Monday, December 28, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, December 26, 2009: In My Opinion, Frank Manello, tim123,

The whiners are at it again. This time the whine is about the Jackson High School Purple Army marching band playing in a "giant band" at the Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans this coming Friday. You'd think any community would be proud and happy about their home school winning such an honor. But then every community isn't Canton and environs where good news is as welcome as a mouse at a wedding. The article states clearly:

Private donations and fundraising money pays for the trip; no tax dollars are spent. It cost more than $1,300 a person to participate.

But that doesn't stop our Reppies from kvetching about tax payer money going into the pockets of rich kids.

In My Opinion (who claims in another thread that he/she/it is not VIOD winner "inmyopinion") initiated the doom and gloom. voicing paranoia that the band might "embarrass the Jackson community." Just how it might embarrass the "silver-spooned" population of Jackson is left to our imagination:

Jackson High School's Purple Army performs in Cajun country
In My Opinion
Jackson pulls all kinds of tricks to get their levy passed, hurting senior citizens and people on fixed incomes , but then finds the money to send the silver spooned band members on an all expenses paid trip to New Orleans.

Hopefully, the 'Purple Army' will not embarass the Jackson community, as the football team most certainly did this past season!.

In My Opinion

Followed up later by:

In My Opinion
Perhaps as a gesture of goodwill to the many senior citizens and other Jackson Township residents who are being financially harmed by the recent passage of the school levy, the 'Purple Army' could be at the post office on April 15th playing Taps and other somber tunes.

We're waiting for the writer to suggest that the bandparents sell candy bars door-to-door to raise money for township taxpayers.

Then Tim123 chimed in, prophesying the worse case scenario:

Tim 123
!st the basketball team goes out west to play, and now the band goes out west. Where is the money comming from.

Give us a line by line statement of where the funds are comming from, and how they were spent.

Also the total cost..........big cover up comming.

Finally, here's our fav, Big Frank Manello, complaining about Jackson parents in general:

While I have no problem with people using their own money as they see fit, I do have to wonder how many parents of those going on the trip cried the loudest about 'pay to play' preferring instead to stick everyone with a levy?

Frank makes a big assumption. Maybe he can scare up a private list of Jackson "criers"to compare with his private list of Jackson bandparents.

What's with these people? IHC, remembering when Jackson Township was Yokelsville, isn't too fond of the current entitled upscale residents-in-ugly houses crowd (a relative included) , but we are not too fond of whiny commenters, incapable of reading a news article, either. Maybe we're getting too old for this. What's wrong with simply taking a story at face value? Why is there always a hidden agenda? Why is good news always met with a shotgun?

Anyway, on general principle, we are happy to accord In My Opinion (or is that "inmyopinion"?) Village Idiot of the Day, December 26, 2009.

Second place goes to Frank Manello who owns every dime he ever made and always ascribes the worst motives to those less or more privileged than he is.

We kinda sympathize with Tim123. It's not like the Jackson school marms have the best record for truth and honesty and financial integrity, but there's just something too snippy about his post to call it off. So we name Tim 123 runner up.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Canton Fire Fighter News and Support 1

Last night IHC received this message from the Lose the Mayor and Keep our Firefighters in Canton Facebook page. We will continue to post relevant messages here:

Jonathan Cole sent a message to the members of Lose The Mayor and keep our
Firefighters in Canton.

Subject: City Council Meeting Dec 28th

"Monday Dec 28th 7:00 pm there will once again be a city council meeting. Thanks to all of those who were able to make it out last week. Once again we ask that anyone who can attend to do so. Our firefighters need our support and we need to be there to give it to them. Time and time again these men and woman come to help us when we are in need, and without them many lives would be lost. On christmas eve we saw a citizen loose his life in a fatal fire. A few days prior we saw 9 animals also perish and countless numbers of houses being lost in this city. We see surrounding townships feeling the effects as well when their citizens lose medic units and fire engines while they are being asked to help the city. The mayor ( i refuse to capitilize that word from now on) is going to try to down play these losses as a situation of circumstance instead of a result of diminished manpower and extended response times. We need everyone to be in attendence to see to it that this does not happen. He needs to know that the blood lost on his watch will be on his hands."

