Sunday, December 27, 2009

Canton Fire Fighter News and Support 1

Last night IHC received this message from the Lose the Mayor and Keep our Firefighters in Canton Facebook page. We will continue to post relevant messages here:

Jonathan Cole sent a message to the members of Lose The Mayor and keep our
Firefighters in Canton.

Subject: City Council Meeting Dec 28th

"Monday Dec 28th 7:00 pm there will once again be a city council meeting. Thanks to all of those who were able to make it out last week. Once again we ask that anyone who can attend to do so. Our firefighters need our support and we need to be there to give it to them. Time and time again these men and woman come to help us when we are in need, and without them many lives would be lost. On christmas eve we saw a citizen loose his life in a fatal fire. A few days prior we saw 9 animals also perish and countless numbers of houses being lost in this city. We see surrounding townships feeling the effects as well when their citizens lose medic units and fire engines while they are being asked to help the city. The mayor ( i refuse to capitilize that word from now on) is going to try to down play these losses as a situation of circumstance instead of a result of diminished manpower and extended response times. We need everyone to be in attendence to see to it that this does not happen. He needs to know that the blood lost on his watch will be on his hands."

Photo from IAAF 249

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