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Village Idiot of the Day, August 23, 2009: Joe McPott, Bopeep, Sourdough Sal, ajcohio

Racists, and Sexists, and Classists, oh my!

It's hard to believe that Reppies could hate more than they have proven they can, but they've given it the old Can-town try, and they can. This afternoon, Reppies hate bombed Wireless Program Makes Phones Available Free to Low Income Households for Emergency Calls, shutting down the discussion. The article read in part:

TracFone launched SafeLink Wireless in Ohio this month, a free service that will provide eligible, low-income households with a free cell phone, mobile access to emergency services and free 68 minutes of air time each month....SafeLink has become part of the FCC’s Lifeline and Link-Up programs, which began in 1984. Link-Up helps consumers with telephone installation costs, while Lifeline provides discounts on monthly phone service. The aim was to make sure low-income people could reach out for help during emergencies.

The TracFone program is part of the Low Income Program of the Universal Service Fund (USF) administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company. It is funded by contributions from the USF collected as part of the US charge billed to cell phone users. It is not supported by federal tax dollars.

We read this story as an afterthought, and knew immediately to expect a full-frontal attack from the vermin that haunt the dank spaces of the Rep. We were right. We saved 52 comments before the thread was shut down. We are tempted to include all of them here, but that would be too much for the delicate stomachs of our civilized readers. We are, therefore, limiting comments here to the most ignorant, stupid, and ugly, classified under Racist, Sexist, and Classist. Some overlap, so we have arbitrarily chosen the major classification for each. We are particularly struck by the snivel of middle class entitlees that believe the poor lead the Life of Riley on their hard-earned dime. Or is that simply the unvoiced fear our snooty writers may soon be the recipients of free non-governmental cell phone service for the poor?

If anyone would like to read all of the comments we saved, contact us at and we'll be happy to forward it to you.

I can see it now......somebody with one of these phones will roll up next to me in traffic in a white Cadillac Escalade...........

They should recieve cars also. After all how do you get to the store? Better yet, free parking at all O`jays events.

They allready scooped up all the old houses in town ( for free ).. this is why certain neighborhoods are the way they stick section houses in the middle class neighborhoods, and what happens? they sell druds out of them, they attract bums, drug addicts, prostitutes, so yeah canton does have a housing problem ! this might sound racial , but how many white people do you see living in those new habitat houses? you know, the ones with the new caddy in the driveway........ B###S**T !!!!

While we we are on this rant....While at Giant Eagle a few weeks ago, a savy on the public dole dirtback was inline ahead of me. I, a hard working, would like a steak once in a while guy witnessed the following. The well spoken, (yeah right) under nurished (obese) drain on society was very happy to yank out her free food card in front of me. I was pleased to buy her a couple of steaks and a few racks of ribs via her free food card...AKA welfare card......But being the scam artist she was>>>>SHE MADE SURE SHE USED HER GIANT EAGLE CARD FOR THE FUEL PERKS!!! I / WE paid for the food and she gets discounted gas! I asked the cashier if it is legal and she said it happens all day long. If thats not a crock of *&^% and for the record yes she did drive away in a newer SUV that I cannot afford to own..

A cell phone for emergencies I'm good with, it's the rest of the stuff thats killing us.

Bopeep brain was working faster than my fingers....should have said SAVVY on the public dole DIRTBAG. Also she was'under NOURISHED'. WILL TYPE SLOWER NEXT POST.....

Even though some people are low income, they still manage to come up with all kinds of money to buy their cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and lottery tickets. Let them buy and pay for a cell phone like everyone else. If you give them one for free, I'm sure that one of the emergency calls will be the need to call for pizza.

wow...must be nice. I sure wish us middle class could get some help like this... I work all week, but after paying all my bills each month, there are NO monies left over for a cell phone ...NOT EVEN A DIME! hmmmm

Most of the people that I see on government assistance has the most high tech cell phones and they are either talking constantly or texting. Ray, lets add the latest clothing styles, hairdo's, and nails to your list.

I concur kshd, we do not have money for cell phones because we are paying for these! I guess it doesn't pay to be the working humps, huh?

How can people on welfare and low income even afford cells phones? I may not be at poverty level, but I still cannot afford a computer line and cable and a cell phone, so I had to give up the cell phone so I could pay for my computer line and cable.