Photo from IAAF 249

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Brother Ray and I Hate Canton wish you all a happy day, no matter how you celebrate (or don't.)

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, December 22, 23, 2009: Inmyopinion, aylenadashacova, TheSalvager, theame19, Chilly, Mike Harris

Here it is Christmas Eve. You'd think Reppies would have other things to do than Scrooge around the pages of the Rep. Not so!

We'll skip the incessant ranting on Obama, healthcare, and the Canton fire department and instead present you with Christmas Spirit Reppie Style.

A few days ago the Rep ran a story about local McDonald's owner Guy Cecchini's 19 year "Caring and Sharing" program of offering free sausage and hotcake breakfasts at his Massillon and Alliance stores. The majority of the responses were, of course, positive. Unfortunately for some Reppies, no good deed can go unpunished. Here's what they had to say:

Two area McDonald's to give away free hot cakes, sausage on Christmas Day
Nice try at a good gesture. To me this sounds like 'free advertising' gimmick. Everybody knows McDonalds food is 'NOT HEALTHY'. I bet Guy C. won't be eating that crap. The Ronald McDonald House is a GREAT facility built on the backs of poor working Americans who can't afford a decent meal. While millions of people everyday are addicted to eating that saturated fat crap stuff they call food. Our hospitals are in business because of it.. GO GO CHOLESTORAL !! NOT

Just another abused program. I use to be a McDonald's mystery shopper and was tasked by Cecchini Enterprises to help out at the Dueber Avenue location to stop those at the door that were just trying to get a free meal. Folks in their Cadillac's, cashmere over coats, and felt hats, with more kids tagging behind, all claiming to be part of the family and in need of a free meal. Never again will I screen out the abusers only to be told, 'let them in.'

NOTE: It must be true! I Hate Canton's crack paparazzi team caught Brangelina and family leaving last year's free hotcakes and sausage breakfast at the Alliance McDonald's.

Inmyopinon continues to opine:

mrbuster - No Joke! I remember this one man who had come from church with a gray felt hat and a pheasant feather sticking out of it, picture perfect, newly polished Caddy, umpteen million kids wearing rags, he wore a full length cashmere coat and I stopped him and told him at the door, that 'this is for the needy families.' He replied 'We is needy.' Maybe if priorities were realigned slightly, he may not have had the need. Simple rule is; if it is free, everyone qualifies.

followed by

mary v parker - Oh come on...That is verbatim what he said. And...yes, the coat was cashmere, because he let me feel it as he flaunted his dress and looks. Those little ones were decked out in the Sunday worst, while he was decked out in the Sunday best. I am not an English major, I write as the words come to mind. I do not have a 'beef' with Mr. Cecchini, I worked on his staff and proud of it. I have a great deal of respect for him

Christmas Trees
On a similar note, we have the nefarious tax-dodging Smith Nursery Christmas tree giveaway at Goodwill. (The pictures to the right are of lines of layabouts hoping for a tree during one of IKEA's "free Christmas tree" promotions in Japan). IHC warns that once Smith and Goodwill open the floodgates in Canton, we can expect the same mass of deadbeatery. But how will they get their trees home since none of these bums went to college so they could someday have the money to buy a car to spend each December doing their civic Christmas duty? Hijack innocent and respectable Cantonians going about their Christmas business of filling the city's tax coffers with their hard-earned non-socialist dollars?

(NOTE: Why aren't those IKEAheads out working or looking for jobs instead of relying on the socialist IKEA to give them something?)

Goodwill in Canton to offer free trees
Mike Harris ( he back tracks later)
Wow, gotta give credit to Smith Nursery on the nice business move! It's three days before Christmas, your trees aren't selling in this pathetic economic climate & you would have to pay to dispose of them. What to do? Donate them to charity, saving the disposal costs, reaping the sweet tax write-off, and grab some positive PR.

Jail is cheaper than Christmas
Then there's Diane Lyons in Carrollton, who turned over her 6-year old kid to the cops for trying to boost a package of stickers from Discount Drug Mart. And then asked for the $30.00 award offered by the store for snitching out shoplifters. Her request was later rescinded allegedly because she "felt bad about doing it." (Translation: she was tarred by the public).

