Tuesday, August 25, 2009

HeresJohnny is a Nasty Little Piece of Shit

Heretofore, a bit player in New World Order paranoia, yesterday this stink weed bloomed full commenting on the Eakin murders under Mammone in Letter: Killing Children was the Most Merciful Thing

James Mammone, the self-confessed "revenge" killer of his two children, Macy, 5, and James, 3, and his mother-in-law Margaret Eakin, sent a 6-page letter to Rep reporter Shane Hoover outlining his reasons for the murders. Mammone, facing the death penalty, is currently being held on $15 million bond at the Stark County Jail awaiting trial. The Rep did not publish the letter, but summarized Mammone's narcissistic "justification" for wiping out his family:

The letter claims that Mammone never gave investigators a reason for the killings and that they didn’t ask.

Then it tries to explain why he killed his children.

No good comes to children whose parents divorce, and Mammone wasn’t going to allow their safety and innocence to be compromised, the letter states, although the writer doesn’t specifically say what endangered the children.

“I did not wish for harm to come to my children, but I concluded there was no other way to ensure they were going to receive to proper spiritual care they had been promised,” the letter states.

After the children’s deaths, Mammone became enraged and went to Eakin’s home, where he killed her, according to the letter.

“While I confess to being totally without just cause for needlessly murdering Margaret Eakin, I still feel as though I did the most merciful thing I could do for my children (based) upon the conditions of their environment, and the bleak outlook of the future they were to face,” the letter states. “If the public is outraged over the loss of my (children’s) life, then I beseech them to not let Macy and James die in vain!

“Stop getting divorces!

“Stop breaking up your (children’s) homes!

“Stop making vows to God that you aren’t (willing) to keep!”

About 3/4 of commenters to this article and a later piece, Jail Letter on Mammone Case Turned Over to Authorities, were outraged that the Rep gave Mammone a platform, claiming the paper had "glorified" Mammone to make money (one of the nicer accusations). We disagree with that evaluation, but we'll let that go for now.

Buried amongst the outrage were two comments from HeresJohnny.

Like Truman Capote's In Cold Blood Mammone lost his marbles from stress.The best thing to do is not marry these spoiled witches.Then you will not have to deal with them. There are 1000s of traditional women to pick in Southeast Asai 3 out of 10 are sincere. Just do not send them money and see them for a long time before you go there and meet them.Hang Mammone for murder! This girl who messed with his head is not innocent either. She is nuts too.

When commenters complained, he replied:

Confucious say: Before you embark on a journey of revenge dig two graves.

These comments are eerily similar to Braxton's comments back in June, in which the apparently now-banned commenter argued that Mammone should simply have murdered his wife and be done with it.

HeresJohnny's comments aren't idiotic They are ugly and dangerous. Any woman involved with him should walk. Correction: Run! NOW.

We were all set to grant HeresJohnny his second Village Idiot of the Day award, but on second thought, how about Dirtbag of the Day? He is no better than James Mammone. And, he's walking the streets.

CORRECTION: The Rep posted the complete text of the letter here

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mary said...

He's not only a dirt bag that people, especially women, should stay as far away from as possible, he's also a douche bag, the old fashion kind that you could also use as an enema bag.I nominate him now for the Idiot's HOF. Why wait, he can't get much worse..... or can he? The mere thought is scary, sort of like his rantings. \\