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Village Idiot of the Day, August 12, 2009: TMelvill

Yesterday, the Rep published an account of the latest Stark County Commissioners meeting: County Commissioners Place Renewal Levy on November Ballot. Normally, we skip over Commissioner news. We're not sure why they even exist. For some reason, though, during our morning news perusal, we stopped by, and are we glad we did!

Seems that during the weekly meeting of the County Commissioners, Sheriff Tim strip-search-her-for-her-own-good,-boys,hehhehheh Swanson sent a letter to the board complaining about his department's lousy finances. Here is how Kelli Young reported the Sheriff's lament:

Read a letter from Stark County Sheriff Timothy Swanson about the department’s financial condition and staffing. Swanson said that staffing has dropped from 255 workers in 2007 to 224, including 40 employees who are paid by grants or through contracts and not from the county’s general fund. Due to increased prisoner bookings at the county along with additional obligations, Swanson said the office is researching going to 12-hour shifts to help with staffing shortages, but would need the approval from the unions. “We are stretched to a critical point and will have to address closing portions of the jail as our next challenge,” Swanson wrote.

It's unclear from Young's report what Swanson expects the county to do about it. Probably, the Sheriff's account on his screwed up jail is a test drive to terrorize the public into demanding more money for the county's humble hotel and security service.

It's an old trick.

That said, the idea of closing down jails, laying off deputies, and making Canton and environs even more unsafe from native and illegal thugs that Reppies insist rule our local highways and byways can't make the most unpleasant Reppie do the happy dance. There's a silver lining though, that should lighten their fearful load. Swanson's threat of 12-hour shifts for deputies and staff--IF he can bring the union around. (right!) Why do we think the sheriff will try to turn this into 12 hours work for 8 hours pay? Since Swanson reportedly puts up his Gone Fishin' sign and spends as little time at the jail that he can get away with, he won't have to deal with the problems that such stretched service might create anyway.

Of course, this wet dream isn't gonna happen, except in the jealous mind of TMelvill who can't stand the idea that somebody, somewhere has some job benefit he doesn't.

If the union's do not want to agree to work 12 hour shifts then shut the jail wing/s/ down and lay off those jailers necessary to meet the budget. It is high time we let these 'unions' know that they too work for the taxpayers and that we are not getting pay raises or even coming close to their health care, pensions and benefit packages. At the same time the sheriff has to recognize that double-dipping is unacceptable anytime, but especially when we are confronted with 12.4% unemployment in the non-public sector of Stark County.

But there's more to this than just fiscal jealousy and a dislike for union cops who are probably closet Marxists anyway. In a separate comment, TMelvill reveals he supports jail closures, deputy layoffs, and public unemployment because he's better trained than most cops to handle law enforcement situations. TMelville and Mrs. TMelvill, you see, are "fire arm trained," locked, and loaded. And they have dogs. No doubt cops would just get in the way of TMelvill Justice. And vice versa.

I don't need an officer to respond. My wife and I are firearm trained and certified. I doubt that any officer is better prepared. You can protect yourself to if you decide to take responsibility. The fact is that if and when someone were to attack you there is no chance of an officer being there to take care of you.

My dogs, burglar alarm and cameras protect my acreage and house. I was taught as a child to take responsibility for yourself and your property. So, in a sense I guess I put my life on the line every day for the sake of my community and myself. In fact, I even have a CCW. Perhaps some day I may even come to your rescue.

I Hate Canton feels Melvill's pain. We are all for self-defense. We don't particularly care for police, though Marxist law enforcers serving and protecting Stark Countians pique our interest. Do they discuss What is to be Done with crack dealers? We love guns. Theoretically we support CCW. We just don't like its implementation by whacked Constitutionalists who have little regard for private property rights beyond their their own front door. We find it especially odd that these self-defined anti-government types (depending on the government, of course) have no problem signing up their guns with the police, and are dumb enough not to know they will be the first to lose their police-approved weaponry when the wrong government takes notice.

For being snooty and panting at the thought of union cops being thrown out of work because they are union cops, we once again name TMelvill Village Idiot of the Day, August 12, 2009

Bring it on, TMevill!

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hicktown gal said...

Now we know! TMelville is really Superman. I fell so much safer.