Any rational person knows that sending the cops after a 6-year old for doing something lots of 6-years old do is not only bad parenting but a waste of police time and money. We'd love to know what the cops thought about this. Among others, mitchypoo and our favorite VIOD Bummy agree with IHC that Mommie Dearest is a mercenary moneygrubbing bitch. Scads of Reppies, however, praise Ms. Lyons (though not her money grubbing) for her proactive stance against her budding gangbanger. Here are some responses coming from that side:

Carrollton woman turns in 6-year old daughter for shoplifting
considering in three years the child could go to juvi for what she did, I think the mom made the right call. She committed a crime and the punishment for a crime involves police, not the same stern talking to that you get at home when you don't clean your roomc

That was a great idea.Hopefully that child will learn their lesson,got a good scare and sees what happens in life when they commit a crime.No harm was done and Im sure a huge amount of good was done.Whats really sad if that woman would have taken her daughter home and gave her a good well deserved spanking and someone found out the women could have been arrested.

If I were a betting man, which I have been to be from time to time, I would venture a fair amount that we have a single mother here raising children spawned from mulitple fathers. This is why, my opinion, no mention of what dear old dad thinks has been made. I have to think if a father figure had been involved this would have been handled in-house.

We've often wondered where all these Cadillac driving welfare cheats in cashmere coats and felt hats (adorned with a jaunty pheasant feather just like Dad wore), that we've heard about since Ronald Reagan was president, hang out. Now, thanks to Inmyopinion's intrepid work as a mystery shopper, we know: The Dueber Avenue, SW McDonald's! We admit, though, that the only Cadillacs we've noticed there are old, and there is nothing quite as old as an old Caddy. They age as well as Robert Redford.

And does anyone other than us find it creepy that Inmyopinion felt up a perfect stranger's coat? Icky! What else and who else does he feel up during fits of class envy? Maybe he was really auditioning for the role of Henry in Mad Men 303. Note also in that ep that Sally stole $5.00 from Gene, and nobody took her to the Ossining police station. She did, however, get to keep Betty for a mother, which might be punishment enough. Young Miss Lyons may feel the same way about hers in a few years.

Then there's Alyenadashacova. We agree with her that children (K and below) are thugs at heart, but we find it highly counterproductive and impractical to send them to the cop shop for rehab for simply performing dumb kid tricks. We believe utter humiliation, such as returning the stickers to the store manager and begging forgiveness, to be more instructive and effective than a ride downtown in a police car. Did they run the siren?

theame19 shows an inordinate interest in Ms. Lyon's bedroom. To assume that she's a wanton single mother with multiple-fathered children is a bit of a leap. Besides, nobody has sex in Carrollton. At least nobody we know.

For expressing outstanding Reppie Christmas spirit, we are proud to name Inmyopinion, alyenadashacova, and theame19 co-recipients of the Village Idiot of the Day Award, December 22 and 23, 2009 (Catching up a bit.)

Chilly and the TheSalvager receive second place awards.

To show that I Hate Canton does indeed possess the Spirit of Christmas in our hearts, and sometimes is kind to strangers, we award an Honorable Mention to Mike Harris, but only because he seems (or pretends) to know that he put his foot in his mouth.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, December 21, 2009

We've been so busy reading comments that we forgot to post Monday's VIOD.

Actually, we took the bait and wasted an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out elnstench's real identity after he/she putatively outed him/herself (we suspect himself) as the "Chaplain for the Stark County TEA PARTY." (His/her caps, not ours). So far, we've been unable to locate such a creature. We did find these interesting Canton Tea party sources, though:

Canton Tea Party page

Jason Wise's Canton Tea Party page

Reality Talk (Ohio Objectivist Society* blog) with this report on the Canton tea party movement.

*(NOTE: We'd love to see the reaction of the imperious Ms. Rand to Tea Baggers. We can guess, though, based on Murray Rothbard's short one-act morality play, Mozart was a Red (intro by Justin Raimondo), based on an evening with Ayn Rand. Read it and you can, too.

What ARE your premises?

But, back to business. elnstench has so enchanted us with his hatred of firefighters, that we're picking him/her/it out for another round of recognition this week. Who else but someone weaned on a fire hose would call firefighters communists?

