Friday, April 29, 2011

Village idiot of the Day, April 28, 2011: Just S tom; ocean

In our darker moments we wonder if Reppies should be required to pass a literacy test before being allowed to post. Over the last few days, as the primary election grows near, I Hate Canton has seen what may be the dumbest posts ever to hit the commentsphere.

Here's a couple regulars railing idiotic against SARTA:

SARTA is Essential in Lives of Many Stark Countians
They're spinning this just like the schools do when they want the homeowners to pass a levy,the kids will suffer,now if this levy fails it throws more onto the gravy train,from what I've seen it wouldn't hurt a few people to toenail it a couple miles a day

Only to be topped by Just S tom's vision of the future: Obama tax eaters getting a free ride to Walmart...or, we suppose, to pick up rock on The Strip. Tom, btw, appears to be the Tom formerly known as tom n lou. (see right sidebar for links to earlier Tom posts, which also illustrate his inability to use the shift key).

Just S tom
WE ARE EQUAL.....NOBODY SHOULD DRIVE A CAR....we must obey Obama...

GET IN LINE...GET WHATS FAIR AND take from those who have more...BE FAIR.

dress cloths and ballcaps

Just S tom


And we found this 2-day old related diamond in the rough from Tom in another thread:

Just S tom
Have You Had Your Fill of $4.00 Gas?

While there may be more serious discussions to critique from Thursday (die, Obama birth certificate, die!), I Hate Canton, as a friend of Voltaire, feels it incumbent to record occasionally the ill-educated, ill-bred juvenile rants that appear on the pages of the Rep in the name of free speech and newspaper marketability. We feel sorry for the gang down on 500 S. Market. This is not what they went to J School for.

For April 28, 2011, we give 2nd place to ocean. May her car break down and she (ocean is a self-identified she) be forced to "toenail" it between Canton South and Perry Heights in 8 inches of snow next winter. High heels required.

Just S tom speaks for himself.

On a personal note, IHC believes that SARTA and its supporters are making a big mistake focusing on the "disadvantaged" element of its ridership--the poor, the old, and the student. In a normal town that would be quite acceptable, but Canton/Stark County isn't normal. Reppies have already made it clear that people without cars or car access are socialist tax eating lazy trash. We wonder if a big PR campaign focusing on the normalcy of public transportation (like the normalcy of tax supported police, fire, water, and street repair) might make SARTA more tolerable to the intolerable. Probably not, but it would be worth a try.

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John E said...

SARTA is making a mistake to not include the "entire" community in their ridership requests. I personally know of a prof at Malone who takes the bus from Massillon to the campus more than driving. It frees up more time for writing syllabi, grading papers and research. Bus riding is not just for the poor, look at any 'real' city and see who rides the bus.

BD said...

You said it better than I could, John.

The idea that public transportation is some kind of welfare entitlement for the "poor" and "undesirable" is patently absurd. It serves the general public. A town without public transportation has no future.

The "big lie" about public transportation is a tactic to pit "classes" against each other and part of the overall plan to destroy the middle class. For a long time I rejected the idea that throwing us under the bus (so-to-speak) was paranoid but the longer this pillage goes on, it seems the only reasonable explanation. And the corporate elites got a bunch of no-mind people like our Reppies, who probably can't rub two dimes together, to act as their street thugs. What really gets my goat is that the SARTA tax is negligible. It's not like anybody is paying a big chunk of change at the end of the year in property taxes. It's 0.25 on every $1000 spent on consumable items.

Anyone who rides a bus knows that a cross section of the population uses it. It doesn't surprise me at all that a Malone prof uses the bus. As gas prices rise a lot more people will be forced to use and--and maybe find out it's not so bad after all.