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Village Idiot of the Day, December 22, 23, 2009: Inmyopinion, aylenadashacova, TheSalvager, theame19, Chilly, Mike Harris

Here it is Christmas Eve. You'd think Reppies would have other things to do than Scrooge around the pages of the Rep. Not so!

We'll skip the incessant ranting on Obama, healthcare, and the Canton fire department and instead present you with Christmas Spirit Reppie Style.

A few days ago the Rep ran a story about local McDonald's owner Guy Cecchini's 19 year "Caring and Sharing" program of offering free sausage and hotcake breakfasts at his Massillon and Alliance stores. The majority of the responses were, of course, positive. Unfortunately for some Reppies, no good deed can go unpunished. Here's what they had to say:

Two area McDonald's to give away free hot cakes, sausage on Christmas Day
Nice try at a good gesture. To me this sounds like 'free advertising' gimmick. Everybody knows McDonalds food is 'NOT HEALTHY'. I bet Guy C. won't be eating that crap. The Ronald McDonald House is a GREAT facility built on the backs of poor working Americans who can't afford a decent meal. While millions of people everyday are addicted to eating that saturated fat crap stuff they call food. Our hospitals are in business because of it.. GO GO CHOLESTORAL !! NOT

Just another abused program. I use to be a McDonald's mystery shopper and was tasked by Cecchini Enterprises to help out at the Dueber Avenue location to stop those at the door that were just trying to get a free meal. Folks in their Cadillac's, cashmere over coats, and felt hats, with more kids tagging behind, all claiming to be part of the family and in need of a free meal. Never again will I screen out the abusers only to be told, 'let them in.'

NOTE: It must be true! I Hate Canton's crack paparazzi team caught Brangelina and family leaving last year's free hotcakes and sausage breakfast at the Alliance McDonald's.

Inmyopinon continues to opine:

mrbuster - No Joke! I remember this one man who had come from church with a gray felt hat and a pheasant feather sticking out of it, picture perfect, newly polished Caddy, umpteen million kids wearing rags, he wore a full length cashmere coat and I stopped him and told him at the door, that 'this is for the needy families.' He replied 'We is needy.' Maybe if priorities were realigned slightly, he may not have had the need. Simple rule is; if it is free, everyone qualifies.

followed by

mary v parker - Oh come on...That is verbatim what he said. And...yes, the coat was cashmere, because he let me feel it as he flaunted his dress and looks. Those little ones were decked out in the Sunday worst, while he was decked out in the Sunday best. I am not an English major, I write as the words come to mind. I do not have a 'beef' with Mr. Cecchini, I worked on his staff and proud of it. I have a great deal of respect for him

Christmas Trees
On a similar note, we have the nefarious tax-dodging Smith Nursery Christmas tree giveaway at Goodwill. (The pictures to the right are of lines of layabouts hoping for a tree during one of IKEA's "free Christmas tree" promotions in Japan). IHC warns that once Smith and Goodwill open the floodgates in Canton, we can expect the same mass of deadbeatery. But how will they get their trees home since none of these bums went to college so they could someday have the money to buy a car to spend each December doing their civic Christmas duty? Hijack innocent and respectable Cantonians going about their Christmas business of filling the city's tax coffers with their hard-earned non-socialist dollars?

(NOTE: Why aren't those IKEAheads out working or looking for jobs instead of relying on the socialist IKEA to give them something?)

Goodwill in Canton to offer free trees
Mike Harris ( he back tracks later)
Wow, gotta give credit to Smith Nursery on the nice business move! It's three days before Christmas, your trees aren't selling in this pathetic economic climate & you would have to pay to dispose of them. What to do? Donate them to charity, saving the disposal costs, reaping the sweet tax write-off, and grab some positive PR.

Jail is cheaper than Christmas
Then there's Diane Lyons in Carrollton, who turned over her 6-year old kid to the cops for trying to boost a package of stickers from Discount Drug Mart. And then asked for the $30.00 award offered by the store for snitching out shoplifters. Her request was later rescinded allegedly because she "felt bad about doing it." (Translation: she was tarred by the public).