Canton firefighters to picket over layoffs
As Chaplain for the Stark County TEA PARTY, I would like to thank Mayor Healy for confronting our local Communists Organizations and protecting the rights of our tax payers. Hopefully, WHBC and the Rep. also see the corruption the Unions have sown in our midst! Contract out as needed. Thank you!

Village Idiot of the Day, December 21, 2008: elnstench!

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Does This Mean Adam Herman Will Now Have to His Freel Time Snooping on Martin Olson?

Martin Olson is keeping the heat on Mayor Jamie I-graduated from-the-Stern-School-and-know-what-I'm-doing Healy. And Healy's not amused.

According to Olson's, Hmmm, are we in Canton, Ohio or Canton, China? Healy has blocked access to Olson's Stark County Political Report from city hall computers. Does Junior Boy (a designation used by IHC's former boss for underlings he especially disliked) really think blocking Olson from on-the-job reading, like he's Dr. Tushy, will win friends and influence people? The folks on the 6th floor are all well aware that the flood is rushing through Healy Gate. If anything, Healy's latest attempt to stifle dissent will bring more interesting phone calls and emails Olson's way.

Who's purged next? The Repository? I Hate Canton?

I Hate Canton is not a Canton political "insider," though we once got as far as the vestibule. It doesn't take an insider, though, to recognize a megalomaniac. And this meglo is destroying the city.

We believed formerly that the thoroughly corrupt CC Curtis, removed from office by Gov. Vic Donahey, and returned by "the voice of the people" with a gracious assist from local bootleggers, was the worst mayor in Canton's history. We have downgraded him to second place. At least Charlie was an honest crook.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, December 20, 2009: mitchypoo

While we were collecting quotes on the trainwreck that is the the Canton firefighter lay-offs, we took, a break to read some "non-offensive" articles, like Dillie the deer living in Canal Fulton home, about a domesticated deer (10th generation) that lives with veterinarian Melanie Butera and her husband, Steve Heathman. Who could object to that?

Mitchypoo, that's who!

Here's a collection of 'poo's reading-impaired responses to the article. We begin with:

What Vet would feed a Deer Ice Cream, Dog treats or Spaghetti??? and if you read this story in the Massillon Inde online they show a photo of them feeding the deer Sweet-n-low and coffee creamer??? whats up with that? are these people crazy ... what about deer ticks?imagine when it urinates in the house and you thought cat pee was bad....I'm sure the thing craps around the house too, ever seen deer crap... yuck!....this is wrong on every level and they should be ashamed of treating this wild animal like a pet ... give it a few years and the Rep will be back reporting that it went nuts and crashed through the glass patio door and escaped ....

Even when Dr. Mel politely attempted to set him straight,

To Mitchypoo: I must correct your misinformation. As it VERY clearly states in the article, Dillie is NOT and never has been a wild deer. She was born on a deer farm in Brewster and has a ten generation pedigree of domestication. The bulk of her diet is hay and grazing, but she likes treats of all types. Her treats are only a very small part of her diet, but the reporters thought this is more fun to show than her eating her hay or grass. Deer have a great capacity to derive energy from all sorts of varied sources, and that is how they make it through the winter in the wild.

Dillie is indeed very housebroken. She is NOT a 'Thing' and she does NOT' crap around the house'. She is very clean and we have had very few problems with her in this regard. Even when all the recent strangers and reporters in the house, she has not had an accident. In fact, she has really loved meeting with them. A phtographer just spent two whole 12 hour days with her, taking thousands of pictures . She did not have one single accident. and as he took shot after shot she just sat passively or tried to lick him. The flash did not make her afraid or make her crash through the patio door.

Dillie receives a monthly preventative for fleas and ticks, just like our dog and cats. I am exposed to many zoonotic diseases every day in my profession and Dillie is not in any way a danger to us.

Dillie has not so much broken a single stifk of furniture. Only an occasional coffee cup that she likes to tip over . She can go inside and out of the house into at will for most of the day and into five acres of woods and lawn that is fenced in.

Dillie is a very special animal that entered our life by pure chance, and has adapted to her life so well that she is really less trouble than any of our other beloved pets.

