Monday, September 28, 2009

Dead Threads: Week of September 21-27, 2009

A few weeks ago I Hate Canton said we'd post a list of prefectly good threads that are shut down, due to what we assume is the malicious, loutish, rude behavior of posters Then we promptly forgot about it We're starting over. Here is our first official list of Dead Threads in no particular order:

From Tears to Hope: Mother of Jesse Davis Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence

Polilce: At Least Two Ejected from Car on Route 62

Housing Units to Get 3M Upgrade

Macy Gray Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

Four's not bad, but we're sure our Reppies can do better this week.


shirley u jestolieto said...

I think in just two days Octopuppet has already managed to beat her record from last week of getting threads shut down. Quite a few were vanished as of Monday afternoon. Strange hobby this Octopuppet character has!

Additionally, shame on the Rep for being cowardly and closing down these threads instead of dealing with the one or two troublemakers who insist on posting under multiple phony names for the only purpose of causing trouble. Mike Hanke would have never allowed such shenanigans.

BD said...

What other threads have been shut down this week. We noticed one so far.

mary said...

And let's not forget the comments about Officer Jackson, from some idiot, (I'm guessing YOU KNOW WHO,) insinuating that Officer Jackson was selling drugs, being a pimp, or endulging in some other illegal activity on "the Streets". That's a helluva comment to make about a Canton Cop. When you have lots of enemies, you never know when you might need a cop. Jackson just might be that one to come to 'IT'S' aide.