Monday, August 10, 2009


I Hate Canton apologizes for going AWOL. We didn't plan to. We were a little behind and then we got a lot behind. When we returned we were promptly bulldozed by the pretty little hate machine spitting out malignancies all over the pages of the Rep and got worn out just thinking about it. Sometimes we wish we were not a proponent of free speech. Sometimes we want to stick a sock in it.

It's hard to know where to begin commenting on the latest hatefest. It seems pointless to try to catch up, so we won't try. It will only get worse anyway.

Tomorrow we'll start over, but some things just can't be ignored.

This is old, but here's what we mean.

On July 26, Tom McGlynn of Canton wrote a letter to the editor: Likening Obama to Hitler is Wrong and Irresponsible. Of course it is, especially for the sane and reasonable, of which the writer appears to be.

Mr. McGlynn wrote in part:

Mr. Manley certainly has the right not to like Obama and his policies, but to compare him to a madman who murdered 6 million innocent Jewish people and plunged the world into war is wrong. Liberals and conservatives can agree to disagree without being hateful.

Here's some sample responses to Mr. McGlynn's sane and reasonable letter:

About the letter -- Obama's supporters need to quit making the comparisons easy. ''..Obamas standing above the country, above above the world. Hes sort of god.'' -- Evan Thomas from Newsweek And now the lyrics to a Hitler Youth song:

And now the lyrics to a Hitler Youth song:
We are the happy Hitler Youth;
We have no need for Christian virtue;
For Adolf Hitler is our intercessor
And our redeemer.
No priest, no evil one
Can keep us
From feeling like Hitler's children.
No Christ do we follow, but Horst Wessel!
Away with incense and holy water pots.

And a song for Orphans:
Silent night! Holy night! All is calm, all is bright,
Only the Chancellor steadfast in fight,
Watches o'er Germany by day and night,
Always caring for us.

Go to YouTube and type 'Obama Civilian National Defense Force' - And then listen to the most chilling words ever spoken by an american. He wants a 'Civilian National Defense Force 'as big as the American Military Force and as well funded'. Why does this guy want a Million Men under Arms in the middle of this Country ? What would they be used for ? Who's doors would they knock on ? Comparing this man to Hitler is wrong - Stalin would be more appropriate. Boccieri has voted this guy's stuff without even bothering to read it. Comparing Boccieri to the guy in the Soviet Legislature that votes straight party line is appropriate.

I don't believe that Hitler should be compared to Obama. Obama hasn't destroyed our country, yet. Plus a fairer comparison is Hitler's followers to Obama's followers. They both blindly follow their leader and take his side no matter what side that is.

Hitler had the masses believing he was their savior.
He played people against people by making the Jews
and Christians look like they were the enemy.
He built his own army and Nazi youth to hold in submission
their own people.
He closed the churches.
He approved horrid medical procedures.
Sound familiar??...Just sayin'.

Glad to see you get it Eljay. Obama is very much like Hitler. Just wait until we have 'national health care' and the government will tell women whether or not they can have that baby you are carrying. Mandatory steralization anyone?

Likening Obama to Hitler is wrong and irresponsible? Wow, really? The guy calls for a Civilian National Army, funded with taxpayer dollars, and wants it to be larger than the United States Military, and you have the nerve to question whether comparing him to Hitler is WRONG and IRRESPONSIBLE? Hey, Tom McGlynn, how bout you pulling your head out of your keester and wake up! This Obama dude IS the America version of Adolph Hitler. You heard of group called ACORN, or maybe a group called SEIU? I'm waiting for these groups to dawn their Obama approved military fatigues, and start doing the goosestep and saluting this idiot! Wake up you moron!

I wouldn't go as far as calling Obama, Hitler... yet. But, He does have a knack for telling everyone that he is in charge, and he is going to do this and he is going to do that. He also likes to tell everyone what kind of car and lightbulb they'll be purchasing by 2012. He has no problem buying 1/6 of our economy with our tax dollars. He has no problem with pushing Obamacare and then telling us when we can and can't use it, again funding it with our own tax dollars... not to mention cap and trade (more taxes), fairness doctrine, and the list goes on. ..So I would say he is at least getting warmer to being called Hitler.

Barack Hussein Obama: Enough said.

darnlevy...if you don't like back alley abortion, wait til you see back alley heart transplants. There is always a black market for that which you can't get legally. If government controls healthcare, they control who lives and who dies.

TAC; abortion doesn't give a baby a right to choose. The woman is only the 'oven'; the baby's DNA is not identical. However that was not the point; the point was that the government will tell people whether or not they get to go into labor or not. Delivering a baby is a medical procedure. The government may also then tell you if you are allowed to breed or not. (China anyone?)

I have reconsidered my Hitler/Obama comparison though. I think Hitler actually liked his country; I can't same the same for Obama, which makes him worse.

charles burns
HOW COULD IT BE WRONG. When Hitler;s actions proved exactly as Obama is doing? Hitler killed the Jews because they were industrious, working hard instead of those who wanted more without needing to work for it, more for less thats the promise of Socialism.....Wait a while, Socialists claim liberals are stealing their fire, the platforms of Democrats are gradually endorsing Socialism. In a few years the Socialist party wont need to run....the Democrats have changed parties !!! Commenters cant prove me wrong !! Look in the mirror, you are it. When the so called wealthy don't make as much profit, they will stop investing in businesses....NO MORE JOBS FOR THE BLUE COLLAR MAN.