This sure teaches our poverty level citizens that it pays to not make over poverty level amounts.

Middle class pays for everything for everyone, when they cannot even afford to have it themselves.

Look at health care. Government get's the greatest health care there is and look who pays for it .

I have been in a welfare receipients home, their children have all kinds of video games, big picture tv,brand name clothes, (not from the Goodwill either), computer, all of their chidren have cell phones. These people are on Welfare and have more than I could ever imagine having. The furniture is all up to date, nothing out of style. The only thing they don't own is a home and they are probably smart not to.

I own a home, work my *** off, pay taxes and property taxes and still cannot afford things that these low income family's have. What is wrong with this picture is what I would like to know.

The mother doesn't work, they live in a house for free, (at least they have a roof over their head and don't have to pay for it). While I go to work everyday, have to pay taxes to keep a roof over my head and pay taxes to keep a roof over their heads while they are out buying computers, tv's, cell phones, nice clothes, and computer games. What is this teaching our society?

It just repeats iteself over and over again, they are not teaching their children anything but to live off of other people's tax money that is circulated to our government facilitiies.

They don't have to worry if they are going to have to have enough money to pay their property taxes to keep a roof over their head because they don't have too someone else is paying it for them. They probably don't have to worry about food either.

Where do they get the money for all these things is what I would like to know, but yet are at poverty level and getting government assistance.

No wonder everyone wants to live in America! Come on over, the middle class will pay for your children and you so you can have all the luxuries you want. Not need, want.

You're right,kayal276. I am for helping people, but not to the point that it causes entitlement mentality. I was behind a lady at the grocery store, her kids wanted some gum. She originally told them no, but they picked it up and gave it to her anyway. They chose the kind that were over $2 a pack, so that was $4 in GUM! She just took it from them, said ok, and paid for it with the foodstamp card. I bet if she would have had paid for that with actual cash money she would have thought about it a little more. For me, that would be almost a 1/2 hour of work. I would never pay $4 for gum.

I am sick to death of yet another freebie for low income. Where is the handouts for the middle class working their butts off.

My spouse works two jobs and I work myself . We pay our bills and help our children out a little with their education. There is not one freebie that I am aware of for the hard working middle class. The people I know that are low income already have cell phones and services on them that even I don't have due to the extra cost!!!! Maybe we could offer these recipients of the tracphones jobs instead.

I am just waiting for the day that us middle class will get kicked out of our homes and the 'low income' will be given the homes. The justification will probably be 'You people work all the time and cannot enjoy the home, soooo these people who do not work can really enjoy a nice is your cot to sleep in the back room of your workplace. And by the way, your kids will live at school so they can be indoctrinated 24/7 with liberal ideals!'

I agree wiseguy, med alert is a worthy thing for the elderly and truly disabled. This cell phone idea is truly insane. The radicals truly have taken over.

More than 46,870 people in Stark Co.are eligible ??? No mention of what this program cost is but I guess no expense is too great for helping these poor low-income households. Free medical, housing, food stamps and now cell phones..........sometimes I wonder why I'm so stupid to keep working so hard to make ends meet when I could just give up trying and hopefully get on some of these programs.

Lets see these people get:

Section 8/Federal Public Housing Assistance (free housing)
Medicaid (hospitalization)
Food stamps (beer, wine, cigarettes, and Frito's)
Supplemental Security Income (spending money to buy some crack)
Free National School Lunch Program (mom was on crack and couldn't pack the Frito's)
General Assistance/Disability Assistance (can't have enough assistance can we, now I can park in the handicap spot at Wall Mart)
Home Energy Assistance (free gas, electric, and water)
Supplemental Security Disability Income (see two line above)
Ohio Works First or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Maybe I should check this one out, sounds like a great way to get started at top of list)

Now 68 min for everyone in the household per month for emergencies, I wonder if the new baby gets one.

Come on people we can do better that this. How about a $200.00 gift certificate at Wall Mart per week, or free car insurance in case those 22's get stolen. Why don't we start a 401K program for them? I know, what about a round trip vacation to Disney World twice a year. You know those dumb tax payers won't even know the money is gone.

Why would anyone want a minimum wage job if they were getting all of the above? If you raised minimum wage to $20.00 per hour they would break even.

Next they will be giving them 68 gallons of free gas a month too. what a crock of Sh*t.

