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Village Idiot of the Day: April 26, 2011: John Bixby, Frank Manello, agentorange, HowDoYouKnow

The War on the Poor continued yesterday. We were hoping to move on to say...bloodlust or Jesus... but Reppies just won't leave the poor (or anyone who uses public services) alone. Food stamps, welfare moms, unemployment, Social Security, SARTA were all stomped on.

Here's the pick of the litter:

Commenting on a Letter to the Editor, we have John Bixby, recommending soft eugenic measures to control the poor. (Paragraphed for easy reading, but spelling remains untouched).

I honestly believe that I have a system that would work alot better than what we have now. First of all regarding unemployment limit it to 3 months period that is more than long enough to find another job and get back on your feet. Now on to our corrupt welfare system first off make everyone currently on welfare refile.

Second make it so everyone filing for benefits must submit to a drug test. If the drug test comes up positive you have a choice to either go to rehab or find a way to support yourself cause we wont. If you go to rehab you will then be subject to random drug testing and if you come up positive again your off welfare period.

Second if you get pregnant with another child while on welfare again your off. You could not support the kids you already have why would you have another that you cant support.

Third everyone applying for benefits would also be subject to a criminal background check if you have commited a crime withen three months of filing or commit a crime at any time while on welfare your off. We will not support criminals period.

Forth people on welfare will have their cases reviewed every three months to make sure they are not abusing the system. And finally fifth any adult on welfare must volunteer at least 30 hours a week to help and give back to the community that supports them. Its only fair we help you you help us.

This will also help to generate jobs because we will need more caseworkers to handle the welfare cases and also save money because I am sure their will not be as many people on welfare.

And who can forget Frank "Scrooge" Manello's odd belief that the government bribes voters with food stamps and confession that he stalks food shoppers.

Frank Manello
Jerry, perhaps the 'anger and contempt' as you put it could be due to frustration at some people selling their votes in exchange for promises of more government handouts.

OBTW I have seen people buying steaks and lobsters using foodstamps. I have also seen foodstampers driving off in nice new expensive cars. Clean up the system and there will be more to go around for people who are truly in need of a hand.

How about agentorange's idea to send the unemployed to migrant camps in Hartville?

.... If the cabins in Hartville are good enough for the migrants, they are good enough for welfare recipients. Some folks can watch the children of the others as they work to support themselves. If the Girl Scouts can have a special mission for the migrants, they can certainly entertain the children of welfare recipients. Enough with the free ride. Either work or starve. Unless one is sick or disabled, there is simply NO EXCUSE. Anyone can pluck a chicken and anyone can pick a strawberry. I've done both.

Finally, we have the latest complaint about freeloading SARTA-riding poverty whores

No need to tax everyone for a service that only some people use. Raise the rates for those who use the service and let those who want to help to pay for those who use SARTA make generous 'tax free' donations to SARTA to subsidize the rates if they so choose. I'm sure that some wealthy liberals in the public sector would look at this as a win / win ....... a tax writeoff and warm and fuzzy.

Our awards from bottom to top:

Honorable Mention and a rubber chicken goes to agentorange. We wonder just how many welfare rollers Hartville's black muck can suck down.

Third Place is awarded to Frank Manello, an inspiration to Nosy Parkers everywhere. Thanks to Frank's heads-up we'll be watching our fellow shoppers and reporting lobster-eating welfare cheats to somebody. Cadillac confiscation optional. (see right sidebar for other Manello citations.)

It's hard to see How Do You Know collect our second place VID since all-in-all HDYK is OK by our book. We are concerned however, by his/her dangerous undemocratic tendencies. The SARTA tax renewal is not a property tax levy (if it were, we'd be more sympathetic), but a tax on consumable items that everybody pays when they buy something the government has declared taxable. So when Tim Timken and HDYK both run in to Speedee Foods for a can of Pringle's and a 6-pack of Bud Light, they're paying the same 0.25 percent sales tax. Two cents won't break either Tim or HDYK, but the loss may seriously harm Mr. Manello's solvency.

Finally, our First Place winner: John Bixby. We were going to explain here how Bixby's recommendations would boost the taxpayer dun (that is, budget) by billions, but theame19 took the time to show us. The only thing he forgot was that most of these state bureaucrats Bixby believes will swell the ranks of the newly employed would also be unionized sucking down his paycheck. oh oh.


We give our special I Hate Canton Cash Cow Savings Award to theame19 for illustrating how Mr. Bixby would bust the taxpayer.

It is obvious to me that from reading over some of these postings that some of you just hate the State of Ohio.

John Bixby comes to mind: Mr. Bixby wants to drug test everyone before they file for welfare benefits. He believes this will cut costs and help fix a broken system.

He is so wrong it is laughable!

Roughly five years ago, the last time I looked to be exact, there were approx. 35 million people across the country using some form of Public Assistance. Some received cash assistance, some food stamps and some medical benefits or a combo of the three. It would be impossible to determine the actual cost of these benefits because people's status change monthly but the number of those receiving benefits remains a constant. Needless to say, however, the amount of the costs of monthly benefits is substantial. All of which is funded by taxpayer dollars so keep this in mind.

Now you want to add drug testing into the mix. It is estimated by the Dept. of Health and Human Services that the approx. cost to drug test one person is roughly $400 dollars. This is a low end estimate meaning it would cost approx. $14 billions dollars a month to drug test each person each month at an annual cost of $168 billion dollars a year.

This is just to administer the tests, process the results and then deal with the following consequences. So now those of you that want to cleanse the system have to shell out an additional $168 billion dollars a year to drug test.

This is such a great idea I feel the urge to go to the bank, withdrawl all my cash, burn it, then dance while the ashes float into the sky.

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