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Village Idiot of the Day, September 26, 2009: dsteelman1, gottheanswer, joe_mcpott

I Hate Canton just noticed we forgot to post this the other day. We have slightly edited the original to update it.

As I Hate Canton predicted, the Macy Gray thread went down around 11:00 AM last Friday (see Sept. 24 Village Idiot of the Day Award--Sept. 25 blog below.)

But, as we know, nature abhors a vacuum, and as soon as we could say Ku Klux Klan our Reppie Racists (RR) slimed their way into Housing Units Get a 3-5M Upgrade (thread also shut down). Of course, just for fun "gottheanswer" dragged Mary Parker into the fray. Ms Parker has written a splendid reply to our white robed and brown shirted neighbors which is posted in a separate blog immediately below this, so it won't get lost.

In the meantime, here's a sampling of our best and brightest non-de-pluming racists. (We admit that there are legitimate concerns about tax funds flowing into a virtual money pit, but that has nothing to do with race). Since the thread went down, we are giving a larger sampling than usual. To get the full effect of our RR's social and intellectual dysfunctions and language and grammar deficiencies, we are clumping comments together by name, not chronological order

We'll start with our last Village Idiot "puterb1:

More of my tax money down the drain. The properties will be run down again in 5 years. Anytime you give someone something for free, they never appreciate it. The residence should be required to do the physical labor, then maybe they would appreciate this welfare benefit more.

Followed by several comments by "gottheanaswer" (hmmm wonder who that could be?) who jumps on Mary Parker (who never has said "you owe it to them") and then moves on to other disruptive elements in the community, though curiously neglecting white women who don't pay their bills and get taken to court.

As Mary would say , you owe it to them, get your wallets out. Drove by the units on Harmont, with plywood windows and junk laying around, its sad the way these people decide to live. I will as the units on alan Page look well kept. Maybe it comes down to supporting the police and some self cleaning. Stop dragging Al Sharpton here everytime Lavone gets his pants pulled down to get searched. Wave to the police.

Just like health reform, these big federal projects turn into disasters, they sound good but take all the incentive away for people to improve. Big cities are razing all the wonderful welfare high rises, that turned into drug and crime holes. Its sad these people have to live like this. bbj is right, respect for yourself is lacking, one person was appalled that 'volunteers' would clean up Canton before the HOF. Thats the type of person that destroys these housing units. Sad

If the shoe fits wear it, but 'They' are the ones that live in the squaller, inside and out, they need to clean up the trash like my grandmother would take us down the street with a trash bag. Thank you mary and stop whining other mary, get a trash bag. Often when i run i take a trash bag, fill it up and toss it away. Try it. And try supporting the police, beg them or make them a pie to clean up the walking trash, and stop being a racist.

Calm that lady down and thank her for insisting they clean up after them selves. If Mary got out there things would be clean. I have a trash bag if u want come help me clean up after the winos in the park, so that walkers can enjoy it, or take your own bag.

Then, we have a gaggle of class envyists (they tend to hate rich and poor alike as "favored" classes)

How can I get some rehab money to fix up my house? Oh that's right my wife and I both non-degreed each working jobs worked hard to buy a home, pay off the mortgage in 17 years and try to save money while dead beats sit at home wathchng the Price is Right. on their flat sceen tv while talking on their cell phones. Nice really nice. I want my piece of the free pie. when am I going to get it or when do we cut welfare off for able body people???????

Millions more down a rathole. Free housing for the 'stop snitchin' crowd' so drug-dealing central can continue bid-nez as usual. Billions of dollars and decades after LBJ declared a 'war on poverty', this is where we are. Record numbers of people living at or below the poverty line and record numbers on food stamps, all within the last couple of months. When the government becomes the benefactor for a huge segment of the population, that population becomes dependent and demands 'entitlement'. They now comprise almost 50 percent of the population. This is why we now have trillions in deficits which we can NEVER pay back. And the 'gimme mine' crowd wants nothing from Congress other than to keep getting their 'fair share'. Until the people actually paying federal taxes throw out the scum who enable this mentality in order to get re-elected, it will only get worse. Washington needs an enema in 2010.

ohiodownhome (NOTE: real name Sandra Belleveau)
3.5 mil to upgrade, what most living there, will only tear apart anyway.....HELLO??? Housing projects dont attract the most viable people.....Never did, never has, never will... It isnt a 'half way pit stop', or a temporary solution, on your way UP, to better yourself....Its more like 'come to roost, get comfortable, settle in, and chow down', for 10 or 40 years.....paid by someone else.....of course.... I love that... I really do....Its always comforting to know, not only have I worked my tail off for myself, but so many nameless, faceless others who I never consented to 'share the wealth' with, in the first place.. I love how that goes, too... .3.2 mil, huh?? Should be just peachy keen.....and a real neverending, continuing, always in plain sight, 'jackpot lottery ticket' for many in Canton....WOO HOO....

