Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: October 13, 2009: redeemyourself now, maxwell, 1lynn

As we wrote earlier, it's becoming increasingly difficult to read Rep comments without a barf bag at the ready. We wonder where these people come from. Are they products of CPS (the Canton Public Schools, not Child Protective Services) they continually insult? As a product of CPS ourself, we doubt it. No. We'll, we take that back. We know our Octopuppet is a CPS grad. We were there.

Anyway, it continues to be difficult to separate the chaff from the chaff or take these non-de-plumers seriously. Cheering that the US didn't get the Olympics and complaining that Bob Dylan will preform in Canton (see blog below) is not only getting hard to take, but a sign of civic depravity. We can't wait for these topics to be conflated into abortionoia.

After looking through the material before us. we are considering moving to Andorra or Norway. Even an urt in Wyoming would be preferable to current Canton culture.

In an attempt to catch up we present three examples from last week

We begin with drama queens and queers:

Obama to Take on Military Gay Ban at "Right Time"
Why are gay guys drama queens, this is exactly what the military does not need. They should make up their minds, which is it, don't ask don't tell that they fought for for decade and got or they want to be open. I am so sick of hearing people whining wanting it both ways like the world is all about them. Grow t.h. up, this country has way more pressing problems than you gay boys not making up your mnds because of your pms.

Then move on to the closely related topic of CIA torture and abortion:

Obama's About-Face on Probe of CIA Will Almost Certainly Weaken Agency
Scraping away a bunch of cells from a woman's uterus or 'partial birth abortion' isn't the issue at all. The killing of a human being with a beating heart and functioning nervous system is the issue. Why is that so difficult to understand. If we as a society condone the killing of a fetus, why is it so difficult to call it what it really is? It seems that many on the left have more sympathy for the cowards that seek to destroy us than they do for innocent unborn childen. We will all stand before God someday, try and explain that away!

I lost any compassion for the cowards that attacked our citizens (not military) countrymen without a declaration of war after standing at the site of the World Trade Centers in late Oct of 2001 and still being able to smell the rotting flesh and blood of our countrymen. Anyone that hasn't had the opportunity to stand where the towers fell should make the visit and see if their view of 'compassion' for our enemy changes! Known terrorists should not be awarded the same consideration under Terms of the Geneva convention and on equal footing as members of an opposing army / military captured under the rules of war.

Finally we have 1Lynn whose comment, though we think we know what she is trying to say, would have gotten I Hate Canton 12 hours at the CPS blackboard. While we hold generally Clifton Fadiman's view that one need not always express one's thoughts in proper English to get the idea across, we make an exception in this case. Unfortunately, we neglected to collect the link and can't find where this gem originated. But it's real. IHC didn't' make it up:

Why do people say we are trying to shove are believes on them.we are not trying to shove anything on them we are just saying. what a mighty god we serve .its your choice.wright or wrong.but rember your chouse and we wont stand for you to take ares/

In order to expedite ourself into the future, we name redeemyourselfnow, maxwell, and 1lynn co-Village Idiot of the Day, October 13, 2009. We feel almost apologetic to 1Lynn who may not have had the advantage of of CPS education, but that's the breaks.

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