Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canton Class Envy: Mitchypoo

I Hate Canton missed this article and comment until a few minutes ago: Happy 100th, Hartung House.

Who would complain about the 100th anniversary of Hartung House, the former Philomatheon Society for the Blind and now the home of the Canton Preservation Society? Well, Mitchypoo would:


Hip Hip Hooray for the Nice Rich People!!!! ... oh by the way, where is the city of Glenmoor??? ...I'm glad theses people are not so self absorbed and material that they list their 'Gated' Counntry Club as their address .... face it you live in CANTON, OHIO, so they are just hillbillies with more money than the rest of us!

I Hate Canton has a fondness for architecture and always loved the Neoclassical Hartung House, built a century ago by prominent residents Louis B and Minnie Hartung. We have a vague memory of going there with a group of classmates to sing Christmas carols to Philomatheon residents, who to put it mildly, were pretty elderly. It was a classy place, unlike the nearby nose-holding Fern Wanda Rest Home we also serenaded that day. (Note to IHC: Don't grow old unless you're rich).

As for a Village Idiot designation, even Village Idiots have their standards. Unfortunately, for Mitchypoo, he is unable to rise to them.

Class envy is never pretty. We bet he hates the poor, too. Bring on the tumbrels.

And the say I Hate Canton hates Canton!

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