Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mary Parker and Don Cirelli Respond to Reppie Racism--Thread Removed

Last week featured some of the most virulent racist comments in the Rep we've seen for some time under the thread, now shut down, Housing Units Get a 3-5M Upgrade. We have posted them, at length, in our Village Idiot of the Day award blog above this one.

First, though, we wanted you to read Mary Parker's response, followed by a comment from Don Cirelli, to these posts. They were made specifically in response to remarks posted by "Joe McPott" and his use of the code word "they" to refer to blacks:

they, they, they, we ALL know who (they) are . And THEY know who THEY are, so cut the crap.!

Some one pick on me..................... im the one who said build THEM a prison compound out behind highland park !!!!!!!


mary v parker
When you and the others refer to 'they' you really mean the Blacks that make up the majority of the inhabitants of these low income projects. You don't want to come off being perceived as a racist, so rather than say 'The Blacks ' are the 'freeloaders', you just refer to them as 'they'.

Blacks are the people one commentor was referring to when he/she said 'Tell them there's plenty of room in New Orleans.'

Blacks are the 'crackheads and prostitutes that another is referring too..

Blacks are the ones another commentor was referring to when he/she said; 'THEY just want to sit around on their big fat a$$ all day , smoke crack and make babies.'

Blacks are who they're referring to when some commentor called 'THEM' the 'stop snitchin' crowd', and the 'entitlement junkies'.

See Dave, others on here, like you, share a lot in common. You want to say 'Blacks' instead of just referring to us as 'THEY', but that way, you wouldn't be able to call me a racist.. You wouldn't be able to say that me and Don are stirring the pot, or playing the race card. How could you call me a racist if you were making racist statements yourself? You couldn't. You want to come out smelling like a rose, and claim you're not a racist.
Like you just said in your comment above,'The only reason you all don't like the list is becasue its 100% true.'. So who is 'YOU ALL' David?

You can agree with my comment , which says what YOU think, you just don't want to say it yourself.
You've never been good at hiding your feelings, about 'THEY' oops, I mean Blacks. I think your comment today is as close as you've come to being truthful about how you feel about Blacks. It's just better when Mary says it for you, right? Why get your hands dirty, when you can just play off of my comment, nod your head in agreement, yet still be able to say ; 'I didn't say that, Mary Parker, the racist , said it. I just agreed with her. That's not the same thing as saying it myself is it?' Yes it is David.

Right on, Mary! In fact, 'Joe McPott' finally came straight out and admitted he was talking about blacks after I called him out on it. That's how brazen he is with his racism. Racists are like roaches - the one thing they hate the most is a light shining on them, exposing them for what they really are. Clearly, much of the rhetoric in here is as racist as you would find at any Klan or Neo-Nazi gathering. If these folks aren't racist, there would have been no reason for them to point out the color of the people they were talking about.

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