Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, August 17, 2009: ohiodude, jdawg

Woe be to anyone from Canton who escapes the boundaries of our little Hateopolis and goes on to lead a successful life in the real world. We saw this weekend what poor regard our Reppies hold for the O'Jays, the tremendously successful R&B group that has kept its hometown roots alive and well, much to the dismay of local cranks. The O'Jays aren't alone.

Today we have singer Macy Gray. Ms Gray, unfortunate enough to be born here, but smart enough to get out before permanent social warp set in, is the recipient of numerous music awards: American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Soultrain Awards, and 5 Grammies. She will be a contestant in this season's Dancing with the Stars scheduled to start on September 21. Other contestants include Michael Irvin, Donny Osmond, Kelly Osbourne, and the improbable Tom Delay. You'd think in the spirit of hometown niceness, our Reppies could at least wish her luck. But remember. This is Canton and they are Reppies.

The thread became so abusive that it was shut down late this afternoon. Before the thread went dark, we collected early comments. "Unfortunately," we were unable to retrieve later racist posts before they were axed. For a taste of how bad they got sample"ohiodude" below.

New Dancing with the Stars Cast Revealed
Just don't let her open her mouth.


Man the producers are real desperate!!!!! They have mostly has beens anyway on this show.

Who cares?

Big whooptie doo. Ooopsing the National Anthem should have been an embarassment to her and her mother. How was she a good influence to the kids at Souers when she didn't even attend there? I agree, her mother is an awesome lady. But I don't hold her in the same regard. A good influence does not lie about their age nor do they have children only to have their parents raise them. Sorry, my opinion.

this slut is a wacked out druggie.........she could not sign the national anthummmm??duh??? at the hof game. the flyover alm mvp dc are you on drugs?

Other reasons to cheer for Donny Osmond....he's got morals, he's got God, and he is truly just a really nice guy.

And lest we forget that no good deed goes unpunished in Canton, we have Pizza Hut Delivers 100 Pizzas to Salvation Army. Who would complain about that, you might ask. jdawg987, that's who. We had no idea that Pizza Hut had become a subsidiary of Stark County taxpayers.

honestly people, there is someone flipping the bill for this. Probably tax payer money, this is ridiculous. My opinion is people who go to soup kitchens are the same people pan handling and asking people for money downtown. They need to stop mooching off society and get a job

As usual, its difficult to judge who is the bigger idiot. We'll cut the Macy Gray naysayers loose, using them as an example of native negativity. (Have you noticed more and more people are complaining about the general negativity of posters?) today and cut to the chase.

Who better than "ohiodude," IRL old Rep regime poster, David Crowe, to exemplify Canton's attitude toward successful and famous natives. Would he have been equally generous in his praise for world renowned mezzo soprano Blanche Thebom, a 1935 graduate of McKinley High School? Probably.

We can't, however, forget jdawg's attack on charity--and those who receive it. Even badlarry liked the story. What kinda of a guy begrudges kids a pizza? We know.

So, in the name of fairness, we name "ohiodude" and "jdawg" co-recipients of the August 17, 200i Village Idiot of the Day Award.



mary said...

That's a nice picture of Macy, seems the Rep used the worst one's they could find.

I blame the Rep and Jeff for the way the racist comments were allowed to get out of hand. Any idiot, such as Dawg and Ohiodude could see how they were getting out of hand, early Tuesday Morning. Rather than pull the racist comments, and the one's that he was notified about, ( MVP AND DC being on drugs) Jeff allowed the madness to continue, until YOU KNOW WHO, who gets the threads shut down at least twice weekly, made the most obnoxious comment saying that Macy looked like Buckwheat. When I told her, (She knew already), how racist that was, THEN AND ONLY THEN, JEFF or one of his assistants decided to shut the thread down. I guess they had gotten their fill of inflammatory, derogatory, insulting and RACIST remarks.
Makes you wonder just who was the idiot of the day.

Anonymous said...

Now that's funny - a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Miss Piggy, calling someone else "Buckwheat".

Anonymous said...

I forget who but someone on that thread was racist enough to say that there wouldn't be complaining if Barry Manilow was at the stadium. The whole thread was racist!

BD said...

You're right, anonymous. Perhaps we're just delusional. Isn't racisim is dead.It must be our imagination.

We remember the Barry Manilow comment. Our first thought was, "three people can't make much noise."

We were shocked a couple years ago to learn that Oprah is a huge Barry Manilow fan. She was all over him on her show. Actually, we admit to attending a Manilow concert at Blossom years ago...but that was because Bette Midler, fresh from her Baths gigs, was opening for him. And to be fair, he put on a great show. If it just weren't his music! Mandy. Ugh!

mary said...

I made the statement about Manilow, and I don't think it was racist at all, but of course, you're welcome to your opinion.

I said it because from the volume of complaints from those living around the stadium area, I'm sure they're much more into Barry Manilow music, than Frankie Beverly and Maze, and therefore wouldn't have complained as much about how loud and disturbing the music was.

However, you retain your opinion that it was a racist comment. I love what you folks consider racist, but even more I love what you DON'T consider racist.

PS: I also mentioned Liza Minelli in another comment on that thread. Was that racist too?

BD said...

To make it clear,I didn't think the Manilow remark that Mary said was racist. I was agreeing that the whole thread was racist. Hatred of black people. There may have been complaints abut Manilow, but Manilow attracts a white middle aged, middle class crowd who are not subject to the daily diatribes to Reppies.