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Village Idiot of the Day, December 26, 2009: In My Opinion, Frank Manello, tim123,

The whiners are at it again. This time the whine is about the Jackson High School Purple Army marching band playing in a "giant band" at the Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans this coming Friday. You'd think any community would be proud and happy about their home school winning such an honor. But then every community isn't Canton and environs where good news is as welcome as a mouse at a wedding. The article states clearly:

Private donations and fundraising money pays for the trip; no tax dollars are spent. It cost more than $1,300 a person to participate.

But that doesn't stop our Reppies from kvetching about tax payer money going into the pockets of rich kids.

In My Opinion (who claims in another thread that he/she/it is not VIOD winner "inmyopinion") initiated the doom and gloom. voicing paranoia that the band might "embarrass the Jackson community." Just how it might embarrass the "silver-spooned" population of Jackson is left to our imagination:

Jackson High School's Purple Army performs in Cajun country
In My Opinion
Jackson pulls all kinds of tricks to get their levy passed, hurting senior citizens and people on fixed incomes , but then finds the money to send the silver spooned band members on an all expenses paid trip to New Orleans.

Hopefully, the 'Purple Army' will not embarass the Jackson community, as the football team most certainly did this past season!.

In My Opinion

Followed up later by:

In My Opinion
Perhaps as a gesture of goodwill to the many senior citizens and other Jackson Township residents who are being financially harmed by the recent passage of the school levy, the 'Purple Army' could be at the post office on April 15th playing Taps and other somber tunes.

We're waiting for the writer to suggest that the bandparents sell candy bars door-to-door to raise money for township taxpayers.

Then Tim123 chimed in, prophesying the worse case scenario:

Tim 123
!st the basketball team goes out west to play, and now the band goes out west. Where is the money comming from.

Give us a line by line statement of where the funds are comming from, and how they were spent.

Also the total cost..........big cover up comming.

Finally, here's our fav, Big Frank Manello, complaining about Jackson parents in general:

While I have no problem with people using their own money as they see fit, I do have to wonder how many parents of those going on the trip cried the loudest about 'pay to play' preferring instead to stick everyone with a levy?

Frank makes a big assumption. Maybe he can scare up a private list of Jackson "criers"to compare with his private list of Jackson bandparents.

What's with these people? IHC, remembering when Jackson Township was Yokelsville, isn't too fond of the current entitled upscale residents-in-ugly houses crowd (a relative included) , but we are not too fond of whiny commenters, incapable of reading a news article, either. Maybe we're getting too old for this. What's wrong with simply taking a story at face value? Why is there always a hidden agenda? Why is good news always met with a shotgun?

Anyway, on general principle, we are happy to accord In My Opinion (or is that "inmyopinion"?) Village Idiot of the Day, December 26, 2009.

Second place goes to Frank Manello who owns every dime he ever made and always ascribes the worst motives to those less or more privileged than he is.

We kinda sympathize with Tim123. It's not like the Jackson school marms have the best record for truth and honesty and financial integrity, but there's just something too snippy about his post to call it off. So we name Tim 123 runner up.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't make any assumptions. I "merely wondered". Do you know the difference? FM

Cynthia Vignos said...

I just love it when taxpayers complain about school levies after they've already received the benefits of a public school education.

Anonymous said...

Myself and my two siblings went to OLOP followed by Central or Aquinas. I did go to Glenwood for two years. Wow. Thirty four years of private school versus two of public. Our parents paid both taxes and tuition. With your gift for making assumptions perhpas this site could use your talents. FM

John E said...

While I am told I don't understand (but I do), I still wholeheartedly believe if education is for the children then the money collected to educate our children should be attached to the child and not an area of land. It is done in Ontario (with few complaints) and the parents decide on an education that best suites their child.

As for the Purple Army, "Congratulations and go get 'em!"

BD said...

To who or what are you referring Frank? IHC has never attended a private school outside of a private university. We are a product of the Canton public school system.

Anonymous said...

My previous comment was directed at Cyntia Vignos. FM

Cynthia Vignos said...


I also attended OLOP and STA. My parents paid property taxes and supported the Plain Local School levies. I taught at OLOP and my children attended OLOP. I paid property taxes and supported the Plain Local School levies - because...

The parochial schools receive transportation services (buses), auxiliary services (speech & hearing specialists, tutors, guidance counselors, health aides), instructional materials (textbooks, library books, AV equipment, computers) and professional staff development from the local public school districts.

This is not an assumption, it is a conclusion based upon indisputable data. Parochial school students benefit from the public education system.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia, just what percent of your property tax dollars went to the few items you outlined? Did you get your tuiton's worth? Your comment is one of the lamest, far-fetched attempts at spin I've seen in a long time.