the buildings aren't the problem, the trash that occupies them are. why change your behavior when there are no consequences for not changing it? sit around on your big fat a$$ all day, smoke crack & make problem, we'll support you. trash the house you were GIVEN, no problem, we'll rehab it. wonder what the entitlement junkies and all their apologists are going to do when the taxpayers finally rise up and refuse to play along anymore? it's coming, mark my words.
And finally one of our favorite haters, joe-mcpott"

Speaking of cHIPS, I rode past there just the other day , and said too myself how HORRIBLE it looked, then i remembered the day back in 1972 my grandparents sold the old farm and moved too Rainbow Acres, due too health, but i remember when them things were brand new ! now 37 years later look at it !!!! I know The area there gonna put 3.5 million into very well, that is one of the most infested areas in the city, there might be a few decent working class people in that neighborhood, but the rest is a war zone. Now when i was growing up it still had some nice old houses and more people who cared ... but thats not no more. dam 3.5 million !!!! what the city could do with that kind of money? mmm mmm mmm......CRAZY !!!! hey heres something CRAZY, how about THE CITY OF CANTON put 3.5 into a Military style police force!!! Take back the streets of canton ! Just build an army outta C.P.D.. and take no crap, espessially Al Sharpton, Lock him up too !!!!!!! Im just sick of this whole mess here in canton, i grew up here, and i watched it crimble right before my eyes. i watched its downfall from CRACK..... That was the end of it.The early 80s.,

oh yeah, they stated that the oldest units was built early too mid 70s ..... B.S. maybe like a few, the rest were built in early 80s , i know i used too play in many of them while they were being built as a young boy.. in 20 years they will need 5 million too fix them up again..

LETS MARCH ON CITY HALL !!!!!! SERIOUSLLY...... thats the biggest crock of B.S. this city has thrown our way.!, tear them all down and create parks, where will all the freeloaders go? u might ask? go out behind highland park, Where they are planning too build another project by the way, and build a SUPER multi-unit 3.5 million PROJECTS.......something resembling a small prison. im sure the taxpayers, and true residents would rather you do that. just think, a park where chips sits, a park where Mahoning Manor sits, Gage Gardens, Ellisdale, Leshdale,Linwood, 10th st projects,..... put them all in the S.E........ throw everybody outta them old nice homes in the N.W, which are mostly section 8 houses. and Re-Do them. Man theres so much We could spend 3.5 on than fixing up all those 119 scattered sites as they call them.

Just build (those people) a giant project complex with that 3.5. make it like a prison, maybe they will like that better, and like i said in my recent comments put it out in the deep S.E.....................and when i say those people, im refering too the blacks, and the very few white trash that inhabit these places, read my recent post !!!! SOMETHING HAS TOO BE DONE !!!!!

Listen people, thats OUR 3.5 million dollars , something needs too be done about this !!! Whats next? Rehab all of the other projects in the S.E. next? some of them were built in the 60s, and early 70s, I think they so called re-did alot of them in the early 80s, but its about time too do them again, And too think, WE GOT 3 MORE YEARS OF THIS !!!!!!!!

they, they, they, we ALL know who (they) are . And THEY know who THEY are, so cut the crap.!

Some one pick on me..................... im the one who said build THEM a prison compound out behind highland park !!!!!!!

And finally, dsteelman1, in a class by himself. The second post under his name is in reference to Mary Parker's reply to the race baiters which appears below this blog.

Thats a new take I have not heard Don. Its putting others down to want to keep my own money and not pay for the entire lives of those not willing to work. But then again it is the way of the left. Forced charity is not charity. Demonize the people who actually work and pay their own way. Enable and encourage those who live off of the fruits of OTHERS labor. And it doesnt take 'giant cajones' or anything else to see that you were hoping the answer would have taken everyone down the 'race' road. Its always interesting though how us 'hatemongers' are always 'low self esteem, no pride ' And that doesnt take 'cajones' on your part to insinuate those traits ?? Ooops Im sorry I forgot your 'right' and Im evil , you can say anything you like without any repercussions while people who work for a living and believe a work ethic should be instilled in people , not a welfare ethic , get demeaned . Its cool with me though , you like the 60s and commune living , thats your right. But your likes should not be the law of the land. Commune living doesnt that mean ALL the people work for the common good?? These places were built in the 70s, not the 20s. If the people had any respect for the things WE provide for them , they wouldnt need 3 million dollars MORE of our money . My house was built in 1950 , I take care of it because I have to pay for it. Imagine that. people take care of things they have to pay for . Woa , that might be a plan for those poor poor victims of Bush .

Were you being sarcastic Mary? That is a VERY good list of the 'theys' The only reason you all dont like the list is becasue its 100% true. Truth hurts, facts sting I cant take of my baby cause I gotta buy some bling:)

We hesitate to even attempt to name a VIOD, but we will.

Since we appreciate transparency and personal responsibility we suppose we should "congratulate" dsteelman1 and joe mcpott for admitting they're racist. Instead, we give them our first place award, September 26, 2009.

Second place goes to gottheanswer for habitual harassment of Mary Parker and use of the code word "they."

Unless the Rep advocates a free-speech-for-all-free-for-all (which they don't) we still don't understand why it waits until the RR's are hammered by decent commenters to take action--and that action it to close the thread.

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