Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, April 25, 2012: Sourdough Sal

I Hate Canton has returned, and we don't want to hem and haw around with our Village Idiot Award. While many are called, only one will be honored as we open this new day of Canton Critique: Sourdough Sal.

Sal has been one of our faves for a long time. A mixture of right wingnuttery, fundamentalist Christianity, cheapskatedness, and dumped wife martyrdom, no one can beat Sal for sheer class hatred. She never misses an opportunity to tell us how hard she works to support "her child" while accusing the rests of us of chronic laziness and....socialism. She may consider herself the local incarnation of Ayn Rand, but we can assure her that Rand would have dismissed her quickly with a well-placed "what are your premises?"

Sal has been previously been awarded VID honors :

June 22, 2009: Conservatives and republicans are overall Christian and closely aligned with the Jewish people and Israel. We do not hate them, we align with them. Liberal or Progressives align with the terrorists trying to end Israel and the Jewish people.

August 10, 2009: Nazi's or national socialist party wanted a national government run health care. Which side is that? Brown shirts were Hitler's minions who roughed up the citizens who tried to speak out against what the government was doing. ACORN, SEIU, AFLCIO anyone?

August 23, 2009: Most of the people that I see on government assistance has the most high tech cell phones and they are either talking constantly or texting.

Sal was also quoted in a July 10, 2009 comment questioning the sexuality of a regular liberal contributor and then suggesting that liberals go to Cuba or Venezuela. Personally we think Sal would be quite at home in Pyongyang.

Sourdough Sal is being honored today for her comments under two Letters to the Editor. Note that the second letter was written by regular commenter Tina Pyle (tpyle1) who for her effort was ruthless dumped on by Sal and other commenters for...going to college.

Sourdough Sal
Typical liberal drivel-if you object to being robbed to pay for the lazy or cadillac benefits for the demonrat union thugs-you are labeled as racist, or snobbish or whatever. Well, thank God we still somewhat have freedom of speech-so I am going to speak...... This comment does not pertain to the RIGHTFULLY disabled or elderly. If I cannot claim you on my taxes-I don't owe you sh*t! Get a job and support yourself and your family!

tpyle1-I will echo others-what exactly do you expect to do with a Criminal justice/comm degree? I agree if you REALLY want to work - RN, accounting, dental assistant is the way to go. At least with RN or accounting you are assured a decent paying job pretty much on the day you graduate. Sure the job may be distasteful to some, but what is more important? Doing what you want or a good paying job?

Even I Hate Canton was rather aghast that Mrs. Sourdough beefed about Pyle's choice of major: criminal justice. As someone noted, it's not Art History! Moreover, Sal's comment suggests that she finds her own work as a nurse "distasteful" We are sure her patients feel the same.

I Hate Canton believes that if we had not been off doing serial mai-tais for the last 15 months Sourdough Sal would have received many more citations. We are sure, however, that she can make up her loss in no time.

But for now, April 25, 2011, however, Happy Village Idiocy, Sal!

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