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Village Idiot of the Day: October 15, 2009: maryross

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We missed it! You missed it! Even Mary Parker missed it!

Self-described nurse and poor-people hater, "maryross" (aka, probably You Know Who) called Mary Parker a "racist pig" the other day. (comment removed).

IHC's crack team of undercover intel agents has been unable to find the "pig" comment. Since the comment was removed before most people could read it, and referenced only by another poster, we can't re-post the original to verify. If any of you have a copy, we'd be happy to post it here. In the meantime we have Alterego's response:

I can't believe that some comments get removed for no reason and 'maryross' just called my friend Mary Parker a PIG and she is still allowed to comment. Nice work Gauger. Your really on the ball.

' hope that Mary V Parker got her panties in a waud over my comments.! I have gathered that she is pretty much a racist pig'! In her own words, WHATEVER!

What brought about this name calling?

Ms. Parker's Letter to the Editor, Saying Obama's Supporters Want Messiah Insults Voters, God
chastising Reppies who refer to Barrack Obama sarcastically as "The Messiah." That's what brought it about. Ms. Parker was not being political. She was referring to the scriptural implications of such nonsensory. She, no doubt, would make the same criticism if libs and Dems baptized Sarah Palin, The Messiah.

Here is a portion of her letter:

We, as black people, have always been a deeply religious people. We know who our Messiah is. He is God. We weren’t looking for someone to make life “easy” for us. We were looking for someone to make this country great again, the same as other voters.

“Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God. (Deuteronomy 5:9). Perhaps those who use those terms in such a demeaning way don’t mean to be insulting to the real Lord and Savior, but I’d be careful.

Of course, this nicked the knickers of one of our more extreme Reppies and professional Mary Parker Haters. Before you could say Ku Klux Klan, "maryross" replied, accusing the bi-racial Mary Parker of being a racist.

Oh what a suprise to see that Mary V. Parker is a real racist. I can't believe that the Repository would print such crap!

'We as black people' so whatis the true meaning behind that? Not a racist? I think you have a thing against white people. Nice going Mary glad you can keep the split going. Obama is not even a real christian. I grew up in the Middle East and know for a fact that that if he was raised by a Muslim father and step father that the family would NEVER support him if he chose to become Christian without them disowning him. All you know is that he is a half black man married to a black woman so you are happy to have him in.

I found your letter highly offensive due to it's content. You are a racist. Your letter had nothing to do with what he has done to our community and country but what 'black' people think. Good job at
prooving what little you know about outside in the real world and not what goes on just in the getto. (I' making the assumption since you were making the assumption that all black people think the same as you since you are black as well).

For some time, IHC has considered dubbing "maryross" a Village Idiot. This is as good a time as any. Village Idiot of the Day, October 15, 2009: "maryross."

BTW, we note with glee that "maryross" has not darkened the Rep pages since posting her nastygram. Of course, she will resurface under another non de plume. It must so totally suck to be banned from the Rep AND the LunchBunch.

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mary said...

Ah maryross, you're such a dumb B, and you're not even blonde! Well, maybe a dirty, dishwater blonde. How yucky. See, if you were smart, you wouldn't keep using the word "pig" when you're referring to me. We all remember you calling me a pig long ago, so that's a dead giveaway to your identity. But, you never have laid claim to being smart. How could you? Your dumbness is so overwhelmingly obvious.

Anonymous said...

"maryross" must have been looking in a mirror when she dished out that "pig" comment.

Alterego said...

The second paragraph of my post that IHC put on their blog was copied and pasted from maryross' original post where she called Mary Parker a racist pig.

BD said...

Thanks alterego. That's what we thought, but we didn't want to mis say it.