Saturday, October 17, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, October 16, 2009: dsteelman1, ohiodude

Reppie bloodletters are at it again.

When we last left dsteelman1, he'd won a IHC-CIA -sponsored trip to the Middleastern country of his choice to whack as many prisoners he could work into his 10-day vacation. Unfortunately, the tickets remain in our Hartville mail drop awaiting pick-up. Now, he's proferring a suggestion that the State of Ohio can clear out its bloated prisons by shooting all of its "violent" prisoners and then move in the "misdemeanor' folks" to fill the vacuum. And, we assume, save dreaded government jobs for the (mostly) lesser class, though he fails to mention that windfall

In Ohio Prison System to Cut Jobs, Close Facilities, DP writes:

Im almost in the Marley camp on this one. Im hoping for a little more in the anarchy department .

ANyone who thinks all the prisoners are just misunderstood victims of their upbringing, please start protesting to get ALL of them released.

It would be like Mad max in this state. Maybe then some of you criminal lovers would get a dose of reality.

You want better prisons?? Then make the prisons for the 'misdemeanor ' folks.

Shoot all the violent offenders. You would have plenty of room then. Lower taxes due to less people in prison. I say its a win-win.

But most people today think the criminals have an excuse for thier crimes and will moan and cry if they are really punished( death penalty ) for their crimes.

Someone on here said we have 4 million people in the prison system. How bout we shoot all the violent ones and see how fast people shape up??

We also have a (for now) nicer kinder ohiodude hinting that convicted felons are all Democrats headed for the Halls of Congress and the Whitehouse:

wow, here are more democrats that can run for office. since they no longer have to live in cells, maybe one can perhaps make it to congress, the house of representatives and maybe the white house too!

We thereby name dsteelman1 Village Idiot of the Day, October 16, 2009. ohiodude is our runnerup.

For more news on both, go to the Cast of Characters; Plotlines sidebar and click them on. (be sure to look at labels with "marks.)

Finally, we repeat what we wrote last month:

We find it amusing, if that is the correct word, when law-and-order, Constitution-carrying Reppies shred their beloved and favorite legal document when it comes to crime, criminals, and execution. Seems the Constitution and its protections are only for well-behaved, law abiding citizens. Like them.

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