Thursday, January 7, 2010

Village Idiot of the Day , January 6, 2010: Hitman, JMoosh

Anybody care to guess why this thread was shut down and who these people really are? Thanks to an eager-eyed reader, we have it here for you; and since it's been nuked we're presenting the whole thing here for your perusal.

such an incredible waste any way you look at this. there is absolutely no value on human life!
Good job CPD and thanks for rounding up these dangerous people.

Where did the law go so wrong that we have to waste time and money on a trial for two people documented on video?

They all should fry, they did not ask Christopher if he wanted to die so they have no right to live either and the 3rd should be mention and charge he was there regaurdless if he hit Chis he did nothing to help. And as far as the one at the juvenile center he choose to be an adult that night so he needs to be right out there with the big boys. gottheanswer
Yes thanks to CPD, what a sad story. How can you do that to an other person, im sure rehab will work, huh judge.

OK now lets round them up...get in line and take turns kicking their heads in...Whata waste these little punks are.

After seeing the video...I agree this should be a death penalty case

See what you reproduce when you do crack while pregnant?? Crack babies that murder.

wow...this story really makes me sad to think about..Mr Anderson did not deserve what he had to go thru..i just can't believe that these are kids that killed christopher..i just want to know why they did it...why they decided christopher had to die like that...i do hope they decide to try the teen as an do an adult crime you deserve to be prosecuted as such...just want to give up prayers to christopher's family..

There is a God. These thugs were ment to be caught. Now it is time to prove crime does not pay. Thank you Canton Police Department.

How in the world is the 3rd suspect not even identified to the public? HE WAS THERE, just because he MAY NOT have touched the victim HE WAS THERE ! Why is the 3rd suspects identity so hush hush? Oh maybe he perhaps helped ID the other 2???? JUST SAYIN.......

No More
Everyone loves the police when the put bad guys in jail, but let them write a speeding ticket or parking ticket and it's a different story. BTW, enforcing the law is enforcing the law is enforcing the law, no matter which law is enforced. Good job CPD. No More.

I smell fried coon

Well i don't want to burst everyone's bubbles BUT there are more just like them walking your streets wanting to be gangsters with no respect for adults or authority of any kind. I see it all over the place. And if you try and say something you get cursed and threathened. My one friend told me once to leave the problem alone casue if not i'd become the victim. It had something to do with someone playing there music real loud... I seen two young ladys walking in the middle of the road on a slippery curve and put my window down and said be careful walking it's slippery and you might want to get on the sidewalk.. I was called everything but a white man ..So get used to this kinda news .. it's a on going thing...Until parents and guardians start to teach there kids brothers sisters ect ect respect for there fellow human being... Now i just keep my mouth shut and am ready to defend my self on many levels !

klr---the law system went wrong when criminals began getting more rights than the victims. Now add in better care and more opportunities or programs than law-abiding citizens can get and its real hard to keep believing that "crime doesn't pay".

YES, YES, YES!!!! I don't know how they did it, but awesome!!! CPD!! CPD!!! CPD!!! CPD!!!

Thank GOD for the crime watch video!!!! How can we get those in more neighborhoods?

Hitman, you are Village Idiot of the Day, January 6, 2009

JMoosh, you are second

You both go beyond simply idiocy.

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