We are not crazy, we are animal people. To a non animal person, I can never explain how animals become such a part of your life and family and how much joy and love they give you. To an animal person, I find I do not have to even explain this. They just 'get' it.
Melanie Butera, DVM

he continued with:

Oh yea I forgot Animals never have accidents in the house .... It's a WILD animal not a dog ... maybe they will get lucky when it goes nuts, unlike that lady who owned the monkey that tore her friends face off!!! ...

Being a professional I would like the good vet would have had the sense to take the sick animal to a rehab for wild animals where they retrain them and release them back knot the wild ... Being a professional Vet I think one wouldn't keep a WILD animal captive in there house ... If a baby bald eagle falls out of a nest I'm not keeping it as a pet, I'm calling someone .... As a professonal Vet I hope they are not using this poor animal as cute novelty to promote their business or to enter online contests ... Oops sorry, they already did that .... What's next? ... How about nursing a black bear as a pet ? ... Hey they might get on the Today Show with that cute story!!!

Only in canton ... could you get people all riled up over a Deer ... in New York or California they have to be laughing at us HICKS! .... Ms. Watkins must be related to the old Mayor the way she attacks others on here ... I am thinking about writing a letter to the State to have this deer taken from these cruel college educated people that are holding a beautiful animal captive ... There is nothing humane about keeping this WILD creature in there home, it seems like this vet has a god complex or a mother nature complex .. surely the doctor is using this poor animal for her gain ... I say take the 1,000 bucks you WON and call a proper wildlife rehabilitation center to care for this deer .... Wild animals that are raised around people lose their natural fear of humans. The majority of the wild animal attacks on humans are by deer and other animals that no longer fear humans. .... Being nice to animals doesn't mean that we should treat nature exactly the same as we treat ourselves. It might seem cold in the short run, but if we protected every single animal that would die without us, then we would quickly destroy every ecosystem and create a chain of extinctions that would snowball at an exponential rate until a new balance was found that would be just as cold and delicate as the old balance. Keeping deer as pets based on knee jerk emotions instead of biology are just going to be destructive!! .... If these people are College Educated then they SHOULD know this ...... Just do a google search for people killed by a pet deer ... Deer don't want to be pets!

This isn't the first time we've been accosted by 'poo.

Back on October 20, 2009, we commended 'poo for complaining about the 100th anniversary of Hartung House (former Philomatheon Society for the Blind and now headquarters of the Canton Preservation Society) celebration and exhibiting unmitigated class envy toward elderly Hartung descendants (note, his continued class envy in his designation of Dr. Butera and her husband as "cruel college educated people.") 'poo further believes that everyone who lives in Canton is a "hillbilly." Dr Butera and Mr. Heathman live in Canal Fulton, but we guess that's close enough.

Since we discovered 'poo's Hartung House comments past deadline, he was ineligible for a VIOD award. We make amends now. We are thrilled to bestow the Village Idiot of the Day Award, December 20, 20o9 to Mitchypoo. May he remain always diligent.

BTW, we took up 'poo on his offer and googled stories on pet deer that kill. We found lots of stories about hunters who shoot pet deer, but only one reference to ungrateful home deer who kill their benefactors. That appeared on Seems 8 and 9 point bucks can get nasty in rutting season (as we assume does 'poo). Dillie, of course, is a well-behaved doe.

You can read more about Dillie Deer (with links to other sources), Mel Butera, and the Elm Ridge Animal Hopsital in Canal Fulton here.

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Facebook Members: Lose the Mayor!

Hey, look what we found on Facebook today:

Lose the Mayor and Keep Our Firefighters in Canton described as

A group for everyone that is sick of Canton's sorry excuse of a mayor

Amen! It looks like it went up in late August. As of this writing it's got 832 friends.

There's also the Canton,Ohio Firefighters, EMS and Police page.

Meanwhile the nuttery continues on the pages of the Rep. We shall wait, as is the custom, until tomorrow to name today's Village Idiot, but it's been tempting to jump ahead.

Additions: It's a rael shame we have to have a FB page I support the Canton Fire Department.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, December 19, 2009: elnstench

We knew we'd regret not giving out some kind of an award to elnstench yesterday.

