Sunday, December 20, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, December 19, 2009: elnstench

We knew we'd regret not giving out some kind of an award to elnstench yesterday.

To refresh your memory, in the middle of the City firefighters reject proposal; 28 firefighters to be laid off Saturday thread (see previous entry for topic details) Mr or Ms Stench took Canton firefighters to task for eating and sleeping and weight lifting on their 24-hour watch.

I am tired of paying these guys to lift weights, cook ,sleep, and occassionly work. Contract it out . We can't afford the costs anymore

Not satisfied with making one ignorant remark, Mr. or Ms Stench came back with reinforcements:

The solution is simple. Work 12 hour shifts, pack your lunch, lift weights on your own time, and perform maintainence work on nearby facilities during your spare time

We'd hoped that the gouging the Stench family will get courtesy of the Home Owners Insurance Industry when their next bill comes due would be reward enough, but alas...

We therefore name elnstench Village Idiot of the day, December 19, 2009.

Unfortunately, we failed to archive the remark by "sumo3" in the same thread, in which the writer threatened to bloody up "miraclemax." If we hadn't been so derelict in our duty, sumo3 would be sharing this award.

I Hate Canton can't help asking: where do these people come from? We took an unplanned leave of absence from daily writing for a few weeks, and when we returned, we found a whole slew of new crackpots to deal with. Or maybe they are the same batshits using new nom de plumes.

BTW, as we were finishing this entry, we got curious about sumo3 and looked up the meaning of the word, name. or whatever it is. We assumed it would be something like this:

We found something much more profound, though, in Wiki:

Small ubiquitin-related modifier 3 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the SUMO3 gene.[1][2]

SUMO proteins, such as SUMO3, and ubiquitin (see MIM 191339) posttranslationally modify numerous cellular proteins and affect their metabolism and function. However, unlike ubiquitination, which targets proteins for degradation, sumoylation participates in a number of cellular processes, such as nuclear transport, transcriptional regulation, apoptosis, and protein stability (Su and Li, 2002).[supplied by OMIM]

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Cynthia Vignos said...

Maybe Sumo3 is what was spilled at the truck stop (?)

Stephanie Watkins said...

I was truly PISSED off when I read that comment. But I knew if I went off on Mr or Ms STENCH that perhaps the comments may have been shut down. I didn't want the blame for that one!

As the daughter of a retired Canton City FF, the sister of a current Captain on the Canton City FD, and a former Perry Firefighter/EMS myself, I was totally appalled that anyone could say something like that. I guess that means that every holiday my dad and brother spent away from us, and every picture I have of my dad laying on the ground with an O2 mask on him during a fire in the City, he was really just lifting weights. No big deal. Right.

I'm still speechless and pissed off, and on top of the ending of the Steelers game tonight, I need to go cool down. Thanks for letting me vent.

ps.. I'm so thankful that IHC is back. Where the hell ya been and why weren't we invited? :)