Evie 7808
This is not about people who fall on hard times and use the program to get back on their feet. This is about the people who have MASTERED the program and are now in their 4th generation of living off the government.

I know a guy who recently told me to my face about his girl friend being on welfare. He makes over $90,000 a year acording to him. He told me he hasn't bought groceries for the last two years. She moved in with her two kids and life is good. He bragged about all the steaks they eat, and how much money she gets.

And yes you can get alcohol, cigerettes, and lottery tickets with your food stamps, you just haven't figured out the system yet. Would you like to trade $50.00 worth of food stamps for $20.00 cash?

I seen someone said give them a free car...., well hate too tell you but they do !!! its some kind of welfare program, the ( poor ) live better than me. if i was lazy and flat broke maybe i could get me a free car, house, food, gas, elec, and then use my welfare check too buy me some $100.00 jeans that are 5 sizes too big, maybe my girl could get fake nails once a month, and we all could get new jordans,,,, this is a big problem here.this is one reason things are the way they are... gotta help the low-class or it will be discriminating, or be called racial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then there's Evie7808 who has fallen on hard times:

i really dont know what to say about this husband is a college graduate, had a wonderful job in com;puters,, we had a home, and i was a stay at home husband lost his job, we lost our house, and car..we were saved by help...i always looked down on people who got assistance....but now i am one of them..alot of people look down on us but you know what?? this system was supposed to be for people like my family and myself..not for people to abuse it and not do anything for themselves..but one thing needs to be address: if you want to spout negative things about getting these services you better be a little more educated about CANNNNOT get alcohol and ciggies on food stamps...i, for one, will not be doing this program..there are alot more people out there worse off than myself who need these phones.. so in short, dont look down on us who actually try to do something with their lives and are on assistance..we really are trying to move forward..

who was quickly assured by dewthedew88 that nobody was talking about Evie, (IHC Note: yet) who due to her class and perhaps race privilege is amongst the unfortunate but worthy poor.

I'm sure people are not talking about you Evie. They are talking about generation welfare recipients who take after their parents and grandparents who were always on welfare! These people who are on welfare all find money for cell phones and their nails and alcohol and smokes. Alot of them sell their foodstamps for a buck. They have those cards and they take the person in there with them they buy 50 bucks worth of food and the person gives them the cash. I don't believe anyone begrudges your family who actually requires help, just the low lifes!

We have several winners today. Since there's not much competition in the first two categories we name:

Racist Idiot of the Day: Joe McPott because he's had years to get his mother out of "the 'hood" and hasn't, at least according to him. Maybe he's afraid his mother will "sell druds" and contaminate his neighborhood.

Sexist Idiot of the Day: Bopeep. Would you complain if the woman didn't use her Giant Eagle card?

Classist Idiot of the Day: Tie! Sourdough Sal and ajcohio

Our Gal Sal holds a special place in our heart for pure venality. Even more now that she confessed the other day that she's a graduate of Malone College (now Malone University):

Go Malone! I am a proud alumni. Anyone who attends will receive a rock solid education with a strong emphasis on religion, morals, and ethics. This is a wonderful contrast to the ultra liberal public universities!

We'll bet our red and white Malone beanie that she didn't study religion, morals or ethics under John Oliver, Jr.

From the tone of Sal's posts, particularly the second one cited above, we suspect that Mother Sourdough read We the Living to Baby Sally, en utero. We hope Sal has stocked up on Splenda to sell on the black market once the government kicks her and her starving child into the laundry room to make room for Canton rabble to dance and make merry in her master suite. A Christian Randian is indeed scary.

ajcohio has a very warped view of people on public assistance, as dionnem99 (below) points out. We suppose it thinks it's funny. It's not. What do they say about protesting too much? BTW, we know people out in the 'burbs who consider a bag of Fritos (Not "Frito's") an adequate meal for man, woman, or child.

No award to Evie7808, but a hearty welcome to Genteel Poverty We suggest you go to the library and check out Jane Eyre, Bleak House, and Sense and Sensibility. (Don't buy them. If somebody sees you at Borders, they'll report you to the Rep). Unless you have an off-chance of coming into a substantial inheritance from an uncle in Yeovil you've never heard of, your only way out will be to divorce your husband and marry up.

We also commend theme19 and dionem99 for condemning the hate in this thread and going to bat for the needy. We wonder how long it will take for some of our Reppies to join their ranks--of the poor, that is.