To refresh your memory, in the middle of the City firefighters reject proposal; 28 firefighters to be laid off Saturday thread (see previous entry for topic details) Mr or Ms Stench took Canton firefighters to task for eating and sleeping and weight lifting on their 24-hour watch.

I am tired of paying these guys to lift weights, cook ,sleep, and occassionly work. Contract it out . We can't afford the costs anymore

Not satisfied with making one ignorant remark, Mr. or Ms Stench came back with reinforcements:

The solution is simple. Work 12 hour shifts, pack your lunch, lift weights on your own time, and perform maintainence work on nearby facilities during your spare time

We'd hoped that the gouging the Stench family will get courtesy of the Home Owners Insurance Industry when their next bill comes due would be reward enough, but alas...

We therefore name elnstench Village Idiot of the day, December 19, 2009.

Unfortunately, we failed to archive the remark by "sumo3" in the same thread, in which the writer threatened to bloody up "miraclemax." If we hadn't been so derelict in our duty, sumo3 would be sharing this award.

I Hate Canton can't help asking: where do these people come from? We took an unplanned leave of absence from daily writing for a few weeks, and when we returned, we found a whole slew of new crackpots to deal with. Or maybe they are the same batshits using new nom de plumes.

BTW, as we were finishing this entry, we got curious about sumo3 and looked up the meaning of the word, name. or whatever it is. We assumed it would be something like this:

We found something much more profound, though, in Wiki:

Small ubiquitin-related modifier 3 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the SUMO3 gene.[1][2]

SUMO proteins, such as SUMO3, and ubiquitin (see MIM 191339) posttranslationally modify numerous cellular proteins and affect their metabolism and function. However, unlike ubiquitination, which targets proteins for degradation, sumoylation participates in a number of cellular processes, such as nuclear transport, transcriptional regulation, apoptosis, and protein stability (Su and Li, 2002).[supplied by OMIM]

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, December 18, 2009: Jamie Healy

Is there any doubt who today's Village Idiot is?

Canton Mayor William J. I-graduated -from-the-Stern-School-so-I-know-what-I'm-doing-but-don't-call-me-Jamie Healy.

A long-time coming, Hizhonor has even lost the support of the Rep's editorial board. Can it get much worse? Probably.

Sir William's latest blunder is to lay the city's $4.5 million shortfall (which in great part he created) on the backs of city firefighters, by laying off 28 union members to save $1.8 million--and rejecting all union alternatives to save jobs. These offers included an across-the-board pay cut to spread the loss over the entire department while keeping all firefighters working fulltime.

According to Rosario Carcione, president of the Canton Professional Firefighters Association, the city even rejected a buy-out offer for eight firefighters.

Friday, the inevitable happened. Members of the Canton Professional Firefighters Association voted 130-16 against Healy's union-busting proposal to stop the layoffs. You know it's pretty bad when firefighters vote against "keeping" their own jobs. Maybe it had something to do with Healy's demand that they waive their right to file grievances and protections under SERB. Ya think?

This is from yesterday's Rep, City firefighters reject proposal; 28 firefighters to be laid off Saturday

Rosario Carcione, president of the Canton Professional Firefighters Association, said firefighters rejected the proposal because they had no guarantee that the mayor’s office wouldn’t lay off firefighters in the future. Firefighters also didn’t think that the city administration should have placed the city’s financial burden on the 28 firefighters.

Under the proposal, the work hours for the 28 least-senior firefighters would have been reduced by 44 percent.

Union members also would have forgone their uniform allowance and would have agreed to dismiss a pending arbitration regarding minimum staffing.

Safety Director Thomas yes-man Ream responded:

We won’t be able to man as many apparatuses...We will provide the best service that we can with the reduced manpower.

Martin Olson has been covering this mess extensively, and we recommend you spend some time over at his Stark County Political Blog. His latest on the situation is Confront & conquer: "Sir William J. Healy" on the hunt again? We agree with Olson. While economics drive cut-backs, we believe that megalomaniac Healy is clearly out to avenge the uppity CPFA for refusing to play his game. Remember what happened Healy's brains Tom Bernabei and Tom Nesbitt when they exhibited autonomy from his body politic?

