Monday, April 25, 2011

I Hate Canton is Back!

We didn't mean to be gone so long.

What started out as a brief winter hiatus turned into a 15 month fling when I Hate Canton was spirited away by a person of the French Persuasion, into a life of dissipation and unrivaled pleasure. During our travels to the Costa Almeria, Split, and Kuala Lumpur, however, IHC read the Repository online regularly--and shared the wit and wisdom of the local non de plumers with Frenchy. Intitally entertained by their provincial writings, Frenchy eventually became depressed by their dimwittery. When Frenchy wrote an essay entitled "The Moral Bankrupcy of the American Bourgeoisie: Being and Nothingness in Canton, Ohio as Exhibited by Anonymous Commenters to the Canton Repository" and sent it off to Etudes Phenomenologiuques we knew it was time to return to Canton and confront the nothingness and being (if there is any).

I Hate Canton, of course, was pleased to see the disappearance of Octapuppet's legendary entities. We are convinced, though, that he/she/it is still writing under a couple assumed names, but we won't name them here, since we don't want to encourage he/she/it to jump out of the closet. Not surprisingly, a slew of posters, some the usual gang, others new (or at least with new names) have filled Octa's vacuum to do battle against welfare queens (such as the one to the right found on Canton City Square recently, lying food stamp collectors, lazy SARTA riders, old and cranky Medicaid patients, and thugish teachers unions. They love John Kasich to a fault and believe that we all--even those who work--should get a job.

Although only back in town a couple days, our first IHC Village Idiot of the Day for the new season will appear here tomorrow around noon. Idiots are not hard to find. Comments welcomed

IHC is back and we're watching you.

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hicktown gal said...

Ah, welcome back! I've missed your sarcasm. It is after all an art-form and reading yours in like gazing at a fine Van Gogh.

hicktown gal said...

Welcome back, IHC!! We've missed your sarcasm and irreverent lambasting of many of Canton's finest. With a presidential election approaching and the economy still flopping around like a dying fish, there should be no shortage of material. Let it fly!!

BD said...

Thanks for the welcome back. We always enjoy your comments. We know it's very difficult for you living in a town that's more hateful than Canton, so we're happy you drop by.

mary said...

You mean there's a town more hateful than Canton? I find that hard to believe.

In any event, I'm so glad you're back. Never, ever go away again.