I'd get into specifics but we all know that would be futile, as there are so many morons who use this comment board, I would spend all day addressing each individual comment.

So, instead of wasting all day prioritizing the idiotic statements based on their degree of ignorance, I will just ask where did all this hatred come from?

Do you all really think that it is warranted to come on here and whine and gripe like a bunch of spoiled children? In lieu of that, why not offer a solution to what you find bothersome?

You seem to hate people who have found themselves on Public Assistance and for as frustrated as you may be and as warranted as it is to be disgusted by the 'career Welfare Recipient' that do most definitely exist, what makes you the superior being?

All that separates the majority of people on Public Assistance from those who are not is a twist of fate; a budget cut by an employer; economic strife; a sudden illness; an accident; bad luck or any number of other things that would be no ones fault.

Don't think you're all that superior just because your portion of the parapet you sit upon hasn't fallen down yet.....It could happen to anyone at anytime and land you face down writhing for help. Be glad it is there, if you ever call.


I agree with theame 19 why do u all have so much time on your hands to hate people who need help.. i just like you get up and go to work everyday TWO jobs and pay taxes at both of those jobs so i dont feel like you are paying for anything for me. i pay the same taxes u pay... i pay a mortgage just like you with no section 8 however i do get food stamps and medical and free lunch( by the way ajcohio i am not and have never been on crack) i put my clothes on and go to work just like you.. this really shows how ignorant people can be. the fact that u have a problem with people getting assistance is just crazy and that would be why our community is so divided now.. for those of you who are doing all this complaining hope that you never have to apply for government assistance if something goes wrong in your life because you will then see that even though you work hard you may still need help at one time or another.. i am not ashamed of the fact that i recieve food stamps or medical or qualify for this phone in fact i look at this all as a little savings plan... THE TAXES I PAY COMING BACK TO ME... this really says a lot about or community!!!

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mary said...

"Racist Idiot of the Day: Joe McPott" This idiot needs to go in the Idiot Hall of Fame. There are idiots, and then there are idiots. He must have been dealt a double idiotic genetic factor. Here's a stupid comment by him on the Charita Goshay thread about housing:

16 hours ago

Report Abuse
When is the racial crap gonna start flying here? it usually does on subjects like sure it will, the right people havnt commented on this, i will check back later, if it hasnt started yet , then i will get it started........"

Talk about race baiting. This is the idiot that's always accusing someone of being a racist, playing the race card, or stirring the racist pot. Yet here the idiot is disappointed because no one's made what he would could consider a racist comment, such as, "Good morning everyone." He's just itching, and I can imagine where he's scratching, to get in a racist conflict with someone, namely me. The jerk can't even spell.

I'm glad you didn't publish the comments in their entirety . The samples made me want to puke. The entire thread would have been too much to take in one reading, especially with no finicun or Pepto Bismol on hand.

P.S. I still don't believe that a Joe_McPott even exist, except in the head of a real bone head on comments. Just another imaginary person, a playmate for another sicko.

Jim Hardy said...

Racist, classist or sexist? The best term would seem to be 'fool'. Unfortunately, I don't see the Rep doing much to clean up posts of this type.

BD said...

Yes, fool sounds good. We mark up this foolishness to "permission" to post anonymously. Would these people post this drivel if they had to do it under their own names?

With free speech comes responsibility, as Justice Holmes famously opined. It is one thing to disagree with an article, a policy, a poster, and respond in a civil manner as we used to. Now it's a Darwinian free-for-all. The Rep has to take responsibility for content while permitting a broad spectrum of thought at the same time. This crap does not do anything to encourage readership and it insults the intelligence of the readers that stick around.

Idiocy is a problem with every newspaper in the country that permits comments, and it's reaching crisis proportion. We've not had the time, but want to write a serious essay on this.

We haven't read the New York Review for years, but was once a regular subscriber ((pre-internet) The letters to the editor were the most literate we've ever read. We don't expect Rep comments to reach that level, but we do expect civility, respect, and consideration.

mary said...

Funny that some of the people that are so quick to call me a racist, or accuse me of "stirring the pot", aren't saying anything about the race baiting of Joe's comment. Easy to criticize me, but wouldn't dare accuse Joe of race baiting, although that's clearly what he was doing in the Goshay article.