And in case you missed it, Sir William has saved the city a whopping $19,000 ($5,000 in his office alone) by forcing furloughs on city workers, though he claims he's not allowed to furlough himself (and shouldn't even have to pay $10 parking ticket).

We're all for share and share alike, but a loss of $250 to a staff assistant like Kathryn Wise who makes (excluding benefits) $26,000/yr is quite different than a loss of $487 for somebody like Development Director Robert Torres who makes (excluding benefits) $72,329/yr.

Let's hear it for saving the city on the backs of its working class workers! And safety forces, of course. For a listing of "savings" go to the Rep's Are furloughs paying off in Canton?

Though Sir William Jamie is our Village of the Day, we really need to mention this comment:

I am tired of paying these guys to lift weights, cook ,sleep, and occasionally work. Contract it out . We can't afford the costs anymore!

We'd give him an award today, too, but his next house insurance payment should suffice.

We dedicate this video bonus to the long-suffering people of Canton:

Hold tight wait 'til the party's over
Hold tight we're in for nasty weather
There has got to be a way
Burning down the house

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Friday, December 18, 2009

I Hate Canton Expose: Undercover with the Lunch Bunch

We have distressing news tonight. The Lunch Bunch (LB) has commandeered the Repository!

That's the only explanation we can come up with after reading today's Share Your Christmas with the Rep entry reporting that the LB is sponsoring a needy family this Christmas. You know, a family of tax-dodging, lazy SARTA-riding, laid-off tax sponges our Reppies are so fond of complaining about. The LB, according to Parker, raised nearly $500 from its members and got another $100 donation from a local business owner. A $100 food voucher from a local supermarket was donated by another commenter. Frank Manello should be so lucky!

Writing under Mary Parker's signature, the LB published its version of its charitable work, including:

We had a little Christmas party for ourselves, at which we had a Christmas “gift wrapping” theme. That killed two birds with one stone; got the gifts wrapped and filled our bellies with all the potluck dishes and desserts.

The success of this year’s endeavor has inspired us to make this or something similar a yearly event. Collecting the money, doing the shopping, wrapping the gifts has brought Christmas joy to all of us, and certainly invited the Christmas spirit into this Bunch.

I Hate Canton, like Octopuppet, is everywhere (except on this blog). Through our extensive network of moles we learned about this party beforehand. As a result of our intrepid snooping we were fortunate enough to wheedle an invitation from an unwitting gang member and report back to you what transpired that evening in the deepest recesses of suburbia. Our mole not only attended the festivities but actually wrapped presents, a task we weren't sure it was up to, since it considers wrapping akin to 100 push-ups. It reported that the LB, numbering about 25 that night, was as well behaved as Jamie Healy at a Miss Teen Canton contest.

Two women of questionable character, it reported, were accompanied by an INNOCENT CHILD! The unfortunate waif was forced to entertain the gangbunchers on her Bontempi Toy Trumpet with selections from Cole Porter and Adam Sandler while the revelers guzzled Arizona Green Tea and stuffed Krause's chicken, shrimp, baked and green beans, several varieties of potatoes and...most shockingly...tiramisu... in their faces. (see picture above left for selected bunchters).

After the foodfest the LB retired to the basement where they wrapped clothing, books, and toys into the wee hours of the morning...when law abiding people were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.

Why the Repository has chosen to acknowledge this low-lifery is beyond I Hate Canton's comprehension. Especially since the Rep is a totally owned subsidiary of I Hate Canton.

This Lunch Bunch tomfoolery must stop!

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CCAV Vigil - December 19, 2009

IHC will be back soon. IRL stuff has overtaken us. I n the meantime, we received this note:

Hello Everyone,

There will be a vigil and an anti-violence rally chaired by the Canton Coalition Against Violence at 100 Warner Rd NE in Canton, on Saturday, December 19th at 2:00PM. Lawrence Franklin, age 61, of 100 Warner Road, was found murdered last week and the perpetrator remains at large.

Please email me back if you think you may be able to attend or if you require directions or other pertinent information.

Thank you,


Gee, imagine people actually trying to make Canton a better place to live rather than hiding behind their computer screens kvetching all day!

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