Am I missing something here? I thought the problem was comparing BHO to Hitler was an insult to Hitler, did I misunderstand?

And what would any Obama discussion be without our resident Bilderbergerphobe HeresJohnny.

From Alex Jones' lips to our eyes:

Remember the ways things are done today are slicker. Presidents are all puppets since Kennedy. It does not matter if they are any party. The money that puts them in as a spokesman for them is the real Hitler. Also during WW2 Hitler was financed and given oil by Prescott Bush a social climber. Also Hitler killed 1.5 million Jews and also 5 million non Jews. Not ^ million Jews. If you research it you will see I am right.

This Elite today plan on killing us with Swine Flu vaccinations and look at all the plastic coffins they have in Georgia.

Hitler modeled his campaign to kill off undesireables through American Eugenics programs of the 20s. Which now is Planned Parenthood financed by Bill Gates Microsoft and his daddy.

Lest you think the Hitler meme is limited to this thread, we have TMelvill on Saturday writing under Jean Nero: People Seem to be Throwing Around Some Big Stones:

This man is the new, improved, super concentrated, energized, six-pack ab, economically packaged, 'lite' version of Adolf Hitler, but Adolf Hitler nonetheless. Make no mistake, there are already rumblings that go beyond the backrooms of the Blue Dawgs. There are many Christian Democrats that recognize the Obama/Pelosi/Emmanuel/Frank radicalism may be causing extreme damage to their cause as they are moving too far left too fast. Look for a new voice and message to emerge. Do not even be surprised if Obama's support among the Gay and Lesbian arm of the Democratic Party begins to rebel against the annointed one. He is threatening all of the Democratic party elite's opulent lifestyles to which they have become so accustomed to."

Unlike letter-writer McGlynn, Reppies are neither sane nor reasonable. Perhaps they attended the dreadful Canton Public School system they constantly complain about, where the only thing that's taught is how to be baby momma and daddies, thugs, drug dealers and to cash welfare checks. (Reppie accusations, not ours). How else to explain the universal arrogance of Reppies ignorant of modern history's two biggest monomanics (Hilter and Stalin) the boys responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in the mid-20th century through deportation, incarceration, starvation, murder, and war. (Robert Conquest says that Hitler considered Stalin a "beast" for killing his own people.) I bet their Greatest Generation parents could fill their Reppies in, if their parents even speak to them, which is doubtful. Would you if they were the product of your post-war lust?

We doubt our Reppies, already over-victimized by teenagers in baggy pants, athiests, and liberals would be willing to return to the Canton Public Schools for remedial history. The only solution to their problem with history, short or parental intervention, then, is to drop them head-first into a genuine dictatorship--preferably one in the midst of a land war--without their computers to jack off on.

Unfortunately, dictator bewilderment is not not limited to Canton. It's a national mental disorder. Google "Obama and Hitler" or "Obama and Stalin" and see what you get.

For those who can't decide which side to take, I Hate Canton offers the following public service to assist in your decision:


A good friend of I Hate Canton's, involved in street level real politik, not Reppie keyboard banging, says this of the Hitler meme:

It's a testament to the poverty of American political discourse that the default oppositional characterization is Hitler. Anything less than directly handing over the government to the K Street Project is Nazism. It will get worse.

And indeed it will.


mary said...

Man, you got some mean, low down dirty dawgs on that website. Shoot, I thought we were bad when we used to say "Bush is so arrogant." We thought the Secret Service would come after us for that kind of talk.

Some of those posters that you quoted need to be deported. I don't care if they are from here. Send them somewhere else. They're downright spooky. If I hadn't seen it for myself, I'd think IHC was lying. Some of these commentors need investigated. Great job IHC. Stay out of harms way.

Don Cirelli said...

Unfortunately, in spite of the Rep staff's best efforts at moderating, the inmates have still managed to take over the asylum in cantonrep.

Anymore, it's like digging through a mountain of excrement to find a single pearl of wisdom. You get one letter written a sane, reasonable writer, followed up by ten left-the-planet-long-ago wingnut comments, one or two sane comments, fifteen more nutjob comments, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

I was invited to partake in a joint blog with Bill Hardie on the cantonrep site by Jeff Gauger, but I think I'm going to decline. I just don't have the time or the energy to answer fifty bilious diatribes by the members of my faithful right-wing "fan club" every time I so much as glance in their direction.

These people remind me of a bitter divorcee talking about his or her ex, they way they spin, twist the facts, insinuate, insult, and just tell one damned lie after another about the people they hate (which seems to be legion).

You nailed it, Marley. We're not dealing with reasonable people. You might have better luck arguing religion with Charles Manson. I think the loonies have managed to chase most of the sane people away from cantonrep.

Margaret said...

It's hard to believe that we actually have these loonies walking among us. Maybe as long as they are pounding their keyboards they won't be walking among us. Of course, somebody did brag just a couple of days ago about having the hand held internet devices but he also said that ONLY Republicans can afford them. LOL
I consider myself a fairly sane person but it's getting really hard to write a comment lately. I just don't feel like fighting all day. Sometimes it even drags into several days.
Jeff G. might call it "back and forth discussion", but I call it pure BS.

hicktown gal said...

Here's my opinion. The brilliant folks who posted comments referring to Obama as the next 'Hitler' wouldn't know how to form an original thought if their miserable lives depended on it.

Anonymous said...

They forgot to compare Obama with Bull Connor or George Wallace. But give them time...