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Village Idiot of the Day, October 19, 2009: lefthook37, cal2410, gojojogo

Today we have the case of Pleasant View Village Trailer Park resident and Luddite Jill Saylor who has the temerity to hang her laundry out on the line to dry--instead of sticking it in a dryer like any other civilized Plain Township citizen. See, according to Plain Woman's Laundry List is Read 'Round the World, sun-drying one's laundry, especially if you're eco-conscious, is against the rules of the clothesline nazis.

You'd think our local "conservatives," even if they don't subscribe to global warming theory, would be offended by a rule that subsumes individuals to nonsensical rules abrogating autonomy in even the smallest acts. But let's not forget we're talking about Reppies.

While most commenters agree with Ms. Saylor's freedom to sun-dry (which has been covered by the New York Times, and other MSM), a few are greatly aggrieved that a dumb climate change dupe dares to break the laws of her trailer park.

It looks like Bummy, always a sentimental favorite, posted something that has been removed before we saw it, so, unfortunately he's removed from the running this time. This leaves us with lefthook37, cal2410, and gojojogo.

In chronological order:

lefthook37, who with his status as Vietnam War vet replaces Professor Irwin Corey as the World's Greatest Authority wrote:

Oh my God, now we're going after clothes dryers. next we'll down at the creek flogging our clothes on the rocks. what is this have to due with the trumped up globlal warming idea from the left moonbats, looks to me that she lives in a trailor park and may not have a dryer or washer. so hang em out side then a flock of geese goes by and your back down at he creek flogging the clothes on the rocks again. stop pushing this crap on everyone else If you want to save money fine don't lable it as saveing the planet. I LIKE MY DRYER matter of fact , I'm going down stairs and run it empty


justice4none out standing post , calling me stupid, dumbo and jerk and I've not done anything worthwhile in my life, and can't spell right on the point ,and a personal bash ( pool rules ) which I had not bashed the young lady, and I did not know you were a english spelling teacher, as far as worthwhile things in my life, I rased two kids both servied in the military, I myself 18month vet of Viet Nam being shot at and seeing my friends being wounded, laying in mud voteing in a foxhole, not knowing if I would ever see home again, just so you have a right to call me stuped and dumb I'm gong down to turn my dryer off. And Glenn Beck has nothing to due with this

While lefthook37 may be suffering from IID (Inflated Importance Disorder) cal2410 offers up no credentials other than a dislike of rebellion:

Call me cynical but I have a feeling that this was more about a lower electric bill and way less about the environment. She is lucky they didn't kick her out after she took it upon herself to hang a line behind her trailer, knowing full well it was against the park rules. That's what is wrong with this country today--everyone saying 'You can't tell ME what to do!' and fighting until they get their way like a spoiled 5 year old.

gojojogo exhibits a newly articulated problem: Media Attention Envy Disorder. He also possesses the longest shower curtain rod in Stark County.

That's going to make a trailer park look even more trashy. I totally get why the trailer park managers wouldn't allow it. She doesn't need to use the dryer if she doesn't want to but she can hang stuff from her shower curtain rods for all the space that stupid little line is giving her.

These entries are far from the most idiotic comments we've ever read. We wonder though, why anyone even cares what Ms. Saylor does with her laundry or why she does it.

For sheer audacity, we name lefthook37 Village Idiot of the Day, October 19, 2009. We are so enthusiastic about lefty's authority skills that we recommend he expand his Viet Nam War expertise to higher levels of problem solving: Barrack Obama's birth certificate, Jamie Healy's budget, and repair of the JFK fountain.

Cal, comes in a close 2nd. Give Saylor a clothesline today and she'll want my carbon footprint tomorrow. Check the Cast of Characters; Plotlines sidebar to the right for other Cal comments, including his condemnation of drive-thru window child support payments.

gojojogo gets an Honorable Mention. We suggest he rent out his shower curtain rod. Many dryerless and clotheslineless women would be forever grateful.

On general principle, we also offer a special VIOD Award to the Pleasant View Village Trailer Park owners and management. They should hook up with the Central Commons Condominium Association in Perry who don't like military families sticking Blue Star Flags in their windows. (See "home owners association rules in sidebar).

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Anonymous said...

"I LIKE MY DRYER matter of fact , I'm going down stairs and run it empty"

Now there's a freakin genius. Yeah, you do that, dumbass. Run that dryer on empty five times a day for a month. That'll show all those liberal weenies a thing or two, especially when your gas bill arrives.