Thursday, October 1, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 30, 2009: ottertk1

A day without Ottertk1 is like a day without ohiodude or you know who.

We were particularly taken by Ottertk1's suggestion that the unemployed take up neighborhood bounty hunting--execution not required but suggested-- to supplement their government checks.

Letter from Eric J Thomas, Let's Take a Stand Against Neighborhood Crime in Canton
Tom Dewey, you make many good points. We should also do away with the parole system. And we also need a 'Three Strikes' and you out law. After three strikes, you are executed. You've had you chance and now are nothing but a burden on society. Society shouldn't have to pay to keep you incarcerated for the rest of your worthless life. We also need a 'Take Back our Neighborhoods' group. As the police can't be everywhere at once and honest people can't walk the streets after dark, it's time to start putting a bounty of known felons and wanted persons. Bounty posters with a picture of the wanted person should be distributed in the neighborhoods they frequent. The bounty would be paid regardless if the wanted person was caught alive or dead. Drastic times call for drastic measures. You could supplement your unemployment check by ridding society of many worthless idiots who prey on honest citizens. Society becomes safer, our prisons are less crowded, our police are able to be used more effectively, our courts aren't overburdened, and once again children would know that good always triumphs over evil.

For this creative solution to unemployment, we award ottertki the Village Idiot of the Day, September 30, 2009. We also suggest that he apply for some stimulus money to finance his scheme. He may need some of it to pay his lawyer. See, there's a little thing called the Constitution.

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