Sunday, January 3, 2010

Village Idiot of the Day, January 1-2, 2010: "cantonman24", "darby214"

Lest you thought that Reppies might resolve to be nicer and kinder in 2010, IHC suggests you go no farther to disabuse yourself than Say hello to Stark's first baby of 2010, about the birth of Brody Carl Beatty at 2:24 AM, January 1, 2010.

We won't count "dbcooper" and "no more's" congratulations to the Beattys for being married and employed. Instead we jump right to Big Frank Manello's greeting to a future taxpayer:

Frank Manello
Congratulations and best wishes to all.

Freeloaders rejoice. Another taxpayer has been born.

We then move on to cantonman 24 who can't leave well enough alone. First C-Man tells us

congrats but what a terrible name lol. you'd think after this decade ended people would get off all those ending in Y names.

When people asked WTF is wrong with you, C-Man, responds:

well i just stated my honest opinion people try so hard to be different with their names and the names end up sounding weird is all. it was just a general comment not hating on them. free country free speech. :)

and post scripts:

and also it is our 'business' because this story is in public view. therefore it is open to any kind of scrutiny. if they didnt want it they shouldnt have had their pictures taken.

We were unaware that "Y names" such as Mary, Harry, Shirley, Perry, Betty, Jerry, Nancy, Patty, Terry...and Brody...were ummm.... laugh provoking. While anyone can have an opinion about a name, it's not as if the Beattys named him Bronx Mowgli or Adolph Hitler. We guess going through life with the weird monicker, "cantonman24" has warped the poster.

C-Man's remarks were mild, though, next to the comment from the keyboard of darby214:

darby214 (post removed)
Just what the county needs another white trash redneck kid. Shoot him before he robs me in 15 years

Perhaps darby214 found dad Erik Beatty's Notre Dame baseball declasse. Or he/she got stood up on New Year's Eve.

Is there any choice?

Our first Village Idiot of the Day award of the year, (January 1 and 2), goes to darby214. Second place goes to cantonman24. We don't' want to distract Mr. Manello from counting his hard earned lucre tonight, so we'll give him a free pass.

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John E said...

Only in the Rep can one find a negative comment about something that make most people happy.

mary said...

Wow, What a great selection of IDIOTS! All are SOOOOOOOO worthy of their titles.

I think 'darby214' takes the cake though. How can you suggest killing a newborn because he might rob you 15 years from now. You're a sicko, and for the suggesting of killing an infant, I think you should be banned for life from not only comments, but from all websites.

BD said...

Darby's post was one of the vilest we've ever read on the Rep page. It's bad enough to beat up on other commenters (or stories) due to race or religion, or whatever someabody doesn't like, but this is a new low.

Anonymous said...

Only your right to free speech should be honored. I may not like what a commenter has to say but I would defend their right to say it.