business hearkened and we lost track of time. We actually thought today was Wednesday, until we looked at our calendar at the bottom of the computer screen. Anyway, we're beginning to feel like Junpei Niki, though we have no idea how we might adjust life deep inside the Reppie dune, and we have no intention of developing a love relationship with any of the delusionals--even to save our sanity.

For some reason we continue to be amazed at the Reppie insistence that Barrack Obama is the new Hitler and that the Democratic Party are the new Nazis (As far as we're concerned, every government is a small n nazi party, but that's another story.) Over the years we've ill-advisedly attended a few county Democratic meetings and they're as close to the Nuremberg Rally as an evening in McConnelsville.

Here's garylivick taking Don Cirelli to task for being a Demo (we've paragraphed to make the reading easier). And what's that odd comment at the end? Does Jesus speak through Rush now?

Lake Local Should Stand It's Ground
Don, Thank you for proving my point AND exposing you for what you are! One, the Nazi Party was a SOCIALIST Party, which parallels the beloved party you currently represent! Two, the biggest 'posers' are those who attempt to restrict freedom of speech, the RIGHT to exercise religion, and PUBLICLY recognize their God. Fine subversive individuals like yourself, like to criticize, discredit, and attack those who OPPOSE their hypocritical opinions with twisted lies due to their own pathetic LACK of faith! You see, you remind me of other cult-like individuals. Even when FACTS are provided from folks here like bhodgkins regarding the Constitution, your liberal roots expose you for who you are! My young man, I would be glad to 'de-brainwash' you from the effects of your toxic government, liberalistic infatuation, and 'disease'.....but your case appears to far gone, and terminal! You need to find a better retirement occupation. Ever try golf? Fishing? Volunteering? Habitat for Humanity? Better yet........a 1 hour session with Rush might give you REAL faith that might 'SAVE' your soul.
Keep the faith, Brother!

Followed by the implication that Cirelli, a devout Catholic, is really an atheist AND a Nazi.

No sane society would condone a Hitler based school system based on atheism........and YOU sir are the 'scary' element. Please share your negativity of teaching about the history of Jesus? Does Jesus 'Scare' you? I could not imagine why.........oh wait......perhaps your lack of belief, agnostic belief, or atheistic belief would perhaps be 'swayed' by learning history? As far as instilling values, ethics, morals, and accountibility to my kids through biblical principals....well let's say society will at least have some fine citizens. That's more than I can say about some of the undesirable element I see daily. And yes, I agree....I would not want a government entity teaching my kids. But unfortunately, since they teach sex education, and lies like an 'inconvenient truth', they might as well teach some morally proper history like that of Jesus, wouldn't you agree? But since you disagree regarding that, I'll assume you might be one with no faith.

Biblical "principals?"

There is just so much dreck to slog through today, we've decided to just go ahead and be done with it, rather than continue self-flagellation,. garylitvik is Village Idiot of the Day, September 2, 2009

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