Any rational person knows that sending the cops after a 6-year old for doing something lots of 6-years old do is not only bad parenting but a waste of police time and money. We'd love to know what the cops thought about this. Among others, mitchypoo and our favorite VIOD Bummy agree with IHC that Mommie Dearest is a mercenary moneygrubbing bitch. Scads of Reppies, however, praise Ms. Lyons (though not her money grubbing) for her proactive stance against her budding gangbanger. Here are some responses coming from that side:

Carrollton woman turns in 6-year old daughter for shoplifting
considering in three years the child could go to juvi for what she did, I think the mom made the right call. She committed a crime and the punishment for a crime involves police, not the same stern talking to that you get at home when you don't clean your roomc

That was a great idea.Hopefully that child will learn their lesson,got a good scare and sees what happens in life when they commit a crime.No harm was done and Im sure a huge amount of good was done.Whats really sad if that woman would have taken her daughter home and gave her a good well deserved spanking and someone found out the women could have been arrested.

If I were a betting man, which I have been to be from time to time, I would venture a fair amount that we have a single mother here raising children spawned from mulitple fathers. This is why, my opinion, no mention of what dear old dad thinks has been made. I have to think if a father figure had been involved this would have been handled in-house.

We've often wondered where all these Cadillac driving welfare cheats in cashmere coats and felt hats (adorned with a jaunty pheasant feather just like Dad wore), that we've heard about since Ronald Reagan was president, hang out. Now, thanks to Inmyopinion's intrepid work as a mystery shopper, we know: The Dueber Avenue, SW McDonald's! We admit, though, that the only Cadillacs we've noticed there are old, and there is nothing quite as old as an old Caddy. They age as well as Robert Redford.

And does anyone other than us find it creepy that Inmyopinion felt up a perfect stranger's coat? Icky! What else and who else does he feel up during fits of class envy? Maybe he was really auditioning for the role of Henry in Mad Men 303. Note also in that ep that Sally stole $5.00 from Gene, and nobody took her to the Ossining police station. She did, however, get to keep Betty for a mother, which might be punishment enough. Young Miss Lyons may feel the same way about hers in a few years.

Then there's Alyenadashacova. We agree with her that children (K and below) are thugs at heart, but we find it highly counterproductive and impractical to send them to the cop shop for rehab for simply performing dumb kid tricks. We believe utter humiliation, such as returning the stickers to the store manager and begging forgiveness, to be more instructive and effective than a ride downtown in a police car. Did they run the siren?

theame19 shows an inordinate interest in Ms. Lyon's bedroom. To assume that she's a wanton single mother with multiple-fathered children is a bit of a leap. Besides, nobody has sex in Carrollton. At least nobody we know.

For expressing outstanding Reppie Christmas spirit, we are proud to name Inmyopinion, alyenadashacova, and theame19 co-recipients of the Village Idiot of the Day Award, December 22 and 23, 2009 (Catching up a bit.)

Chilly and the TheSalvager receive second place awards.

To show that I Hate Canton does indeed possess the Spirit of Christmas in our hearts, and sometimes is kind to strangers, we award an Honorable Mention to Mike Harris, but only because he seems (or pretends) to know that he put his foot in his mouth.

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mary said...

What the hell is the matter with people? Not everyone that does something good has an ulterior or devious motive. Some people just love to do good works.

I love the family of crackheads going in there to get that free breakfast. Maybe next year, the gentleman should specify NO CRACKHEADS ALLOWED, NO BASTARDS ALLOWED, NO CASHMERE WEARING, CADILLAC DRIVING FOLKS ALLOWED, NO MATTER HOW BROKE OR HUNGRY THEY ARE.

BD said...

Have you ever seen a more sorry group of Scrooges in your life? I think they project their own pettiness and deviousness on to others.

Margaret said...

Just when I think I've read all the idiotic comments people can write, somebody comes up with something new.
I don't know how somebody could read the story about the woman who called the cops on her six year old and deduct that she has to be a single mother and has kids with multiple fathers.
Even married people can be idiots. This lady sure is one.
Also, "Inmyopinion" seems to have a new unbelievable story every day.
There will never be a shortage of idiots of the day.